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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jim Donovan: AD, Brian Kajiyama, Mack

Ferd Lewis covers Jim Donovan's first day on the job as UH athletic director.
Pointing to patches of weeds growing through the center of what he terms "the asphalt football field" on the Cooke Field infield, Donovan shook his head and admitted facilities occupy a place near the top of that rapidly lengthening list. He took note of branches on the roof of the athletic department, a missing sheet on the roof of Les Murakami Stadium. He bemoaned how the facilities had gotten that way and pondered potential solutions.

But there would be no doubting whose job it is to find one. "The buck stops here," Donovan said, double-jabbing an index finger into his desk to make the point.
Dave Reardon covers Donovan's first day, and has some quotes about the budget.
"It appears, right now, that on June 30 of '08, the athletic department would be in a budget deficit for this fiscal year that would finish June 30 of '08. It's pretty clear that there would be a budget deficit," Donovan said.

UH is looking at around $2.5 million from the Sugar Bowl after expenses. But chancellor Virginia Hinshaw and university president David McClain haven't decided how much of that will go to athletics.

"If you apply that money to the athletic department, it appears that net money would move us from a deficit to a surplus," Donovan said.

But that would be a surplus for just the year. The department has a cumulative deficit of somewhere between $4.5 million and $4.9 million.
Graduate assistant Brian Kajiyama, winner of a Jefferson Award, is profiled by the Suzanne Roig.
Kajiyama said he is motivated more than ever to volunteer and get out in the community so others can see that they can also achieve their dreams.

"The way I see my part in all this is I'm helping to promote awareness for persons with disabilities and hopefully change the perception of cannot into one of can-do," he said.

"I feel everyone has a responsibility to give back to their community."
KGMB's Steve Uyehara has a video profile of Kajiyama.

Via Tone96795 on Sportshawaii.com, here's a video of an ESPN the Magazine party that has a short interview with Colt Brennan about his cover from last year.

And the Warrior Beat will host a chat with Greg McMackin at 3pm HST today.

UPDATE: Here's a link to the chat.


  • At Tuesday, March 25, 2008 at 8:53:00 AM HST, Anonymous fuzzylogic said…

    Brian Kajiyama is a great "feel good" story. Very nice to read about someone doing so many good things instead of like the egging kids, and some other football players who repeatedly do wrong. Most of the players are probably great guys but they need to learn that when they do something wrong, they mostly hurt themselves and also the team when they get suspended.

    People have to constantly make choices in their lives--don't make the wrong choice that will screw up your life.

  • At Tuesday, March 25, 2008 at 11:20:00 AM HST, Anonymous Kaimuki Boy said…

    Tombo good stuff!

    With Donovan, we all see a little dim light at the end of the tunnel. With Hermie, we were falling into the black vortex. When Donovan gets us out of this mess in 8 to 10 years from now, we should thro' a party.

    What can you say about Brian other than U da man!

  • At Tuesday, March 25, 2008 at 7:30:00 PM HST, Anonymous Kaimuki Boy said…

    Another good day of info from Tombo! I pat you your dorsal fin Ahi man (is that like aqua man?), da Hawaiian Suppah Blogger.

    Should check out wild wahine - girl gone wild on the chat with McMackin. Shout out to WW da cute titah who like broke my face for calling her cute. LOL.

    All I can say about McMackin is we got the right guy for Hawaii FB.

    Tanks eh Tombo! Malama pono. Time for go home to Kaimuki.

  • At Tuesday, March 25, 2008 at 9:20:00 PM HST, Blogger Tombo Ahi said…

    thanks KB. yeah, i saw the commotion over at the chat. yikes! was really nice of mack to answer the questions thoroughly. i'm very excited about the upcoming season. k den k bee!


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