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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Timmy Chang Released...Again

I guess those bastards just can't appreciate the Chang goodness. The Lions released Timmy today. It was kinda obvious that he didn't have much of a shot to begin with, based on what the coach said, but it's still disappointing. Let's hope he plays in the pros somewhere this year.

UPDATE: The Star-Bulletin offers more details.

Offensive Line

The offensive line is the most important part of Hawaii's offense, or at least I think so, and it looks like we're in pretty good shape.

Ferd Lewis has a game by game prediction of the Warriors' upcoming season. He thinks we'll go 6 and 6. I think we'll go 12 and 0. Ferd Lewis just pulled that column out of his butt, while I consulted the hairy oracle, which is much more reliable, and satisfying.

The Star-Bulletin's Kalani Simpson writes yet another column about his love for Jerry Glanville. Well, maybe it's only the second one, but I've only read two Kalani Simpson columns in the past five months.

The LA Times has USC coach Pete Carroll talking about the upcoming match-up with Hawaii. He says the offense will probably improve from last year. They certainly do sound confident.

WeAreSC has a pretty in-depth and fairly accurate analysis and depth chart of the Hawaii football team. They really highlight the fact that our offense has no returning starters in the skill positions. Guess we'll find out how good "the system" is in the first few games.

And June Jones has invited the World Champion West Oahu Little Leaguers to meet the UH football team before Saturday's game. Let's hope that winning spirit and attitude rubs off a little on the Warriors. We need all the mana we can get. Ho cuz, that was one mean game. Reminded me of when I was in Little League, except I sucked. I'm glad I didn't have to face that Vonn Feʻao kid when I was that age. I would've been shitʻtin.

Monday, August 29, 2005


One of my favorite players, Tony Akpan, is profiled in this Star-Bulletin article. They're trying him out at nose guard. I actually hope he stays on the outside and becomes a sack master this season, a la, Lawrence "Cocaine" Taylor. The same article also has a current starting roster at the bottom of the page.

The Advertiser has an article about the right side slotback position still being somewhat up in the air. It discusses Nate Ilaoa's struggle to get back into shape for the USC game. Let's hope he can do it.

Leonard Peters tells the Star Bulletin about how UH didn't start the fights against Cincinnati and Houston but were just defending themselves. I can believe it. Conference USA is home to a bunch of frustrated kids who weren't good enough to play in the ACC or Big 12. Hey man, people choose to come to Hawaii. Peters also talks about how UH will play more as a team this year. Well, we're 34 point underdogs against USC, so we better!

USC safety Darnell Bing is backing off his comments in which he allegedly said:
"We'll just see how quick the offense scores against Hawai'i. The first play or third play."
He now says the quote was taken out of context. What a pussy. Stand by your comments like a man, Bing-A-Ling!

In NFL news, former UH safety Abraham Elimimian was released by the San Diego Chargers. In better news, for a UH player at least, the same article says that the Jaguars released receiver Troy Edwards, so Chad Owens is pretty much guaranteed a spot on the roster. Right on.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

T to tha C

According to Detroit News, Timmy Chang has signed with the Detroit Lions to be their fifth quarterback. Coach Steve Mariucci kinda hints that Chang won't really be seeing playing time and might get cut anyway.
He could end up on the practice squad if Mariucci likes what he sees from now until the final cuts Sept. 4.

"We're taking a look, if we choose to add another quarterback," Mariucci said. "We want to take a good look at him and see how he learns our offense -- if he's a candidate to bring back at another time. We've seen him play on film in a very exciting offense. He's been productive."
Those motherfuckers, just toying with Timmy's emotions! Well, let's hope they give Timmy chance.

In current Warriors news, June Jones has chosen Jason Ferguson to return punts while freshmen Michael Washington and JoPierre Davis will return kicks. Can't wait to see these guys, especially Washington, who once ran a 4.27 forty.

In USC news, coach Pete Carroll is intrigued by what Jerry Glanville will do on defense. I hope we sack Matt Leinart like twenty times goddammit. Akpan! Akpan! Akpan!

And did anybody see Chad Owens play tonight? He was decent except for the fumble and that mental mistake where he let the punt drop and then he picked it up at the 2 yard line only to step out of bounds. When he was at UH he would every now and then go mento and do something silly like that, especially when he was younger and more crazy. But he made up for it later. Let's hope he gets his mentoness out of the way in the preseason so he can show suckas how it's done on the regulah.

In other news, did you know Michael Bass is now playing for Division I-AA Montana State? When the hell did that happen? Must've been when I was in my coma.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Nate Losing Weight

Nate Ilaoa is apparently getting back into shape and has ascended to first team slotback. It would certainly be great if he could regain his freshman form, especially since so many receivers have gone down with injuries, the latest being Patrick Olchovy with broken ribs.

In other bad news, cornerback Kenny Patton had to have surgery to repair his meniscus. I thought only women had those. In any case, it's looking doubtful he'll be back in time for USC. Man, our offense better be great right out of the blocks because our injured secondary might make it a shoot out.

In better news, defensive lineman Keala Watson might be able to play against USC after battling a blood disorder last year.

And we have a kicker! June Jones has chosen true freshman Dan Kelly to be the starting placekicker. Holy shit. But then again, Jason Elam was a freshman when he kicked that winning field goal to beat number one Iowa all those years ago.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Less Than Two Weeks

I can't wait. Looks like the defense will be more aggressive than last season. Anything would be better than last season. Can't wait to see all the sacks. On the field, not in the locker room. Hopefully all the returning starters will have improved as much as Ikaika Alama-Francis has. June Jones said he's already better than Travis LaBoy was. I really hope June Jones isn't making shit up.

Defensive coordinator Jerry Glanville also coaches special teams and it looks like they're gonna be more aggressive in this area as well, trying to block more kicks and all that good stuff. Should be fun to watch.

Offensively, I'm just glad we have an experienced offensive line, probably the most important part of this offense. They'll give our new quarterbacks more time to find open receivers, pick up blitzes, and so on and so forth. I have a feeling we'll have a good offense this season, despite the lack of experience in the skill positions.

In other news, here's a web site devoted to bratwurst.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Return of Rolovich

As one quarterback exits, another returns, in the form of Young Cody Rolovich, our Rolovich in waiting. His name is actually Jack Rolovich, but tis but a small matter. Also, Nate Ilaoa says he'll be back in shape by the time the USC game rolls around.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Colt Brennan

Looks like there really is a quarterback controversy. Colt Brennan has been lights out in practice lately. Let's see if this steps up Tyler Graunke's game and both can be excellent come gametime.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Week in Review - Three Weeks Away!

Last night I had a nightmare that UH got clobbered by USC. Luckily for us, my dreams never come true!

ESPN has an in-depth, pessimistic and out of date preview of Hawaii's upcoming season. It doesn't list Colt Brennan as one of the top QBs, and has Jeremy Inferrera as one of the go-to offensive linemen, even though he transferred to Utah.

CBS Sportsline has a much less in-depth, yet a little more optimistic preview.

In NFL news, the Cardinals released Timmy Chang. Those bastards. On the flip side, Chad Owens is doing great in Jaguars camp.

At Warriors camp, they're working out the kinks. Ditto, says Stephen Tsai.

The receiving corps is young and injured. Let's hope Ross Dickerson doesn't get fat and out of shape like Nate Ilaoa. I wonder if George Ornellas has any eligibility left?

Woe is Jeff Rhode. Woe is not Colt Brennan.

And of course Dave Reardon and Stephen Tsai gotta write the same story again, this time profiling big running back and hopeful West "The Buffalo" Keliikipi replacement, Laupepa Letuli.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Nate Ilaoa, Etc.

June Jones says Nate Ilaoa might not play this season because he reported to camp totally out of shape and then pulled his hammy in practice. Everybody was counting on Nate to be awesome this season, but I guess he just wanted to eat. Argh. First Jason Rivers falls off his moped, then Nate eats too many loco mocos. Watch, I bet you Samson Satele's gonna get struck by lightning. Things like this always happens in threes.

Dave Reardon has more details about injuries and other things happening in camp.

But let's end on a happy note with a story about graduate assistant Jeff Reinebold, who sounds like one of the most over-qualified grad assistants ever, having recently been a head coach in the CFL and (I think) NFL Europe. He's here for low pay because he wants to coach in Hawaii. In fact, many of the UH coaches, from Mouse Davis to Jerry Glanville, are completely over-qualified, but are here for the love of Hawaii, the UH players and June Jones. That's something really cool and positive about UH football right now, so there's that. And I hope everybody appreciates that. That is until it's time for the Monday morning quarterbacking!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Out of Shape

Uh oh, looks like some of the players spent too much time playing Madden 2005 rather than preparing for USC 2005.

Number one QB Tyler Graunke, who actually finished the 10x220s, recommends vomiting after a hard workout.
"Puking makes everybody feel better," Graunke said. "I puke after I run hard. ... It shows a lot of dedication when someone can throw up and keep going."
I'm sure bulimia advocates will take that quote out of context for their upcoming newsletter.

In other news, I'm rooting for Nate Ilaoa to overcome his injuries and have a great season.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Start of Camp

Honolulu Advertiser has a list and analysis of the players at the start of camp.

Star-Bulletin reports on the players' excitement.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Dave Reardon and Stephen Tsai

Dave and Steve write about the same exact thing again. This time they double team Jerry Glanville.

Chang to Owens

Separate stories on how Timmy and Chad are faring at the start of camp. Chad seems to be doing great, with the help of the local boys. Timmy is just hoping to stay on as the 4th string quarterback. I hope he eventually makes it to 2nd or 3rd string. I'm sure Kurt Warner will get another concussion sooner or later, so Timmy has a good chance. That's a horrible thing to say.
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