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Monday, October 31, 2005


Here's what June Jones had to say about some of the questionable play-calling during the Fresno game:
Asked why the Warriors didn't call for more running plays in the red zone, Jones indicated it was not necessary because each pass play includes high-percentage choices if operated correctly. He also said running plays offer the same risks.

"It doesn't matter if you hand the ball off," Jones said. "If you don't hit the hole, you don't score. You can second guess all you want. Whatever it is you elect to do — run or pass — you'd better do it correctly, right?"

Jones said the Warriors did not consistently hit open receivers nor did the receivers always run the correct routes in the red zone.

"Let me just say, if we did what we were supposed to do, that question would not come up," Jones said.
I still think you should hand the ball off to a hot running back (Nate Ilaoa) when you have 3rd and 1 or 4th and inches, but like he said, if the passes worked we wouldn't be talking about this. You gotta give him benefit of the doubt, most of the time, he's done so much for the UH program. But nonetheless, Sunday morning quarterbacking is always fun.

And here's some interesting and fun stats on Davone Bess and Colt Brennan:
If he continues at his current pace of 8.0 catches per game for the rest of the season, Bess breaks the standard of 7.84 set by Owens last season. Owens caught 102 passes in 13 games.

If the Warriors do not make it to a postseason game, Bess has four games to catch 38 passes to tie Owens' mark for catches in one season. That would be an average of 9.5 per game.

Colt Brennan has completed 69.1 percent of his passes; the UH record is 59.5 by Tim Chang last year.

Brennan is also on pace to match or pass Chang's season mark of 358 complete passes set in 2004. Brennan has 239 completions, which projects him for 358.5 in four more games. Brennan might have more completions if he had started the first two games.

Nick Rolovich set the single-season efficiency-rating record of 150.5 in 2001. Brennan is at 152.3.

Chang passed for 38 touchdowns last fall for the single-season school record. Brennan has 22 TD passes.
These mofos make it look too easy sometimes. They'll be fun to watch in the next few years!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Let's not dwell on the bad stuff, that's for the coaches to worry about! Let's focus on the good stuff, not stuff like this:
Nine of the Warriors' 10 possessions trespassed into FSU territory. But of the eight drives in the red zone — between the FSU 20 and end zone — the Warriors managed two field goals and (one touchdown).
That'll just make you mad and depressed, and that's bad for the constitution.

So here's a good story. Davone Bess tied the UH record for most receptions in a game with 14 yesterday. He made a couple of amazing catches. And he's just a freshman!

And here's some stats as compared to the rest of the nation, via the NCAA and Yahoo Sports and ESPN.

Hawaii's offense:

3rd in passing with 375.4 yards per game
114th in rushing with 79.63 yards per game (!!!)
18th in total offense with 455 yards per game
27th in scoring with 27.13 points per game

Hawaii's defense:

101st in total defense with 432 yards allowed per game
111th in scoring defense with 36 points allowed per game
But believe it or not, I think the defense is much better than last years! Wow!

Colt Brennan's stats:

2nd in passing yards with 2777 yards total and 347.1 per game
2nd in total offense with 362 yards per game
3rd in completion percentage with 69.1%
3rd in touchdown passes with 22
17th in QB efficiency with a rating of 152.3

Davone Bess' stats:

4th in receptions with 8 per game
21st in yards with 95.88 per game

Turmarian Moreland's stats:

T-2nd in the nation with 4 interceptions (which have all come in the last three games)

Some pretty good stats there, for the most part, but alas UH is now 3-5. Nonetheless, looking forward:
The Warriors dropped to 3-5 with yesterday's loss and now need to win their final four games to be bowl-eligible. "Stranger things have happened," head coach June Jones said. "Nobody thought we'd win four at the end of last year."
I for one am keeping the faith! Go Warriors!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Sorry Yeah, But I Sad

I think I feel worse after this loss than after the BSU loss. No, they're both equally horrible. FSU definitely had a great defense, but we shot ourselves in the foot more often than not. We shoulda won this game! FSU was so sluggish in the first half, we could've put it away right there. Oh well. On the bright side, at least we still have a team from the WAC still ranked in the polls. How sad.

Hawaii 13, FSU 27

LiveBlogging - Hawaii vs Fresno State

All times HST!

1:11pm - Late kickoff to accomodate the late-ending USC game. AJ Martinez takes it to the 26. Man, the stadium looks completely empty! I have an excuse, I'm not in Hawaii right now. What's yours?!

1:13 - Nate Ilaoa takes the hand off for a 12 yard gain to the Hawaii 38. Nice!

1:13 - Colt Brennan passes to Davone Bess for a 12 yard gain to the 30!

1:14 - Brennan overthrows Chad Mock on a deep sideline route.

1:16 - After a false start penalty, Brennan to Ross Dickerson the Fresno State 44.

1:16 - Brennan to Bess for the first down on 3rd and 3!

1:17 - Quick out to Mikhail Kafentzis, who was at running back, for a couple yards.

1:18 - Another short gain for Kafentzis, this time on a run. 3rd and 2.

1:18 - Brennan to Ryan Grice-Mullen for the first down!

1:19 - Nate Ilaoa with a short gain. Ball on the 22.

1:20 - Brennan on a quick out to the 15. 3rd and 1.

1:21 - Man, Brennan had the first down if he ran, but he passed into the end zone for an incompletion.

1:22 - FUCK. Fake field goal leads to another incompletion. That would've been a 32 yard attempt.

1:23 - Fresno gets the ball back on their own 15.

1:24 - They convert on 3rd and 9.

1:26 - Dane Porlas with the POP, but the FSU receiver held onto the ball. FSU has it on the 50.

1:27 - False start penalty brings it back to FSU's 45.

1:28 - 3rd and 2 on Hawaii's 43. Let's stop em!

1:29 - Lamar Broadway breaks up the pass!!! FSU gotta punt!

1:29 - Fair catch on the punt. Hawaii gets it on their own 16.

1:33 - Nate Ilaoa runs for 3 to the 19. 2nd and 7.

1:34 - Nice pass to Grice-Mullen for the first down. Ball on Hawaii's 30.

1:34 - Ilaoa gets stopped but gains half a yard.

1:35 - Yikes. Delay of game. Ball on Hawaii's 27.

1:36 - Brennan to Ross Dickerson for 12 yards. 3rd and 1 with less than a yard for the first down. UPDATE: They just measured and it is a first down! Ball on Hawaii's 40.

1:37 - Wow!!! Brennan's pass was deflected at the line of scrimmge, but Davone Bess makes the NICE ONE-HANDED CATCH!!! Ball on Hawaii's 46.

1:38 - Brennan runs for the first down!!! Ball on the FSU 47.

1:39 - Brennan completes a 9 yard pass to Chad Mock! There were like 5 defenders around him. Ball on the FSU 38.

1:40 - Kafentzis drops the out route. 3rd and 1.

1:40 - Nate Ilaoa gets stuffed. 4th and inches. They're going for it!

1:41 - Maybe not so good to pass on 4th and inches. FSU gets the ball back on their own 37.

1:46 - Wow. FSU scores on a bomb on third and 5. Looks like Lamar Broadway got beat. Hawaii 0, FSU 7.

1:52 - AJ Martinez takes it to the 24 on the kickoff, but there's a penalty flag. Illegal block in the back, so UH will get it on the 7, even though they said half the distance to the goal. Maybe from the point of the penalty. Anyway.

1:53 - Brennan passes to Grice-Mullen for 7 yard gain to the 13 yard line.

1:56 - Brennan runs 22 yards for the first down! Ball on the Hawaii 35.

1:57 - Grice-Mullen with the RAC to the 40. And then a late hit on FSU when Grice-Mullen was already down. Ball in FSU territory on the 45 yard line.

1:58 - Nate Ilaoa with the 25 yard running play! And he just plows into the tackler at the end! First down on FSU's 20.

1:59 - Kafentzis with a 3 yard gain on a Brennan pass.

2:00 - Brennan nearly intecepted on a lob. 3rd and 7 on the 17.

2:01 - Errrr, the drive gets stopped. Dan Kelly will try for the 34 yarder... and he gets it!!! Hawaii 3, FSU 7.

2:05 - Holy crap, FSU almost broke the kickoff return for a TD, but the guy gets stopped at the FSU 44 yard line.

2:06 - Geez, FSU with the BIG run. And Turmarian Moreland with the facemask penalty. Ball on Hawaii's 3 yard line.

2:07 - FSU pounds it in for the TD. Hawaii 3, FSU 14.

2:11 - AJ Martinez takes it to the UH 20 on the kickoff return.

2:12 - Nice over the middle pass to Grice-Mullen for the first down. Ball on the Hawaii 41.

2:14 - Pass to Grice-Mullen over the middle, but hardly any gain. 3rd and 6 on the 45.

2:15 - Nate ILAOA with the BIG 35 yard run to the FSU 20 yard line!

2:15 - Brennan with the quick pass to Bess to the 15.

2:16 - Brennan to Bess for the 15 yard touchdown pass!!!!!!! Hawaii 10, FSU 14.

2:19 - FSU takes it to their own 11 yard line on the kickoff return. Nice ankle tackle.

2:22 - UH defense is doing a pretty good job stopping the run, barring that huge gain to set up the touchdown.

2:23 - DAMN. Almost sacked Pinegar, but he was able to get it off. 3rd and 2 on their own 32. And they convert.

2:25 - WOOOOOO!!!! On 3rd and 8, Ikaika Alama-Francis with the SACK and FORCED FUMBLE!!! UH ball on FSU's 35!!!

2:29 - Brennan gets sacked back on the 41. 2nd and 16.

2:30 - Brennan to Bess for a 14 yard gain! 3rd and 2.

2:31 - Brennan runs for the first down! Ball on the FSU 20.

2:32 - Grice-Mullen drops a pass over the middle. Oh! 3rd and 10 on the 20.

2:33 - Shovel pass to Ilaoa for a 7 yard gain, but short of the first down. Dan Kelly to try the 30 yarder.

2:34 - Field goal gets partially blocked. No good. Damn.

2:36 - FSU has the ball on their own 20 with 47 seconds left in the half. Pass is batted down.

2:42 - End of half. Much lower scoring than I expected. Hawaii 10, FSU 14.

2:46 - So far Colt Brennan is 19 of 28 for 166 yards and a TD. Nate Ilaoa has carried the ball 7 times for 78 yards. Nice balanced attack so far, but it's not translating into points. I think they'll have the follow-through down in the second half. Go Warriors!!!

3:04 - Start of second half. FSU brings it back to their own 16. Nice stop by Lamar Broadway.

3:05 - First play from scrimmage goes for about 13 yards. Come on UH, don't come out dead!

3:07 - Delay of game on FSU. First down on their own 24.

3:08 - FSU completes a pass over the middle, but a nice tackle by Solomon Elimimian!

3:10 - FSU converts on 3rd and 1. Ball on the FSU 42.

3:11 - Nice ankle tackle by Brad Kalilimoku.

3:13 - A penalty backs up FSU to the 32.

3:13 - Turmarian Moreland with the interception on a tipped pass!!!! He returns it to the FSU 24!

3:14 - Brennan to Bess for four yards to the 20.

3:15 - Ilaoa for one yard to the 19. 3rd and 5.

3:16 - Brennan gets sacked back at the 22. 4th and 8. Kelly in for the field goal.

3:16 - 39 yard attempt is GOOOOOOOOD!!! Hawaii 13, FSU 14. We gotta start scoring more TDs.

3:20 - Pooch kick. FSU has the ball on their own 41. Let's get the defensive stop.

3:21 - After a few short runs, FSU has it on 3rd and 6 on the 45.

3:22 - LONO MANNERS WIT THE SACK!!!! 4th and 10!!!

3:23 - Dane Porlas runs into the punter on the punt. FSU retains possession on Hawaii's 45.

3:29 - Sorry, I got a phone call from a long lost friend, but FSU's been driving and they have it on 3rd and 5 on Hawaii's 15. Let's get the stop!!!

3:29 - FSU converts.

3:31 - FSU with the 3 yard rushing TD. But Hawaii with the blocked PAT!!! That might be huge. Hawaii 13, FSU 21.

3:34 - AJ Martinez brings it out to the UH 25.

3:35 - Brennan to Bess to the UH 47! 22 yard gain.

3:36 - Out pass to Ilaoa for a 7 yard gain. Nice power running at the end there. ball on FSU 46.

3:36 - Nice RAC by Ilaoa for the first down! Ball on FSU 42.

3:37 - Davone Bess with the nice RAC all the way down to the FSU 22! 20 yard gain.

3:41 - At the start of the 4th quarter, Brennan to Grice-Mullen for an 9 yard gain!

3:42 - Brennan to Bess for the first down! Ball on FSU 7 yard line.

3:43 - Brennan gets sacked back at the 12.

3:44 - Grice-Mullen catches a pass and brings it to the FSU 8. 3rd and goal. Let's convert!

3:45 - Brennan throws an interception after what seemed to be a 20 second scramble. DAMMIT.

3:48 - FSU gets it into Hawaii territory on the first play from scrimmage. Ball on the Hawaii 42.

3:50 - Pinegar gets hit at the line of scrimmage and Turmarian Moreland with his 2ND INTERCEPTION!!!!!!!!

3:53 - 4 yard gain on a Brennan scramble. 3rd and 6 on Hawaii's 21. Let's get this drive going.

3:54 - Brennan to Ross Dickerson for the first down! Ball on Hawaii's 31.

3:57 - Brennan gets sacked on the 28.

3:58 - Incomplete pass. 3rd and 14.

3:59 - First down pass to Aaron Bain! Who is that? Nice conversion. Ball on Hawaii's 46.

4:01 - Can't convert on 3rd and 6, but it looks like Chad Mock was interfered with, but it wasn't called. UH gotta punt.

4:02 - Nice punt at least. FSU has the ball at their own 8.

4:05 - 3rd and 4 on FSU's 14, and the pass is incomplete!!! 3 and out for FSU!

4:07 - AJ Martinez with the 14 yard punt return. Good field position on FSU's 43 yard line. We gotta get a touchdown on this drive.

4:09 - Davone Bess with the ONE-HANDED catch to the FSU 26!!!

4:10 - Next pass is almost intercepted by FSU. Holding on Hawaii. 1st and 20 on the FSU 36.

4:11 - Brennan to Chad Mock to the original line of scrimmage. 2nd and 10 on the 26.

4:11 - Brennan to Bess for the first down over the middle!!! Ball on the FSU 14.

4:12 - Nate Ilaoa with a 10 yard run to the FSU 4!!!

4:13 - Brennan gets sacked back at the FSU 9.

4:14 - Brennan incomplete in the end zone. 3rd and goal on the FSU 9.

4:15 - Ilaoa takes it to the 5. 4th and goal and they're going for it.

4:15 - Pass incomplete. Damn. FSU gets it back.

4:20 - Well, FSU with the touchdown on a 78 yard run. Hawaii 13, FSU 27.

4:22 - It's not over! There's 2 minutes left in the game. I have faith!

4:28 - 3rd and 10. 29 seconds left in the game. FSU players are getting the Gatorade ready to dump on Pat Hill.

4:33 - Brennan gets intercepted in the endzone. End of game. Hawaii 13, FSU 27.

GameDay - Hawaii vs Fresno State

Special teams will be key. I hope UH has been putting in some extra practice on the kicking game.
This is a danger area for UH, which lost to Boise State because of multiple kicking game breakdowns.

FSU's Adam Jennings and Richard Marshall average 34.9 and 39.5 yards per kickoff return, and Joe Fernandez has a punt return for a TD.

The Bulldogs have blocked four punts this year.
Yikes! Though I think we'll be okay with the punting game, I'll be on pins and needles whenever there's a PAT or field goal attempt.

Nonetheless, I stick with my fearless prediction of a UH win! It'll be a high-scoring squeaker, which is why there can be no mistakes! I hope Jerry Glanville's retooling of the defensive front will prove me wrong on the FSU side, but it looks like both teams will score at least 30 points each.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Bulldog Adobo

Tomorrow's UH-Fresno State game is huge. Make no mistake! This is our fiercest rival! The always scary Ferd Lewis enumerates the ways. Hawaii gotta win this game if they have any hopes of playing in a bowl game; and for momentum's sake, a winning season. And the game will be broadcast on ABC, so we gotta show suckas how it's done! I think Colt Brennan will have a big game since he's been on fire the past two games, learning more and more of the run and shoot offense in the process. He's shown to be cool under pressure, helped greatly I'm sure by his pressure valve -- the one that releases all the vomit! Hahahaha!

As you can tell, I'm excited. The FSU fans are shittin bricks, and for good reason. UH going win!

Anyway, speaking of learning more and more about the run and shoot offense, I've learned more as well, and I've come to realize the importance of the running back in this offense. Even though there might be only 10-15 designed running plays in a game, sometimes less, the running back gotta protect the quarterback, catch passes and bust one every now and then to keep the opposing defenses honest. Here's an article about Jamal Anderson, who will be one of the ABC sportscasters for tomorrow's game. He was an All-Pro running back under June Jones when June coached for the Atlanta Falcons. The RB in the run and shoot offense has to be an all-around player. Jamal's brother Jazen Anderson will be joining UH next spring and I hope he's at least half as good as Jamal. The RB may not seem important on the surface, but when you get a good one, he gets himself noticed. My apologies for saying the RB is underutilized in this offense, even though sometimes they are, especially in the red zone! Ahhh, Sunday morning quarterbacking...

Also, here's a brief story on Ryan Grice-Mullen, Hawaii's leading receiver. Turns out he wasn't a receiver in high school. This is his first year playing the position. Coulda fooled me.

Can't wait for tomorrow!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Healthy Warriors

It turns out Kenny Patton and Mel Purcell are ready to go after all. We definitely need everybody healthy on defense for this game. I'm feeling more confident already!

Long-snapper Jake Ingram is also profiled in the article.

And another story about Fresno State's horrible luck playing at Aloha Stadium. Keep the streak alive!

I've also noticed that Dave Reardon and Stephen Tsai are rarely writing the same exact article anymore. Have they broken up? Well, what's bad news for them is good news for UH football fans!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Lamar Broadway and More Uniform Drama

Senior Lamar Broadway is profiled in this Dave Reardon article. He did well at cornerback against San Jose State and will probably get the start against Fresno, while Kenny Patton and Mel Purcell are still injured and questionable for Saturday's game.

And further down that page, more controversy with the road uniforms. I mentioned during the game that the new-new jerseys looked like Pop Warner unis. Some UH players disagree:
"We looked like a high school team," right tackle Dane Uperesa said.

Strongside linebacker Tanuvasa Moe said the manufacturers "must have thought we were giants. I thought I was out there playing in a nightgown. It was unbelievable."

Jones said he preferred the original road uniforms, which featured silver numbers on white jerseys. "Nothing was wrong with them," Jones said. "You media people couldn't see the numbers. I could see them perfectly fine, and so could our opponents, and so could the refs. That's all that matters. We responded to the press."

Jones said he also likes the style of the new uniforms, which cost UH about $10,000, but "we didn't know they were going to come three sizes bigger than they were supposed to be. ... It's very much a problem. If they don't get tapered by the next road game (Nov. 5 against Nevada), we'll wear our old ones."
Also, it looks like we'll be playing UNLV much more often. I hope they get better security in Vegas to contain those drunken UNLV fans.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Via the Fresno Bee, we see that Fresno State hates us as much as we hate them.
No. 22 Fresno State finally has an opponent it can truly dislike Saturday when it travels to Oahu island to play its increasingly bitter enemy Hawaii in a Western Athletic Conference game on regional ABC television.

Unlike the previous three opponents, all new to the WAC, the Bulldogs and Warriors have a vivid history colored with urban legends that involve flying screwdrivers and airplane litter.

"Hawaii's become a great rivalry," Fresno State coach Pat Hill said at his weekly news conference Monday. "They want to beat our rear end, and we want to beat theirs."
Indeed, Pat likes the passion of UH fans.

While I like his fu manchu.

It's even better than the one Dave Reardon has!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Saturday is Family Day

This week's game against Fresno St will be Family Day at Aloha Stadium! Get four tickets for the price of two! But only if you have a UH Creditback card. Which costs $35. Bastards.

Nonetheless, it should be a good game. Hawaii will be trying to avenge last year's blowout loss at Fresno, while FSU will be fighting to stay ranked in the top 25 and not chump it like every other time they've played in Aloha Stadium. There's also an extra incentive this year, as both teams will be battling for the new, yet already prestigious Golden Screwdriver Award, in honor of the screwdriver "allegedly" thrown at the Hawaii football team by somebody from the Fresno crowd in 2002. The Fresno fans deny it, saying that it actually fell out of somebody's work belt, where it was found by June Jones, but I don't believe it! You can put anything past those rowdy mofos. Props to Ubercow of Sportshawaii.com for putting the award together.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Hawaii at SJSU Sunday Morning Recap

Associated Press

Look at Nate Ilaoa stylin and profilin. He got another year of eligibility yesterday, which is great news if he's remains motivated, gets back in shape and stays healthy. That's not to discount what he could do the rest of the year:
"Nate's getting himself back in shape," UH coach June Jones said. "He had to take himself out of the game a couple of times. But he makes big plays. He's a big-time player."
Here's a profile about walk-on freshman safety Dane Porlas, who made yesterday's interception to seal the deal for the Warriors. Here's what Jerry Glanville had to say about it:
"When I saw the ball going up, I knew where he should be. I was hoping he was there, and he was. You know, we work on pitching and lateraling the ball on interceptions (during practices). Our only rule is: don't do it in the final two minutes of a game. I got a little afraid he was going to pitch it. I'm glad he didn't.
Oh God, really? I hope we never do that. There's a bigger chance of fumbling the ball back to the other team, right? Just tuck it in and let the offense do the work! Of course, I say that now, but if something like that results in an interception return for a touchdown, I'd be cheering the loudest!

And some really encouraging words from the master and commander:
"We finally figured it out," said UH quarterback Colt Brennan, who threw for 457 yards and three touchdowns, and guided the game-winning 80-yard, 10-play drive. "In this game, we grew up as a team. This was about figuring it out, reaching deep inside and finding a way to win on the road. We learned about traveling, and how to win in the fourth quarter."
This bodes well for the close game UH will probably have against Fresno St. and the game after that, on the road at Nevada. Woo hoo!

Here's some current statistics as compared to the rest of the nation, via ESPN.

Hawaii offensive stats:

2nd in passing yards with 382.3 per game.
45th in scoring with 29.1 points per game. At least it's an improvement!

Colt Brennan's stats:

2nd in passing yards with 2450 yards (350 yards per game)
T-2nd with 21 touchdown passes
3rd in completion percentage with 69.9%
11th in QB rating with 159.28 points

But here's the best news from the game:
Jones said there were no significant injuries that he was aware of after the game.
Can't wait for Fresno State!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Hawaii Warriors 45, SJSU Spartans 38

What an exciting game. It was pretty scary towards the end. If we didn't have San Jose State's four turnovers, it could've gone the other way. Nonetheless it's a win! Momentum going into next week. Fresno State at home on ABC baby! Colt Brennan passed for over 450 yards, but he did have two picks.

I also found out from hilo65 on sportshawaii.com that Nate Ilaoa got another year of eligibility! Hopefully he can get back into shape and rip it up!

UPDATE: Here's some stats from the box score:

Colt Brennan was 36 of 48 for 457 with 3 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. He also ran for a touchdown.

Ryan Grice-Mullen had 5 catches for 125 yards and a touchdown. He also rushed 2 times for 18 yards and a touchdown.

Davone Bess caught 9 passes for 102 yards and two touchdowns.

Chad Mock caught 11 passes for 104 yards.

Ross Dickerson caught 5 passes for 79 yards.

Nate Ilaoa caught 6 passes for 47 yards, and carried the ball 13 times for 39 yards and a touchdown.

By the way, here's a few shots of Hawaii's updated silver uniforms with the black numbers.

LiveBlogging - Hawaii Warriors at San Jose State

All times HST!

12:07pm - Start of game. SJSU starts with an onside kick! Dick Tomey that rascal! But Hawaii recovers on SJSU's 45 yard line.

12:08 - Mario Cox gets the start at running back and takes the ball to SJSU's 37.

12:09 - Cox takes it for a first down.

12:10 - Nate Ilaoa comes into the game.

12:10 - Colt Brennan throws a pass to Ross Dickerson. Dickerson takes it to SJSU's 10!

12:12 - Hawaii's drive gets stalled in the red zone. Dan Kelly gotta come in for the field goal try. Geez, Kelly hits the cross bar on a 21 yard try, but it goes in! Hawaii 3, SJSU 0.

12:18 - SJSU has the ball and is moving it. Big 3rd down conversion. SJSU has it on Hawaii's 29.

12:19 - Touchdown San Jose State. Looks like it'll be a competition! Hawaii 3, SJSU 7

12:23 - Touchback on the kickoff. Hawaii gets it on their own 20.

12:24 - 27 yard pass from Brennan to Chad Mock! Hawaii has it on their own 47.

12:24 - Brennan scrambles for 8 yards. SJSU 47 yard line.

12:25 - Brennan to Mock for the first down! SJSU 39 yard line.

12:26 - Brennan to Davone Bess for 14 yards!

12:26 - Shovel pass to Nate Ilaoa.

12:27 - Hand off to Ryan Grice-Mullen for the touchdown!!! Hawaii 10, SJSU 7.

12:31 - SJSU ball. They are moving the ball again!

12:34 - A defensive holding puts the ball on Hawaii's 21. Then a run takes it to the one yard line. GOAL LINE STAND! COME ON!

12:36 - FUMBLE!!! Hawaii gets the ball!!!

12:42 - Brennan gets intercepted. But hold on! Hawaii gets the ball back on a fumble! Hey, any way you can advance the ball!

12:46 - Nate Ilaoa's doing pretty good. He's had a few good runs so far. Ball on Hawaii's 49.

12:47 - Nice pass to Davone Bess! Ball on SJSU's 32.

12:48 - Brennan scrambles for a couple yards.

12:49 - Shovel pass to Nate Ilaoa for 10 yards. And then a roughing the passer penalty assessed at the end of the run. Ball on SJSU's 8 yard line.

12:51 - Brennan to Bess for a 13 yard touchdown!!! Hawaii 17, SJSU 7.

12:54 - Oh by the way, Hawaii's new jerseys are white with shiny black numbers instead of shiny silver numbers. They look like Pop Warner practice jerseys.

12:55 - Tackle for big loss! 3rd and 16 on their own 27.

12:57 - Interception by Turmarian Moreland!!!! Hawaii gets it back on SJSU's 46.

12:58 - Brennan gets sacked back in Hawaii territory.

12:59 - Brennan scrambles and finds Dickerson for a 15 yard gain!

12:59 - Brennan to Grice-Mullen to SJSU's 19 yard line!

1:00 - Brennan to Mock for 1 or 2 yards.

1:01 - Brennan rifles it to Bess to the SJSU 4 yard line! Colt Brennan is 17 for 20 for 214 yards so far.

1:03 - Whoa, pass broken up in the end zone. 3rd and goal on the 4.

1:03 - Brennan quarterback draw to the one yard line. Hawaii is going for it!!! But not before a commercial break.

1:06 - Woo hooooo!!! Brennan muscles it in on a QB sneak for a touchdown!!! Hawaii 24, SJSU 7.

1:09 - Third straight pooch kick by Hawaii. SJSU gets in on their own 29.

1:11 - Geez, SJSU is just running the ball all over the Warriors. Ball in Hawaii territory.

1:13 - SJSU's QB rifles it into the endzone. Damn! Hawaii 24, SJSU 14.

1:15 - Yikes, AJ Martinez runs right into the defender on the kickoff return. He didn't get much of a block. Ball on Hawaii 13.

1:16 - Brennan across the middle to Grice-Mullen to Hawaii's 28!

1:17 - Ilaoa gets stuffed on a run, but still gains a couple.

1:17 - Colt Brennan to Chad Mock for the first down! Ball on the Hawaii's 40.

1:18 - Holy moly!!! Colt Brennan hits Ryan Grice-Mullen for a 60 yard touchdown pass!!! Hawaii 31, SJSU 14!!!

1:19 - Colt Brennan is 20 of 24 for 299 yards and two touchdowns. Grice-Mullen has 4 catches for 104 yards. 2 minutes left in the first half!

1:21 - Hawaii's defense still giving up the yards. Don't let them score before the half! By the way, sorry for all the exclamation points.

1:23 - Geez, it doesn't help when Moreland hits the QB out of bounds for a personal foul.

1:27 - Bad call by the refs, calling Landon Kafentzis for a pass interference in the end zone. But the mofo wasn't catchable!!! Ball on Hawaii's 8 yard line.

1:30 - GEEEEEZZZ!!! SJSU runs a bootleg and passes for a touchdown with 10 seconds left in the half. Hawaii 31, SJSU 21.

1:32 - Hawaii has the ball back on their own 24 with 8 seconds left.

1:33 - Defensive personal foul. One untimed down. Bomb the motherfucker!

1:34 - Colt Brennan takes the knee. Awwww. Score at the half -- Hawaii 31, SJSU 21.

1:54 - Oh by the way, there were no punts in the first half. Yikes! Good news and bad news!

1:55 - Dan Kelly kicks it into the endzone to start the second half. Defensive stop!

1:57 - SJSU running back falls down for a five yard loss. Hahahaha.

1:58 - 3 and out for SJSU. Andre Taylor back to receive, and lets it bounce to Hawaii's 37.

2:01 - Nate Ilaoa runs for 8 yards to the Hawaii 45.

2:02 - Shovel pass to Ilaoa for the first down to Hawaii's 49.

2:03 - Two straight incompletions. 3rd and 10.

2:03 - Brennan gets sacked. Gotta punt, dammit.

2:06 - SJSU can't convert on 3rd and 1. They're going for it... and they got it. Straight up the gut.

2:08 - Defensive holding on Hawaii again!!!

2:09 - Next play, defensive pass interference on Turmarian Moreland. That was a little ticky tacky.

2:10 - 3rd and 1 for SJSU on Hawaii's 21. They don't get it!

2:11 - They're going for it on 4th down and less than 1. Time out.

2:14 - Son of a bitch, they got it. Ball on Hawaii's 20.

2:15 - 20 yard run for a touchdown. Hawaii 31, SJSU 28. This is getting a little too close for comfort!

2:18 - Moment of truth. Hawaii gotta score on this drive to regain the momentum. Ball on Hawaii 18 yard line.

2:20 - Pass interference on SJSU. Right on. Ball on Hawaii's 33.

2:20 - Ilaoa run for -1 yards. SJSU knew that was coming.

2:21 - Face mask by SJSU. One of the defensive linemen got Colt Brennan's face mask. Ball on Hawaii's 48.

2:22 - Ball deflected, but Chad Mock still catches it! First down on SJSU's 43.

2:23 - Chad Mock with the NICE catch over the middle! Ball on SJSU's 24.

2:24 - Mock on the wide receiver screen to SJSU's 17.

2:24 - Hand off the Grice-Mullen, who runs it to SJSU's 13 for the first down!

2:25 - Oh my God. A touchdown pass to Davone Bess!!! But the refs initially called it incomplete. Brennan was PISSED!!! But then they said it was a touchdown. Then the PAT was partially blocked, but it still goes in. ANYWAY, Hawaii 38, SJSU 28.

2:29 - Moreland with the stuff on the sweep! Nice stop. 3rd and 5 for SJSU on their own 25.

2:30 - OH MY GOD! Lono Manners with the POP to break up the pass!!!! SJSU gotta punt!

2:32 - Hawaii has the ball on their own 30. Hand off to Ilaoa to the 40, but there's a holding penalty on UH.

2:34 - 3rd and 18. Brennan completes a pass to Chad Mock, short of the first down. Gotta punt. End of the 3rd quarter.

2:39 - Kurt Milne almost got his punt blocked, but was able to get away a 46 yarder. Ball on SJSU's 24.

2:41 - Hawaii's defense needs a little work. SJSU has the ball on Hawaii's 36.

2:43 - Lono Manners with the QB pressure! 3rd and 3.

2:43 - SJSU going for the 45 yard field goal. And they got it. Hawaii 38, SJSU 31.

2:47 - On the kickoff, AJ Martinez takes it to the Hawaii 18. Penalty on SJSU, so ball on Hawaii's 23.

2:48 - Short pass to Davone Bess for four yards. Ball on Hawaii's 27.

2:49 - Deflected pass caught by Ilaoa for no gain.

2:49 - Brennan gets intercepted. @#%@#!!! SJSU gets the ball.

2:53 - Ummmmmm, it's not supposed to be this competitive. SJSU just scored a touchdown. Hawaii 38, SJSU 38. ALL TIED UP!

2:57 - Ball on Hawaii's 20. Come on and take it to the house!

2:57 - Holy crap!!! Nice pass by Brennan to Ross Dickerson! Ball on Hawaii's 42.

2:58 - Short gain by Ilaoa to Hawaii's 44.

2:59 - Nice catch by Davone Bess! to the 50. It looked like it was deflected. 3rd and 1.

2:59 - Pass to Chad Mock for the first down!!! Ball on San Jose's 39.

3:00 - Brennan scrambles and passes to Bess to SJSU's 27. First down!

3:01 - Brennan passes to Dickerson to SJSU's 19.

3:01 - Oh my, Brennan nearly got picked on a screen. 3rd and 2.

3:02 - Nate Ilaoa runs for the first down to SJSU's 11!

3:03 - Brennan passes to Dickerson to the 5, but offsides on SJSU, so first down and goal on SJSU's 5.

3:04 - Nate Ilaoa runs five yards for the TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!! Hawaii 45, SJSU 38. Yikes, low PAT kick by Kelly, but it's good.

3:08 - If we can make a defensive stop on SJSU, that would be GREAT. 5:20 left in the game.

3:09 - Pressure by Ikaika Alama-Francis! 4th and 5, so SJSU gotta punt! Watch for the fake!

3:10 - Nice punt by SJSU, Andre Taylor gets whacked on the 10 yard line.

3:11 - Colt Brennan to Davone Bess for 8 yards to Hawaii's own 18.

3:12 - Woooooo hooooo!!!! Nice open field catch by Ryan Grice-Mullen!!! Ball on Hawaii's 39.

3:13 - Uhhhhhhhh, fumble on the exchange, but Nate Ilaoa gets the ball back. WHEW. 2nd and 18.

3:14 - Nate Ilaoa runs for 8 yards. 3rd and 12 with 2:05 left in the ballgame.

3:14 - Pass incomplete. UH gotta punt.

3:16 - Come on defense!!! SJSU has it on their own 30 with a minute and a half left.

3:18 - SJSU gets the first down on 3rd and 8, but Broadway laid the hat to make the tackle.

3:19 - Dane Porlas with the INTERCEPTION!!! Who the heck is Dane Porlas?!?!! Anyway, game over with 55 seconds left and no timeouts. Apparently Porlas is a redshirt freshman.

3:22 - Colt Brennan takes a couple knees. Brennan threw for 457 yards today. Final score: Hawaii 45, SJSU 38. That was pretty close!!!

GameDay - Hawaii at San Jose State

Lamar Broadway and Turmarian Moreland will be the starting cornerbacks today.
Moreland intercepted a pass last week, and Broadway gets a chance at the position he worked out at his first two seasons with the Warriors before he was moved to safety.

A variety of injuries have slowed down starter Kenny Patton.

"I don't know if he's healthy or not. He hasn't practiced one lick," Glanville said.
And no matter what some UH fans say, I like Jerry Glanville.
With Christmas-morning enthusiasm, Jerry Glanville was the first to break the silence yesterday, as he hobbled toward University of Hawai'i football coach June Jones on the Hyatt San Jose's pool deck.

"Listen, I got up early and thought of this new scheme . . ." the defensive coordinator said, waving what was once a sheet of scrap paper.

"That's Jerry," Jones said. "He's always thinking up something new."

When it was suggested that his death-bed wish would be a new defensive plan, Glanville smiled and said: "I can see that. I'd have to make it a good one, too."

And so it goes for Glanville, whose game plans might as well be written in chalk. In last week's 49-28 victory over New Mexico State, Glanville overhauled the defensive strategy in the middle of the game, switching to a 4-3 scheme that was never rehearsed. Glanville's mad-scientist innovation has confounded opposing coaches.
Give him chance! He's only coached 6 games. Just wait till he starts recruiting and getting more players to fit his schemes -- the Hawaii defense will be unreal. We've already seen flashes of what it can do, in the attitude of the hard-hitting defense so far this year.

And a bit of excitement for today:
UH will unveil its new road uniforms in which the jersey numbers are easier to see.
Let's see if they end up looking more and more like the Hawaii Raiders.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Who to Choose

The coaches are still deciding who will be the starting running back for tomorrow's game at San Jose. But I have my suspicions.
(David) Farmer is the best backfield blocker. (Nate) Ilaoa, who leads the Warriors with 179 rushing yards, and (Mario) Cox are the top available runners. "We'll decide on a starter based on what we want to do," said Mouse Davis, who coaches the running backs. "If we want to pass, it'll be Farmer. If we want to run, it'll be one of the other guys."
So it'll probably be Farmer. But I hope Nasty Nate gets in there to bus a few runs.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Spartans Hurtin'

Looks like it'll be a rout in San Jose. It's not gonna be a grueling road trip like for the LaTech game, and there will be almost as many Hawaii Warriors fans as SJSU Spartans fans to negate the homefield advantage. Also, via San Jose Mercury News, it looks like the home team isn't doing so good:
The Spartans have lost five in a row and have a sputtering running game, a mounting injury list, ineffective quarterback play and a porous pass defense that on Saturday will face the No. 2 throwing team in the country.


• Three of the Spartans' most important players -- left tackle Amadeo Novella and linebackers Eric Wilson and Ezekiel Staples -- are questionable for Saturday's game, Tomey said.


Staples, the team's leading tackler, injured his hamstring but played most of the game. That was not the case with Wilson, who missed the second half because of a groin injury. A converted safety, his ability to defend both the run and the pass is considered crucial to containing Hawaii.
I actually hope it'll be a little more competitive than what I'm making it out to be. And who knows, with Hawaii's history on the road, it probably will be. But I think this will be another week for the offense to continue to gel and for the defense to get more ferocious. Perhaps it'll be the confidence booster Hawaii needs before meeting Fresno State on ABC next week. Not that I'm looking ahead!

Good Graces

A funny article by Stephen Tsai about the UH receivers trying to compliment Colt Brennan in order to get more passes thrown their way.
Before walking off the football practice field yesterday, University of Hawai'i left slotback Davone Bess turned and yelled to quarterback Colt Brennan, "Aren't you Brad Pitt?"

"You're better looking than Brad Pitt," right slotback Ryan Grice-Mullen shouted.

"That's right," Bess added.

Later, Brennan shook his head, smiled and said, "They'll say anything."
I know a better way to get in Colt's good graces. Buy him some Kaopectate!

I could've gone much dirtier, but I must clean up my language and my mind. For the kids!

In the middle of this article, June Jones has some kind words for San Jose State and former University of Hawaii head coach Dick Tomey, who gave June his first coaching gig. Too bad June gotta whip Dick's ass on Saturday. Sorry Coach! And so much for my earlier promise.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Turmarian Moreland

Senior cornerback Turmarian Moreland has recovered from a preseason injury to become a starting cornerback, probably.

Junior Chad Mock is looking like a good receiver. He went to Farrington!

Also, Nate Ilaoa, still recovering from injuries, will probably play against SJSU.

An Advertiser article profiles AJ Martinez, David Farmer and Moreland.

And via BigWave from Sportshawaii.com, Colt Brennan was named one of Saturday's top 10 performers by Sports Illustrated.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

CB for the Player of the Wizzo

Colt Brennan is the WAC player of the week.

A large Hawaii crowd is expected at Spartan Stadium on Saturday.
For this one, Tomey said the Spartans are expecting something more than the 14,685 they have averaged over their first two home games.

"Hawai'i is going to have a bigger visiting crowd, I'm told," Tomey said.
And the Star-Bulletin has a behind the scenes look at the "chess match" between the UH defensive coaches and NMSU's offense.

Monday, October 17, 2005

The Mighty Nick Rolovich

Former UH quarterback Nick Rolovich, he of the three straight 500 yard games to finish out his career at Hawaii, has just signed with the Chicago Rush of the Arena Football League. Good luck Rolo!

Looking Forward to SJSU

Colt Brennan has a theory about why he did so good on Saturday:
"I think it's because I didn't have eggs and bacon," said Brennan, a third-year sophomore who threw for 515 yards and seven touchdowns in Saturday's 49-28 rout of New Mexico State. "It's my tradition that started when I was a kid. Before one of my first Pop Warner games, my dad made me eggs and bacon, and then we went to the game and we got absolutely murdered. The next year, the same thing happened. My dad made me eggs and bacon, then we got murdered again. That's when I made the promise I'll never eat eggs and bacon before a game."

But in the frenetic pace of this season, Brennan forgot about the pledge. At the team breakfast at the Ilikai Hotel Saturday morning, "I realized I ate eggs and bacon before every game this season," Brennan said. "That's because that's what they serve us for breakfast. I decided to go back to my tradition, and look what happened. It's one of those quirky little things that keeps your confidence going."
And now we know what he was throwing up at those games too!

The article also says that Vantz Singletary is okay. He was suffering from anxiety on Saturday.

And I can't wait for the San Jose State game. I think Hawaii's gonna dominate SJSU during their HOMECOMING GAME. What an insult! UH is getting ready.
Although the win left the Warriors with renewed optimism, they're looking to put it behind them -- just as they did with the previous week's loss -- and turn their focus ahead to this week's matchup.

"We got a big win, but we're going to have to forget about it," Brennan said. "Coach said right now we've got to be thinking about San Jose State on the road."

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Hawaii vs NMSU Recap

Colt Brennan almost tied a couple of the mighty Nick Rolovich's UH school records last night:
From his spot on the sidelines, Nick Rolovich could only watch as his place in the Hawaii record books was threatened.

Rolovich -- he of the legendary 543-yard, eight-touchdown performance against Brigham Young in 2001 -- looked on last night as UH quarterback Colt Brennan piled up the yards and the points for a Warriors offense that took the run out of the run-and-shoot against New Mexico State.

In the end, Rolo's records survived another week as Brennan finished with 515 yards and seven touchdowns in leading UH to a 49-28 homecoming win over the Aggies at Aloha Stadium.

"Like what Dan Robinson told me, his records were going to get broken, mine are going to get broken," said Rolovich, now a UH graduate assistant. "Someday he'll get them."
I think Brennan will probably break a few records by the end of the year. And the receiving corps is coming together as well:
"The camaraderie with those guys is getting a lot better and they're working for each other," Brennan said. "It's not just about (them) trying to get open, it's about (them) trying to pull the safety down so (someone else) gets open behind them."

Hawaii had never been this deep into the season without a home victory under Jones, making last night's win even more important. With the Warriors now at the halfway point of the season, Grice-Mullen feels it is the time for the Hawaii offense to step up.

"We started off with some tough teams and mentally we just messed up," he said. "Now we have shown that when we're clicking, I don't think any team can stop us."
And I didn't know Chad Mock was a walk-on. Cool. Yet another walk-on receiver to shine for Hawaii. Prepare for the UH offense to dominate the second half of the season!
"These four guys — Ross (Dickerson), Ryan, Chad and Davone — are playing unbelievable," UH receivers coach Ron Lee said. "The speed and the confidence they have with Colt, they're playing at a very high level."
Hawaii Warriors' national stats:

2nd in passing offense with 370 yards per game.
But only 60th in scoring offense with 26.5 points per game. Gotta convert!

Colt Brennan's national stats:

4th in completion percentage with 68.9%
5th in passing yards with 1993 yards
T-5th in touchdown passes with 18
9th in QB rating with a score of 157.71

Of course, the only stat that matters is Hawaii is 2-4. But things are looking up! Just ask Davone Bess:

Photo by JAMM AQUINO via the Star-Bulletin.

Or Ryan Grice-Mullen:

Photo by RICHARD WALKER via the Star-Bulletin.

And it looks like coach Vantz Singletary should be okay. He was feeling faint during the game so they took him to the hospital.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Hawaii Warriors 49, NMSU Aggies 28

Yay, it feels good to have a win. Let's see if we can do the same thing against San Jose State. Definitely gotta get the defense to do a little better for that game. Anyway, Colt Brennan passed for 515 yards and seven touchdowns. Three different receivers had 100 yards or more in receptions. The offense is starting to look more and more cohesive, and the receivers are unbelievable. The offensive line is unbelievable as well, giving Colt hours to throw. Have a good evening!

UPDATE: The AP article just came out. It's fun to read UH football news again!
Colt Brennan threw for a career-best 515 yards and seven touchdowns, and Ryan Grice-Mullen had four touchdown receptions to lead Hawaii to a 49-28 victory over winless New Mexico State on Saturday night.

Brennan tossed touchdown passes of 3, 15, 17, 4, 9, 2 and 44 yards for the Warriors (2-4, 2-2 Western Athletic Conference), who put on an aerial display and didn't call a running play until the fourth quarter.

Grice-Mullen finished the night with nine catches for 137 yards. He was one of three Hawaii receivers with over 100 receiving yards.

Freshman Davone Bess caught seven passes for 128 yards and a touchdown, and Chad Mock had 10 receptions for 147 yards, including a 44-yard bomb from Brennan that put Hawaii up by four TDs in the fourth quarter.

LiveBlogging: Hawaii vs NMSU

All times HST!

6:08 - Start of game. Nice kickoff return for Hawaii by A.J. Martinez. Who the heck is that? Anyway, it was about 60 yards to the NMSU 30 or so.

6:09 - Colt Brennan overthrows two deep passes, then completes a 13 yard pass to Chad Mock for the first down.

6:10 - Nice pass to Ryan Grice-Mullen for 9 yards.

6:11 - Brennan runs for the first down on 2nd and 1.

6:11 - Holy moly, that looked really easy. Touchdown pass to Ross Dickerson! Hawaii 7, NMSU 0.

6:14 - A little trickery on NMSU's kickoff return, some weird hand off. NMSU has it on their own 30.

6:18 - Yikes, NMSU is moving the ball pretty good too. After five plays, they have it at Hawaii's 26.

6:18 - FUMBLE!!! Hawaii gets it at their own 26.

6:21 - Yeah baby, NICE catch and run by Chad Mock for 30 yards to NMSU's 43.

6:22 - Nice shovel pass to David Farmer for 14 yards.

6:22 - Juggling catch by Mock to NMSU's 25.

6:23 - Nice RAC from Farmer to NMSU's 15.

6:24 - 15 yard TOUCHDOWN pass to Grice-Mullen!!! Hawaii 14, NMSU 0.

6:27 - Doug Vaioleti just said NMSU is playing "monkey football" or something because they're monkeying around on the kickoff returns. They start off on their own seven yard line.

6:29 - Ooooh, nice hit by Lono Manners. 3rd and 4 NMSU.

6:29 - NMSU gets the first down.

6:30 - Yikes, the NMSU running back is doing quite well against Hawaii's run defense. 17 yard run to their own 47.

6:33 - Errr, NMSU, running at will, just scored a touchdown. Hawaii 14, NMSU 7. Way too easy. Sit back, it's gonna be a high scoring night.

6:36 - Wow, this AJ Martinez guy is pretty good. He just returned his second kick for 40+ yards. First down at Hawaii's 44.

6:37 - Brennan completes a pass to Davone Bess for 8 yards.

6:37 - Another pass to Bess for the first down! Hawaii has it at NMSU's 43.

6:40 - Hawaii's going for it on 4th and 2 at NMSU's 35. Incomplete pass. Crap.

6:44 - Hawaii stops NMSU on a 3rd and 2. 4th down! Holding penalty on NMSU. They gotta punt anyway. Oh, and now the refs say personal foul on NMSU. Back 15 yards! 4th and 18. Andre Taylor is back to receive.

6:45 - Punt goes out of bounds at Hawaii's 34.

6:46 - NICE catch by Grice-Mullen for 31 yards. Nice pass by Brennan. Hawaii has it on NMSU's 35.

6:48 - Brennan is overthrowing open receivers on deep balls. Nice touch on the short passes though.

6:52 - Start of 2nd quarter. 3rd and 2 on NSMU's 28.

6:52 - Chad Mock Ross Dickerson catches a 5 yard pass for the first down! Hawaii on the 23.

6:53 - Jim Leahey just said "goddamn" on the air! He was referring to "that goddamn Chad Mock" or something, in an affectionate way of course! UPDATE: He actually thought the receiver was Chad Mock, but it turned out to be Ross Dickerson. Leahey first recognized the receiver as Mock, but then said: "Check that, that's goddamn-- I mean excuse me, that's Dickerson. And I apologize for the language, but another misidentification." You could hear Russell Yamanoha laughing about it.

6:54 - Brennan with the TOUCHDOWN pass to Grice-Mullen!!! Hawaii 21, NMSU 7. Lookin good!

6:59 - NMSU has the ball now, and they're just movin the ball. Fumble negated on an offsides penalty, so they keep on going.

7:04 - Nice pressure by Tony Akpan! Unfortunately, the QB makes an 18 yard completion. NMSU has it on Hawaii's 10 yard line.

7:06 - Touchdown by NMSU on a 5 yard run. Hawaii's defense can't stop NMSU for some reason. Do they forget NMSU is 0 and 6!?!?! Hawaii 21, NMSU 14.

7:09 - A pooch kickoff makes two UH players bang into each other. Luckily no fumble! Hawaii has it on their own 29.

7:10 - Brennan scrambles for 4 yards. 2nd and 6 on the 33.

7:10 - David Farmer with the catch and run to Hawaii's 41. 1st down!

7:11 - NICE pass from Brennan to Bess across the middle. It was a bullet! Hawaii ball on NMSU's 29.

7:12 - Another pass across the middle to Bess!!! Hawaii has it on NMSU's 4.

7:13 - Oh my! What a catch by Davone Bess!!! He leaped for no reason, but nice catch! TOUCHDOWN! Hawaii 28, NMSU 14.

7:15 - NMSU with a nice kickoff return. They have it at Hawaii's 41.

7:16 - Nice ankle tackle by Solomon Elimimian to stop what could've been a big run.

7:17 - Late hit by Tanuvasa Moe, I think. 15 yard penalty. NMSU has it on Hawaii's 15.

7:18 - Nice tackle by Kila Kamakawiwo'ole. 3rd and 9 on Hawaii's 14.

7:19 - Damn, good hits on the play, but NMSU got the first down. 1st and goal on the 5.

7:22 - SHOOOOOOOT-OUT. Hawaii 28, NMSU 21.

7:25 - Hawaii has the ball on their own 27.

7:26 - Nice scramble by Brennan for the first down! Ball on the 38.

7:27 - Another run by Brennan for 9 yards! Geez. Ball on Hawaii's 47.

7:27 - Brennan gets sorta sacked into a first down.

7:28 - Jim Leahey just said that Hawaii coach Vantz Singletary fainted in the coaches box and has been taken to the hospital. Let's hope he's okay.

7:28 - Nice pass from Brennan to Grice-Mullen to NMSU's 29 yard line.

7:29 - Nice run by David Farmer after catching a shovel pass. Ball on NMSU's 15.

7:32 - Holding penalty on a play where Colt had the ball for like 10 seconds before he threw it. Ball on the 25.

7:33 - Roughing the passer on NMSU. Assholes. Ball on NMSU's 12.

7:34 - Short pass to Chad Mock for a couple yards. Ball on NMSU's 10.

7:37 - Man, Brennan is really patient. Almost had a touchdown after holding onto the ball for 10 seconds.

7:37 - HO CUZ! Amazing touchdown by Grice-Mullen! He leaped towards the goal line and had some NMSU players carry him into the endzone! Too funny! Hawaii 35, NMSU 21.

7:41 - Hawaii defense not so good. NMSU got the ball on Hawaii's 47 after a couple good runs.

7:42 - Okay, as soon as I say that, two nice run stops in a row by Hawaii's D.

7:43 - Errr, Tony Akpan was fighting with some NMSU players at the end of the half. That's not good. NO FIGHTS!!! KEEP IT TO THE GAME!!! THEY'RE 0 and 6! Score at the half - Hawaii 35, NMSU 21.

7:45 - By the way, Colt Brennan has passed for 296 yards with 5 touchdowns and no interceptions at the half.

8:10 - Start of second half. Long halftime because of homecoming ceremonies, I think. Dan Kelly kicks off and NMSU returns it to their own 35.

8:11 - First play, defense stops the run at the line of scrimmage. Let's keep doing that!

8:13 - Kenny Patton breaks up a pass, but it looks like he got injured on the play. Let's hope it's not serious. 3rd and 12 for NMSU.

8:14 - NMSU can't convert and gotta punt! Delay of game penalty on the punt. Back five yards.

8:15 - Errrr, on 4th and 17, NMSU fakes the punt and makes the first down. Great. NMSU ball at their own 46.

8:17 - Tanuvasa Moe with the big hit for a loss on the running back! 2nd and 13 on NMSU's 43.

8:18 - NMSU with another first down. Ball at Hawaii's 35.

8:19 - 3rd and 5 on Hawaii's 30. Come on with the stop!

8:20 - Karl Noa with the SACK!!! Puts NMSU out of field goal range, I think. 4th and 11 on Hawaii's 36.

8:22 - NMSU try another fake punt, but Lamar Broadway sniffs it out and tackles the faker at the 40! Hawaii ball.

8:27 - Brennan with a 30+ yard run, but it looks like there was holding on the play. And yes it was. Damn!

8:28 - On 3rd and 20, UH does a shovel pass to Farmer, who gets tripped up at the line of scrimmage. Hawaii gotta punt.

8:29 - Milne with a 33 yard punt. NMSU has it on their 33. Commercial break!

8:33 - NMSU moving the ball again.

8:33 - Turmarian Moreland with the BIG HIT to break up the screen pass. Could hear the pop!

8:34 - Geez, almost had a sack, but QB evaded. 3rd and 13 on their own 49.

8:35 - Pass was dropped! 4th down! Let's see if NMSU fakes this punt.

8:36 - Nope that was a real punt, and a doozy. NMSU pins Hawaii back on their own 1 yard line. Let's see the 99 yard scoring drive!

8:38 - Nevermind, apparently an NMSU player touched it when the ball was rolling. Ball on Hawaii's 6. Or something. Anyway, it's on the 6. Let's see a 94 yard scoring drive!

8:40 - That Colt Brennan is elusive. He almost got sacked in the endzone, but made it into a 5 yard gain. 3rd and 5 on Hawaii's 11.

8:41 - Nice pass to Dickerson for the first down!

8:42 - Another pass to Dickerson for the first down!

8:43 - Pass to Davone Bess for a short gain. Ball on Hawaii's 40.

8:43 - Colt Brennan completes a 54 yard pass to Davone Bess across the middle! Ball at NMSU's 7 yard line! Bess was shaken up on the play.

8:44 - What a break. Brennan got intercepted in the endzone, but pass interference on NMSU, so that negates that. Hawaii has it on NMSU's 2 yard line.

8:46 - 2 yard touchdown pass to Grice-Mullen!!! Hawaii 42, NMSU 21.

8:49 - Yikes, Ryan Keomaka almost got an interception!!! NMSU still has the ball at their own 33.

8:51 - Derrrrr. Keomaka makes a late hit out of bounds on the next play. That was dumb. 1st down on the NMSU 49.

8:53 - NMSU can't convert on 3rd and 4. Looks like they might go for it on 4th down...

8:54 - Hawaii D with the pressure! QB overthrows. Turnover on downs. Hawaii has it on their own 45.

8:55 - Nice RAC by Grice-Mullen on a short pass. 19 yard gain! Ball on NMSU's 36.

8:56 - Ditto for Dickerson on a 16 yard gain. Ball on NMSU's 20.

8:57 - Wow. Brennan rifles it to Mock, who was covered by two guys. Ball on NMSU's 10.

9:00 - Drive gets stopped on incompletions and a penalty. Dan Kelly will try for the 42 yard field goal....and misses. Still Hawaii 42, NMSU 21.

9:06 - Uh oh, NMSU converted on 3rd and 10. Ball on Hawaii's 33.

9:07 - BOOOOM!!! Kila Kamakawiwoole with the sack/forced fumble on the quarterback. Hawaii recovers on their own 47!

9:08 - Nice catch and run by Chad Mock. First down.

9:09 - Pass to Grice-Mullen to NMSU's 23.

9:10 - Damn. Pass off the hand of Bess gets intercepted. NMSU ball on their own 22.

9:11 - Lamar Broadway nearly intercepts the pass. Yikes. 3rd and 10.

9:12 - QB has to throw the ball away. Forced to punt. I smell fake!

9:13 - Nope, real punt again! Hawaii gets it at their own 28.

9:16 - Brennan to Mock for an 11 yard gain. Ball on Hawaii's 39.

9:16 - Brennan scrambles for five yards. Ball on the 41.

9:17 - A running play!!! Farmer takes it into NMSU territory!!! Ball on NMSU 44 yard line.

9:18 - Brennan with a 44 yard TOUCHDOWN pass to Chad Mock!!! In stride!!! Hawaii 49, NMSU 21.

9:23 - NMSU with a three and out. Let's see if they go for it on 4th down.

9:24 - Wow, the fake punt works!!! Nice catch by the NMSU receiver. Hawaii couldn't see that coming? NMSU ball on Hawaii's 46.

9:26 - NMSU scores on a two yard touchdown pass. It ain't over yet! 7:42 left in the game. Hawaii 49, NMSU 28.

9:30 - NMSU tries for the onside kick, but it goes out of bounds. Tyler Graunke's in the game now. Colt Brennan is out with 515 yards and 7 touchdown passes against one interception.

9:32 - Wow, Mario Cox bowls over two runners for the 7 yard gain. Ball on NMSU's 44.

9:33 - Graunke completes a first down pass to Patrick Olchovy. The reserves are in!

9:35 - Graunke with a run for first down on 3rd and 6. Ball on Hawaii 20.

9:37 - FUMBLE!!! Graunke completes a pass to Bain, who then coughs it up. NMSU has the ball on their own 13.

9:40 - Interception by Turmarian Moreland. Looks like the NMSU QB got hurt on that play. Hope he's okay. 3:38 left in the game.

9:44 - First play from scrimmage, Mario Cox runs for the first down. Ball on NMSU's 33.

9:47 - UH turns it over on downs. 1:28 left in the game.

9:54 - End of game. FINAL SCORE - Hawaii Warriors 49, New Mexico State Aggies 28.

GameDay - Hawaii vs New Mexico State

It's homecoming! You know what that means -- Hawaii gotta win! It's embarrassing to lose your homecoming game, especially to an 0 and 6 team. Famous last words? No way! My prediction: Hawaii 65, NMSU 2. As Tanuvasa Moe says:
"We have to get back on a winning streak. You never get used to losing, the whole morale is down and to get a win right now would be real big for the team."
And as Derek Faavi says:
"All we need is a big game and the confidence starts to build for the next game and hopefully we get rolling."
65 to 2 baby! That'll help build confidence! The only points NMSU will score will be from a blocked PAT returned for a two point conversion. Damn special teams breakdowns.

And Stephen Tsai gets poetic:
The best food is served in bowling centers. The best music reviews are found in college newspapers. And today's best football game might be the one matching two teams with a combined 1-10 record.
He then talks about the two opposing coaching staffs and what they bring to each team. I agree with the last part of the sentence, but the "best food is served in bowling centers"??? Really? Is his favorite food greasy french fries and Zima? Either that or maybe he knows some secret gourmet bowling alley that Sam Choy runs. Actually, that doesn't sound like a bad idea. Get on it, bambucha!

Back to the game, there will be a bunch of passes from these two passing offenses, but the beginning of the year agreement between Hal Mumme and June Jones to not run the ball at all when their two teams met is not gonna happen. Too bad, would've been fun to watch a six hour game!

Anyway, should be a fun game. Go Warriors!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Freshmen RB

With Nate Ilaoa injured, Bryan Maneafaiga injured and Kala Latuselu off the team due to family matters, freshmen Mario Cox and David Farmer will rotate at running back for tomorrow's game. Cox is supposed to be the shit, so hopefully he can show suckas how it's done!

And the defensive line starters for tomorrow's game is (are) still up in the air.
With defensive end Melila Purcell out with a knee injury, the Warriors continue to consider their options on the defensive front.

"We've been taking a look at everybody," UH defensive coordinator Jerry Glanville said.

Renolds Fruean practiced with the first team at left end with Michael Lafaele at nose tackle. Lafaele practiced at end earlier in the week with Keala Watson in the middle. Jones said Tony Akpan and Lawrence Wilson could also figure into the mix.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

We Better Not Lose to an 0-6 Team

They certainly have the offense, in theory, to give UH some headaches. Here's a profile on NMSU head coach Hal Mumme and his "Air Raid" offense.

And Nate Ilaoa wants to play despite injuries.
Despite not practicing this week because of a "turf-toe" injury — sprained big toe on his right foot — UH running back Nate Ilaoa vowed to play against New Mexico State.

"I'll be able to go," he said. "It's football. You've got to go."

But coach June Jones was not convinced, and freshmen Mario Cox and David Farmer are prepared to rotate at running back.
Looks like the silver and white road uniforms will be updated to get rid of some of the silver:
When Hawaii plays at San Jose State a week from Saturday, the Warriors' numbers will be easier to see. But some of the detail in their uniforms will be gone.

Nike, which provides UH's uniforms, will provide white jerseys that have black numbers and "Warriors" across the front.

UH's new white jerseys with silver numbers became an issue because the numbers were difficult to read for broadcasters, spotters and stat crews.

"We don't have them in hand yet, so we don't want to say too much," UH spokeswoman Lois Manin said.
As Jim Leahey used to say, it should look "DELICIOUS!"

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Michael Lafaele

Michael Lafaele is moving from first string nose tackle to defensive end.
Defensive coordinator Jerry Glanville was reviewing a pool of eight candidates before deciding to move Lafaele from nose tackle, where he started the past two games. Nose tackle Keala Watson practiced with the first-team defense yesterday.

"You try to get your best 11 on the field," Glanville said. "To have (No.) 93 (Watson) watching (No.) 67 (Lafaele) isn't smart. To have 67 watching 93 isn't smart. If one of our best is not in the lineup, you have to do something about it. That's all there is to it."
The article also says Nate Ilaoa might miss this week's game due to "turf toe." Jordan Slye won't be able to play for the time being due to some eligibility issues.

And Colt Brennan's scrambling is making the UH offensive line work! All that exercise should pay off later in the season. There's also another benefit.
Although the linemen may have to work a little longer when Brennan scrambles, it also opens up opportunities for big hits on defenders focused on catching the quarterback.

"Football's a game of running around and blocking," Brennan said. "If anything, sometimes they get pretty excited because they get to peel back and clean up guys."

Said Faavi: "He's scrambling and the defensive lineman doesn't see you coming and you can just whack him."
I'm sure some whiny baby will say this proves Hawaii "plays dirty."

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Injury Update Again

Good news, Mel Purcell probably doesn't have a severely torn ACL or MCL and might just miss one game.

Dane Uperesa and Lono Manners are also fighting through injuries.

No byes for eight straight weeks so there's no time to recover. Let's hope we blow out New Mexico State in the first half so we can let the JV play the second half!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Injury Update

Mel Purcell may have a torn MCL or ACL, an MRI will determine which. Either way, he might be out for the rest of the season. As Jerry Glanville said:
"Only the good guys get hurt. You lose Peters and then you lose Mel. It's unbelievable."
Also injured are Dane Uperesa and Lono Manners:
Strong safety Lono Manners is struggling to play with several dislocated fingers. "He couldn't tackle," Glanville said. "His fingers are all so beat up. He couldn't tackle because he couldn't close his hands. We've got to do something with his hands."

Manners said: "I couldn't grab on to jerseys. I had to throw my body around to make tackles."

He said he will take painkillers to prepare for Saturday's game against New Mexico State.

Sunday, October 09, 2005


Here's a quote from the Advertiser:
"I don't know who was out there on defense but it wasn't the Warriors," UH outside linebacker Tanuvasa Moe said after the Bulldogs rushed for 327 yards and four touchdowns. "We're a tackling team. We're an aggressive team. That team didn't show up tonight. We just didn't do our part and make plays. We let them slip off (attempted tackles). We can't do that. We're the Warriors. We have to play aggressive."
The article also says Mel Purcell has a partially torn knee ligament and will undergo an MRI. Lot of knee injuries this year.

Solomon Elimimian had 13 tackles yesterday while Moe had 10, so without them I guess it could've been worse!

Jerry Glanville is looking forward. On the upcoming New Mexico State game:
"We have to make a comeback," he said. "We can't make the biggest comeback in the history of the world. Jesus Christ did that. But we can come back from this."

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Louisiana Tech

They're better than Michigan State! What an awful performance Hawaii's defense had against the run. What the hell happened? Anyway, gotta give it up to LaTech. Like one of their coaches said, "We're gonna run it all night on those motherfuckers!" or something to that effect. Yes they did.

Hawaii at Louisiana Tech LiveBlogging

All times HST!

1:07pm - Hawaii gets it at the 22. Colt Brennan runs for six yards. 2nd and 6.

1:08 - Illegal formation negates a Nate Ilaoa run. 2nd and 11.

1:10 - On third and 11, Colt gets it to Davone Bess! First down on Hawaii's 48.

1:11 - And then a fumble by Ilaoa. LaTech ball.

1:15 - Hawaii's defense is blitzing, so LaTech smartly throws a screen. 1st down on Hawaii's 29.

1:18 - Tanuvasa Moe with the sack!

1:20 - LaTech's drive is stopped, but they kick a 33 yard field goal. Hawaii 0, LaTech 3.

1:24 - Hawaii starts on their own 22. Nice pass to Bess for a 6 yard gain.

1:25 - Colt Brennan with a really goofy scramble on 2nd and 4, but he gets the first down!

1:26 - Chad Mock with his first collegiate catch, I think.

1:26 - Nice pass to Andre Taylor for the first down.

1:27 - Nice pass to Nate Ilaoa. 2nd and 6 on LaTech's 43.

1:28 - Brennan to Bess for the 1st down on 3rd and 2.

1:30 - Ryan Grice-Mullen makes his first catch of the game.

1:31 - Nate Ilaoa with an eight yard gain.

1:32 - Hawaii's going for it on 4th and 2 on LaTech's 27. Wow.

1:34 - Touchdown pass to Grice-Mullen! On 4th and 2! Hawaii 7, LaTech 3. That's balls!

1:40 - Man, on LaTech's 2nd play, Mark Dillard scores on a 59 yard touchdown run. Hawaii 7, LaTech 10.

1:41 - Looks like Mel Purcell got hurt on that play.

1:41 - I spoke to soon, UH blocks the PAT. Hawaii 7, LaTech 9.

1:45 - Andre Taylor takes it to the 30 on the kickoff.

1:47 - Crap, three and out.

1:54 - Yikes, LaTech is moving the ball at will. They have it on Hawaii's 20 after converting on a 3rd and 1.

1:58 - Hawaii 7, LaTech 16 on a 5 yard touchdown pass by LaTech.

2:02 - Ross Dickerson makes his first catch of the game for 9 yards. Hawaii ball at their 36.

2:04 - Nate Ilaoa makes a nice run for the first down. Hawaii 43.

2:05 - Whoa, late hit on a LaTech player. The guy face masked Dickerson out of bounds. Fucker.

2:08 - Nate Ilaoa with a 3 yard touchdown run! Hawaii 14, LaTech 16.

2:13 - Man, LaTech with another nice screen. They convert on 3rd and 6.

2:15 - Ikaika Alama Francis bats down the pass, forcing a 3rd and 7. Watch for the screen!

2:16 - Damn, they converted on a quarterback scramble.

2:18 - 4th and 5 for LaTech due to an overthrow. I think they're going for it. We'll see! Timeout.

2:21 - So LaTech is going for it on 4th and 5, and they CONVERT! Damn, your move June Jones. Ball on Hawaii 26.

2:25 - Dammit. Where are the cornerbacks? Touchdown pass LaTech. Hawaii 14, LaTech 23.

2:27 - Shit, personal foul penalty after 33 yard return by Andre Taylor. Ball on Hawaii 17.

2:30 - Three and out. :22 seconds left in the half.

2:33 - End of the half on a nice sack by somebody. Our defense is looking a little sluggish. Let's hope Jerry Glanville can fire them up in the locker room. Hawaii 14, LaTech 23.

2:55 - Start of second half. LaTech has it on their own 31. Let's get a defensive stop!

2:59 - Frick. Pass interference on 3rd and 5. Automatic first down.

3:01 - The LaTech running back is unstoppable. He's already gone over 100 yards and it's the beginning of the 3rd quarter.

3:04 - LaTech, running at will, scores a touchdown after a five minute drive. Hawaii 14, LaTech 30.

3:11 - Ugh, three and out. Penalties are hurting us.

3:12 - First play, touchdown LaTech. Hawaii 14, LaTech 37.

3:18 - UH throws incomplete on third and 1. Gotta punt.

3:28 - This is getting ridiculous. But the PAT is no good.Hawaii 14, LaTech 43.

3:39 - Sorry, no play by play. This game is pissing me off. Did the BSU loss really take that much out of UH?

3:57 - LaTech kicked a 38 yard field goal. Hawaii 14, LaTech 46.

4:14 - End of game. Final score: Hawaii 14, LaTech 46.

GameDay - Hawaii at Louisiana Tech

The Star-Bulletin has a good preview. And so does the Advertiser.

And here's a nice precaution:
Mindful of quarterback Colt Brennan's problem for throwing up and dehydration last week against Boise State, UH trainers and doctors are advising "all the players to be well hydrated, especially with the traveling involved in road games," said UH physician Dr. Andrew Nichols. Players have both water and an electrolyte solution available.
This does not necessarily mean Colt won't throw up again, it just means that he'll remain hydrated if he does, which could lead to possibly more throwing up. Yes!

Anyway, Hawaii has proven it can play on the road. The offense is continually improving, and the defense is 10 times better than last year. And apparently Louisiana Tech wants this win bad. It'll be a fun game to watch, hurling or not.

Friday, October 07, 2005

But Trash Talking is Fun

For some reason, Hawaii gets a bad rap about their physical play. I guess you're supposed to ease up against perennial losers. Here's a quote from Louisiana Tech linebacker Jeremy Hamilton:
"We haven't forgotten about what they did on our field a couple of years ago," Hamilton said. "We know they'll play dirty and will cheap shot us when we're not looking.

"But we'll line back up, not trash talk them and we'll play physical too."

Don't forget to wear your diaper tomorrow too. I apologize in advance if UH isn't genteel enough for your tastes.

Walk Ons

Stephen Tsai has a really good article about walk-ons to the Hawaii football program. He talks about how quite a few of them have blossomed to become starters, while some have eventually ended up in the NFL, including Ashley Lelie, Chad Owens, Rich Miano, Travis Laboy, Mat McBriar and James Fenderson.

And LaTech wants to beat us tomorrow.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

LaTech Players and Fans

Stephen Tsai has an article about Louisiana Tech players who have been affected by Hurricane Katrina and what they're doing to help out the people who have been displaced. The LaTech players are generous and classy. The LaTech fans however, are nuts. Key quote from "#1techfan":
You have no idea how ready for this game I am. I hope UH is ready for our defense to stuff them each down and I will be all over those UH players and if the situation presents itself I will rush the field and hit some of those players and I really don't think that I will be the only person doing so.
Whoa, settle down Beavis.

I actually would like to see this fan follow through on his threat and rush the field to attack Samson Satele. That would make ESPN's Top Ten Plays, no doubt! In fact, most of the fans on this message board share this fellow's violent tendencies and delusions of persecution regarding UH being a "dirty team." I'd accuse other hard-nosed teams of being dirty too if I always lost to them. Anyway, I know I'm being unfair as I'm sure most Tech fans are cool, but wow, if these fans are gonna generalize about Hawaii players, I'll generalize about them. Anyway, should be a good game, and I'll be looking for a drunken fat guy to rush the field at the end of the game.

Message board link via Sports Hawaii.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Nose Tackle

Here's an article about the importance of the nose tackle in Hawaii's 3-4 defense. Michael Lafaele and Keala Watson have been doing a good job for UH.

Here's a profile on Nate Ilaoa and his efforts to get more into shape. 6'4" wide receiver Jordan Slye is also profiled.

Ferd Lewis has a nice column about Louisiana Tech hosting Tulane's football team in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Getting Ready for LaTech

The UH athletic department has a press release regarding this Saturday's game at Louisiana Tech. The release mostly talks about the accomplishments on offense and defense so far this year though.

Ralph Brennan

June Jones talks about Colt Brennan's ability to scramble and how he'll be a better passer once he grasps the offense. He also praised Lono Manners, saying he's one of the best safeties he's seen.

Kalani Simpson has a funny article about Brennan's on-the-field ralphing.

And Hawaii and Fresno St. are still trying to a schedule an out-of-conference game next year in Japan or Australia.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Special Teams

Turns out the UH football team doesn't have a designated special teams coach.
The Warriors' staff shares in the duties of preparing the kickoff, punt, field goal and their respective return units. Running backs coach Mouse Davis is technically the coordinator, but that is an administrative title, head coach June Jones said.

"He puts together the meetings," Jones said. "But we spread (the responsibility) out. It's all of us."

Defensive coordinator Jerry Glanville has a big hand in the special teams, with several other assistants also involved. But Jones said there is no on-field coordinator or coach in charge of special teams overall.

"That's the way we've always done it," he said. "Even last year."

He said the Warriors spend more time on special teams practice, "than any place I've been before."

"Most do just 20 minutes on Friday," he said.

Jones said yesterday he plans no major changes to special teams -- other than improvement in execution.

June says we played great and should've won this game. I know how he must feel, I'm reliving plays that could've gone the other way. So many chances. Sigh.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

It Hurts

Here's Star-Bulletin's wrap-up. Key quotes:
"To be honest I was a mess out there," Brennan said. "I was having trouble making reads and seeing what the defense was doing."

Jones echoed that.

"Colt had a lot of production, but he really doesn't understand what we are doing right now," the coach said.
Colt was 29 of 51 for 426 yards with 4 touchdown passes, so this means that once Colt gets a grasp of the offense we'll be seeing Rolovich-like numbers. Or even David Klingler like numbers! Trying to be positive here.

Here's Honolulu Advertiser's wrap-up. Key quote by snapper Tanuvasa Moe, regarding the extra point block:
"I have to be more stout. I have to be ready when they come. If they're going to hit me and the officials aren't going to call it, then obviously it's legal. I have to be stout and get in there."
But also:
Jerry Glanville, who coordinates UH's defense and special teams, thought that the Broncos' strategy of hitting Moe was "illegal," but felt it did not contribute to the failed extra-point attempt. "It was a low kick, anyway," Glanville said.

Lono Manners, among many others on the defense, had a great game, with two forced fumbles, an interception, three pass breakups and seven tackles.

The offense did great as well, especially the receivers and RB Nate Ilaoa.

Dayton Morinaga has an article about why Colt Brennan is always vomiting on the field.
One of his vomiting episodes came in the huddle just before firing a 29-yard touchdown to Davone Bess.

"I think the guys might be getting used to it because they all say 'just don't puke on me,' " Brennan said.
As long as he continues to put up big numbers and it doesn't end up ruining the Field Turf, it's all good!


Saturday, October 01, 2005

Hawaii 41, BSU 44

What a game. Hawaii's defense gave up 21 points but was aggressive throughout. BSU scored the other 23 points off special teams miscues and turnovers. Hawaii's offense wasn't perfect, but played great. Colt Brennan threw for 426 yards and four touchdowns, though he did have two picks. Ryan Grice-Mullen caught nine passes for 188 yards and two touchdowns. Davone Bess caught six for 106 yards and two touchdowns. Nate Ilaoa rushed 10 times for 76 yards and a touchdown. He also caught six passes for 51 yards. Hawaii had 556 in total yards. Our special teams along with BSU's tenacity and good luck killed us.

Here's Idaho's KTVB.com wrap-up.

More tomorrow, if you can bear to read it!

Hawaii vs BSU LiveBlogging

6:06pm - Hawaii kicks off and stops the BSU return guy at the 21.

6:07 - Hawaii's defense is looking good. Nice run stop, then rushed QB on the next play!

6:09 - Defense looking fired up! 4th and inches on BSU 30.

6:10 - Zabransky QB sneak for first down. Damn.

6:13 - After initial UH defensive aggression, BSU now moving the ball at will. False start on BSU, so hopefully this stalls momentum.

6:14 - 3rd and 7, then sack by Kila Kamakawiwo'ole! 4th down!

6:18 - Colt Brennan runs for the first down on UH's first offensive play. Cool!

6:19 - Second offensive play, Brennan threads the needle to Dickerson, first down!

6:20 - Third play, pass to Nate Ilaoa, first down!

6:23 - Hawaii is moving the ball like nobody's business!

6:26 - Another great run by Ilaoa. I think he should stay at running back. But damn, what's with the penalty after the run!?

6:27 - Whoa, Nate got the spin moves!

6:28 - Three straight great runs by Nate!

6:29 - Three straight incompletions. 4th and 10 at the BSU 13.

6:30 - Dan Kelly hit's a 30 yard field goal. Hawaii 3, BSU 0.

6:34 - BSU has the ball at their own 19. Pressure on Zabransky, nice!

6:35 - BSU, 3 and out! Defensive pressure!

6:36 - Punt, UH gets it back on their own 43.

6:38 - Nice leaping catch by Jordan Slye! First down and first collegiate catch, I think.

6:40 - The officials are missing a lot of penalties by BSU.

6:42 - Damn, Hawaii got stopped. Milne punts and the BSU guy muffs it! But it bounces out of bounds :(

6:44 - Trick play by BSU, but receiver drops the ball!!!! AHAHAHA! =)

6:46 - Nice play by Kenny Patton to break up a pass.

6:46 - Nice sack by Kamakawiwiole! Fumble! Brad Kalilimoku recovers, Hawaii ball!!!

6:48 - Ryan Grice Mullen tap dancing down the sideline! Hawaii ball at the BSU 9.

6:49 - Brennan not doing too good with passes in the red zone. Two straight incompletions, like last time.

6:50 - OHHHHH!!! But on 3rd and 10, Brennan finds Davone Bess in the end zone! Hawaii 10, BSU ZERO.

6:53 - BSU ball, first play, UH defense SWARMS. 2nd and 10.

7:00 - Interception by Lono Manners!!!! Hawaii ball at their own 13!

7:04 - Shit. Ball tipped, Brennan gets intercepted. BSU gets it back at Hawaii's 24.

7:06 - Lono Manners with the big hit!!! BSU fumble! Mel Purcell recovers!

7:07 - Rain is pouring now, Hawaii ball at their own 13.

7:08 - Two short runs by Ilaoa. 3rd and 4.

7:12 - Crap, UH gotta punt. But nice tackle by Ikaika Alama-Francis! Nice punt by Kurt Milne too.

7:14 - Yikes, nice pass by Zabranksy. BSU has it on Hawaii's 34.

7:15 - Whoa, almost another long pass, but broken up by Keao Monteilh.

7:15 - Solomon Elimimian makes a nice tackle on Zabransky! 3rd and 12.

7:16 - Yet another breakup by Monteilh!!! BSU gotta punt!

7:20 - Holy crap, Brennan scrambles like a mad man and finds Dickerson for the first down! First down, Hawaii 32.

7:22 - Dammit, Brennan gets picked and BSU takes it to the end zone. Hawaii 10, BSU 7. That's Brennan's second interception.

7:25 - Whoa, Andre Taylor lets the ball bounce on the kickoff, but then he picks it up and almost takes it to the house. Well, not really.

7:27 - Grice-Mullen gets the first down on a leaping catch, but now he's injured. Let's hope he just landed on the ball.

7:29 - Holy crap, nice pass to Davone Bess, over the shoulder catch! Hawaii has it on BSU's 34.

7:32 - Pass interference on BSU, 1st and 10 on Hawaii's 29.

7:33 - Nice out pass to Michael Washington. 3rd and 1. Let's get the first down!

7:35 - Damn, short. Dan Kelly hits the field goal! I likes Dan Kelly. Hawaii 13, BSU 7.

7:37 - Nice tackle by Ryan Keomaka on the kickoff return.

7:38 - Almost a safety on Zabransky! He threw it out of bounds though. 3rd and 10 on BSU's 11.

7:39 - BSU forced to punt! Andre Taylor muffs the punt, but thank God UH recovered.

7:42 - Nice catch by Grice-Mullen for the first down. Hawaii has it on BSU 34. Let's score another touchdown before the half!

7:43 - Ummmm, Brennan just spiked the ball on 2nd and 5. Hmmm.

7:44 - Brennan just puked. And then on the next play TOUCHDOWN pass to Davone Bess!!!!!!!! Hawaii 20, BSU 7!

7:46 - Rare mistake by Dan Kelly, kicks out of bounds on the kickoff. BSU gets it at their own 35 with 1:30 left.

7:50 - BSU 3 and out with the help of two penalties and a SACK BY ALAMA-FRANCIS!!!!

7:53 - UH ball. Tyler Graunke in the game and airs it! But too long. 2nd and 10 on UH 25.

7:54 - Hmmmm, Graunke takes a knee with 16 seconds left, then BSU calls a timeout. So UH has to get the first down or punt. Dickerson for the first down on 4th down! That was kinda scary.

7:57 - Graunke airs it out with 4 seconds left. I think Dan Hawkins pissed off June Jones. Too bad it was batted out of bounds by a BSU defender. End of half. Hawaii 20, BSU 7.

8:18 - Start of second half, Andre Taylor takes it to the 22.

8:19 - Ilaoa powers his way to the UH 29. 2nd and 3.

8:20 - Same play, other side of the field. Ilaoa gets the first down on the Hawaii 34.

8:21 - Yikes, Brennan jumps on his own fumble and I think he gains a yard. 2nd and 14. Woops, then Brennan gets sacked. 3rd and 18 on our own 26.

8:24 - UH punts. BSU has it on their own 30.

8:25 - BSU gets a first down on 3rd and 1 on their 40.

8:29 - Tanuvasa Moe sacks Zabransky! 3rd and 13 on Hawaii's 44.

8:32 - Short gain, but Broncos come up short. Broncos going for it on 4th and 6. Defensive stop!

8:34 - Damn, they get the first down on 4th and 6. BSU on Hawaii's 28.

8:37 - Wow, Zabranksy almost threw a long TD pass, but Lono Manners broke it up! Whew.

8:39 - BSU scores on a fade pass. There goes the defensive shutout. Hawaii 20, BSU 14.

8:43 - Hawaii starts on own 35. Ilaoa runs for 3 yards.

8:45 - Three and out! Not good.

8:46 - BSU scores a touchdown on a 92 yard punt return. Hawaii 20, BSU 21.

8:50 - Three and out once again for Hawaii.

8:51 - BSU muffs the punt! Hawaii recovers on BSU's 45. Woo hoo!!!

8:53 - Nate Ilaoa! Scores on a 37 yard rushing touchdown!!! Hawaii 26, BSU 21.

8:54 - 2 point conversion to Jordan Slye! Hawaii 28, BSU 21.

8:57 - Kamakawiwoole is having a great game. Stops BSU's RB at the line!

8:58 - Boooom!!! Lono Manners breaks up a pass on 3rd and 4! BSU gotta punt, let's hope.

9:07 - Sorry, technical difficulties. BSU just scored a TD. Hawaii 28, BSU 28.

9:15 - Shit, BSU blocked Dan Kelly's field goal and took it back for a touchdown. Hawaii 28, BSU 35. Still have technical difficulties, so no play by play.

9:19 - WOOOHOOOO!!!! Brennan throws a 73 yard touchdown pass to Grice Mullen!!! Hawaii 35, BSU 35. It's a whole new ballgame.

9:32 - BSU just scored again. Hawaii 35, BSU 42.

9:44 - Ummm, Hawaii scores a touchdown on a great pass by Brennan to Grice-Mullen. But the PAT gets blocked and BSU takes it back for a 2 point conversion. Hawaii 41, BSU 44.

9:56 - I don't believe how crazy a game that was. But we lost. FINAL SCORE: Hawaii 41, BSU 44.
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