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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Warrior News

Last Halloween-related post until next year, I promise. Chawan compiles tonight's news. Kanoa Leahey and Robert Kekaula talk to the players about Halloween and who the scariest player on the team is, and Liz Chun reports on ESPN picking up the Fresno game.

From the Blogs: Halloween Costumes, Wags

From today's Tsaiblog entry, a funny video from Leila Wai, who interviews several Warriors about their Halloween costumes.

And from the Daveblog, former UH head coach Bob Wagner weighs in on the BCS and the schedule.
Getting back to UH in hindsite it probably couldn’t have been set up any better for them. The extra bye(s) gives them a chance to get people healthy for their stretch run, they can polish up areas that they think need extra work, they can get the back ups some good work (help their depth), give the scout team players a chance to play (scrimmage) their own offense and defense (great for overall team morale), everyone can get a little more mentally refreshed, they can spend a little more time preparing for something that one of the remaining teams does that may be unique, and they can put in some new wrinkles in their O, D, and special teams that they may need to win a game down the stretch. They certainly have a wonderful opportunity.

Second Chances

Here's an AP article about the second chances June Jones has given to many of his players.
As payback to Jones and the school, Brennan withdrew from the 2007 NFL draft to return for his senior season. At his announcement, a tearful Brennan said: "I like the person I'm becoming in Hawaii. I want to give back to a school that gave back to me."

"I didn't come back for me," Brennan said in an interview. "If it was about me, I would've left. I came back to give Hawaii a great year and do something special."

Bess also came to Hawaii after being locked, as did St. Louis Rams linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa, who was one of Jones' first recruits.

Tinoisamoa, who spent four months in prison his senior year of high school in southern California, has said playing for Hawaii was the best decision in his life and kept him away from trouble.

"They made mistakes," Jones said. "If they repeated those mistakes, they wouldn't be here. But I knew they were good kids and they've all been good citizens, so I'm proud of them."
Speaking of second chances, if you registered yesterday to vote for Colt for the Davey O'Brien award, today is your "second chance" to vote for him, because you can vote every 24 hours. If you haven't registered yet, below is the link. That Mountain West guy is ahead of Colt again, so you know what to do!

O'Brien Award - Register and vote for our quarterback for The O'Brien National Quarterback Award

Happy Halloween from cc

here's the colt-o-lantern my friend made...

oh yeah, and here's last night's news too.... (see, liz chun is making a scary face right there!)

Fresno on ESPN2, Secondary, Mario Cox, Detmer, Etc.

UPDATE: From the Star-Bulletin, WAC commissioner Karl Benson announced that the UH-Fresno State game will be on ESPN2.

UPDATE 2: Press release from the UH Athletics Department about it.

Ferd Lewis writes that ESPN is expected to announce today that the UH-Fresno game next Friday will be on the network.
While the game will be shown nationally by ESPN, it will be viewable in Hawai'i only through the existing KFVE/Oceanic Time Warner Cable pay-per-view package, parties involved have said.

When ESPN did not select the game in June as part of its contracted Western Athletic Conference package, KFVE included it in its pay-per-view offerings and a Fresno station secured the rights in its area. But when ESPN came back Monday and asked to pick up the game above the five allowable games from one school, UH and Fresno State agreed only if their local rights holders were protected.
The article also discusses the WAC and UH's relationship with ESPN and how generally games are not blacked out in local areas.

Even before this Fresno deal, UH was set to be on ESPN for the final three games of the season. Brian McInnis writes about how the Warriors have a chance to make a big impression with these games on national TV.
"I think this is a great, great opportunity for kids across the country, who're giving letters and who're interested in Hawaii, to get a peek at us firsthand," Bess said.

"Players would see how family-oriented we are and how we play together," added junior safety Erik Robinson, a Texan who had never seen Hawaii on national TV.
With the season-ending injury to Keao Monteilh, Stephen Tsai writes how the secondary might shake out during the days leading up to the Fresno game.
Defensive coordinator Greg McMackin said Desmond Thomas will replace Monteilh as the free safety in the Warriors' base defense for the next game, Nov. 10 against Fresno State. Jacob Patek is the strong safety.

But after that, it gets murky. With a bye this weekend, the Warriors are using this week's practices to audition Dane Kealoha Porlas, Ryan Mouton, Erik Robinson and Spencer Smith as the third safety.

"They have a lot of good qualities," said Rich Miano, who coaches the secondary.
Stephen Tsai had a blog post regarding the importance Monteilh had as the "orchestrator of the defensive secondary". He'll definitely be missed.

Also from that post (and today's article) is news that Mario Cox has been dismissed from the team.
June Jones said it would be "accurate and fair" to report that Cox is no longer on the team, but that he will remain on scholarship as long as he is in good academic standing.
Jones acknowledged there is no chance Cox will return to the team this season.
Jones declined further comment.
But people familiar with the situation said Cox violated Jones' three-strike rule involving missed classes, meetings or assignments.
Sorry to hear that. He seemed like he was right on the cusp of making a big impact. Let's hope he'll be able to turn it around and get another chance.

Herman Frazier tells McInnis that the probe into allegations by Ian Sample has been completed, but still needs to be reviewed.
"I would say that the (review) committee (faculty athletic representative Peter Nicholson, vice chancellor on campus Ron Cambra, and compliance coordinator Bill Bryant) did a thorough job on looking at everything that was available to them," Frazier said. "So at this point we're going to have to wait and see how the chancellor (Virginia Hinshaw) feels about it, and have a statement after she's had a chance to review."
And finally, Ferd Lewis talks to career touchdown record-holder Ty Detmer about the charging Colt Brennan.
"I figured I'd be getting a call here real quick," Detmer laughed from Texas, where news that Brennan is but three touchdowns away from breaking the career mark of 121 touchdowns finds him regularly these days. "My friends, here, they like to keep those (reminders) coming. They tell me my records are falling left and right."
"It will be one of the last major ones to go," Detmer said. "Any of the career marks, especially, mean a lot. It shows what you've done over a long period of time. It shows that it wasn't just a one-year flash-in-the-pan type of thing."
Classy guy. I remember when he had nice things to say (and a recorded congratulations message) when Timmy Chang broke his yardage record.

Happy Halloween!

Picture and helmet-o-lantern courtesy of D44Boy


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Colt on College Football Live

Great interview with Colt Brennan on ESPN's College Football Live.

ESPN's John Saunders, Jesse Palmer and Joe Schad have great things to say about Colt and UH. Thanks to UHBows for uploading this.

Vote for Colt

The Davey O'Brien Award website is giving fans a chance to vote for the finalists and winner of their prestigious quarterback award. Sure, the fan vote only counts towards 5% of the final tally, but that's a big 5%, especially with how close the race will probably be. Currently, Todd Reesing of Kansas, Tim Tebow of Florida and Shaun Carney of Air Force (!) are ahead of Colt, with Graham Harrell of Texas Tech close behind. Below is a link to register and vote for Colt! You can vote once a day. Be there!

O'Brien Award - Register and vote for our quarterback for The O'Brien National Quarterback Award

UPDATE: As of 3:49pm HST, Colt is now in third place, passing Air Force's Shaun Carney. It's a long climb to Tebow and Reesing, so keep it up Warrior Nation! Ask aunty and tutu to vote too!

UPDATE 2: Uh oh, tied up again. Seriously, you gonna let someone from the Mountain West Conference beat Colt?

NMSU Pictures

Orlando from UHWarriorfan.com has uploaded a whole bunch of pictures from the New Mexico State game to his 2007 gallery. New pics are towards the bottom. Some samples:

Colt scans the field...

There is no facemask.

Stephanie Lum and Vili

Sportshawaii.com has pictures from the NMSU game and tailgate in their image gallery.

And the Rainbows PBase site has photos from the game as well.

Keao Monteilh, The Board, Colt, Fresno on ESPN?

Stephen Tsai writes about Keao Monteilh's season-ending injury.
A CAT scan yesterday showed the fracture to the left scapula, or shoulder blade.

Monteilh said he was told he could not start a rehabilitation program until "the bone attaches."
Jason Kaneshiro talks to Monteilh, who remains positive.
"I'll still go out there and help and support the guys," Monteilh said yesterday after an examination confirmed he suffered a fracture in his left shoulder suffered in last Saturday's game against New Mexico State, ending his junior season.

"It won't be fun sitting out and just watching. But as long as I get a (WAC championship) ring and the boys get it done I'll be happy. And it's an opportunity for someone else to get in there."
Also from Kaneshiro's article are injury reports on Rustin Saole, who will miss three weeks, and Leon Wright-Jackson, who shouldn't miss any time. And Greg McMackin says that the defense got a perfect score against NMSU, according to the big board:
For 14 years, the UH defensive coordinator has displayed a list of nine goals for the defense. Until Saturday, no team had filled all nine items in a game.

"I had the Miami Hurricanes who were No. 1 in the country in total defense, passing defense and scoring defense, and there was always one or two that we didn't get done," McMackin said. "That was a special effort. I've had some really good teams and nobody's accomplished that."
Stephen Tsai has more details about the board.
While his Miami defenses were topping NCAA statistical charts, McMackin decided he wanted a more precise barometer. That's when he crafted a list in which the goals are: to win; hold opponents to no more than 17 points, 3.4 yards per rush, and 37-percent-conversion rate on third down; not allow a rush of more than 19 yards or a completed pass of more than 29 yards; not relinquish a touchdown after a UH turnover; force at least three turnovers, and score a defensive touchdown.
He said it was a better gauge to use rushing average instead of rushing total. It is noteworthy that none of the goals involve total yards.

"Turnovers are the big thing," said Adam Leonard, who has scored on two of his four interception returns this year. "We put a lot of focus on how we play on third down, and making those key stops."
Ferd Lewis has the scoop on negotiations between UH, Fresno, the WAC, and ESPN to have the game on national TV.
The main parties — UH, Fresno State, ESPN and the Western Athletic Conference — are scheduled to hold a conference call today to iron out details.
If ESPN does show the Nov. 10 game, the date and time (6:05 p.m.) would likely remain the same, but ESPN will be blacked out in Hawai'i and Fresno.

No matter what happens, UH officials said the game will only be available in Hawai'i via the KFVE/Oceanic pay-per-view package as originally scheduled. "Nothing changes for our fans," McNamara said.
Jason Kaneshiro writes about Colt Brennan's WAC Player of the Week Award, while Brennan gives credit to his teammates.
"As a QB that's kind of how it goes," Brennan said yesterday. "When you lose you get the finger pointed at you, when you win everybody gives you a lot of credit. If you watched the game, I had unbelievable play by my receivers, especially Ryan (Grice-Mullins), he had a tremendous day.
"Davone (Bess) had two touchdowns and another big game, Jason Rivers dominated on the outside in man coverage, the O-line did a great job of picking everything up," Brennan said. "It was a great day for the team and I feel like we got back on track and got back to our comfort level and it's a great first step in this last chapter of our season."
Here's an AP article covering Monday's press conference.
Brennan, one of the most accurate passers in NCAA history, struggled his first games back from the ankle injury, throwing a flurry of interceptions.

"Because I struggled early on, everybody's kind of written me off," Brennan said. "I don't think people realize that I'm really hungry and I'm about to have a run that I'm really excited about."
Ferd Lewis has a column about the lack of sellouts this year.
If all goes well, the Warriors could finish with three consecutive sellouts, which would be a school record. Altogether appropriate in this season of record setting. Overdue, too.

Indeed, the wonder is why it has taken so long. Yes, we know traffic can be tough, parking a hassle and pay-per-view invites staying home or wedging into a gathering. Tickets aren't as affordable as they once were. And the WAC's shifting membership hasn't made it easy identifying with opponents or building rivalries. But it sure seemed like we were past a lot of that last year when the Warriors went on that nine-game winning streak and sold out for Oregon State and worked over Arizona State.
And finally, Paul Arnett, the new Sidelines columnist (?), writes about taking it one game at a time.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday News, Injury Reports

Chawan compiles news reports from KHON's Kanoa Leahey, KHNL's time-travelin teenage Timmy Chang doppelganger Jason Tang, KGMB's Liz Chun, and KITV's Robert Kekaula.

Lots of great quotes from Colt Brennan from the Monday press conference, but there was also some bad news to report about injuries to Keao Monteilh and Rustin Saole. Stephen Tsai has some details on his blog:
Starting safety Keao Monteilh today confirmed that he will miss the rest of the regular season after being diagnosed with a fractured left scapula.
Rehab is six to eight weeks.
Desmond Thomas will replace Monteilh as the No. 1 left safety.

* * *

Rustin Saole, a senior linebacker and key member of the special teams, has a partially torn medial collateral ligament — not a torn anterior cruciate ligament, as feared — and will need three weeks to rehabilitate. With a bye this weekend and the Fresno State game the following week, there is a possibility he could return in time for the Nov. 16 road game against Nevada.

Boise Game Sold Out

And the Fresno and Washington tickets are going fast!
General-public tickets for the University of Hawai`i football team's game against Boise State on Friday, Nov. 23, at 4:05 p.m. at 50,000-seat Aloha Stadium are sold out. Less than 300 UH student tickets remain for the contest, which will be televised on ESPN 2.
Less than 11,000 general-public tickets remain for the Fresno State (Nov. 10) game and fewer than 8,000 remain for the Washington (Dec. 1) game.

Fans are encouraged to buy tickets online at HawaiiAthletics.com and print them on their home computers. Tickets can also be purchased at the locations listed above. For any questions please call the UH Ticket Office at (808) 956-4482.
Time is running out if you want to... Be there!

Colt is Davey O'Brien Semi-Finalist

Colt Brennan has been named one of 15 semi-finalists for the Davey O'Brien Award.
University of Hawai'i quarterback Colt Brennan is one of 15 semi-finalists for the Davey O'Brien Award, presented to the nation's top quarterback.
The list of finalists will be announced in November with the winner awarded in December. The 2007 season marks the first time in The O'Brien history that fans will have a say in the voting. The top three fan vote recipients will be added to the semifinalist list. During the finalist and winner rounds of voting the fan vote will count as 5%

Warriors on Yahoo

Just saw Colt on Yahoo's main page. It might not be there anymore, so here's a screen capture.

And here's the accompanying article about Hawaii's BCS chances, from Mike Huguenin of Rivals.com.
The top seven teams in the BCS standings remained the same, but an interloper, if you will, continues to move up the list.

Ohio State, Boston College and LSU remained first, second and third, but it's the team at No. 14 – Hawaii – that is notable. Despite being unranked by five of the six computers used in the standings, the Warriors moved up three spots this week because of their high standing in the media polls.

Hawaii, which mauled New Mexico State 50-13 on Saturday night, is 10th in the Harris Interactive poll and 11th in the USA Today coaches' poll.
Just gotta keep on interloping.

C&K Show, June Jones Show

The C&K Show was at the NMSU game, visiting various tailgates, interviewing people including Scott from Sportshawaii.com. Here's Part 1, wooooo!

And here's Part 2, which includes an interview with former UH player David Maeva and some highlights from the game.

Irse has the June Jones Show up in Windows Media format. This week's episode includes in-studio interviews with June and Colt Brennan.

And OBhawaii has it up on Youtube. Here's Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

As always, thanks to these great fans.

Colt POTW, UH D, Replay, 14th, ESPN? Keao

Colt Brennan is the WAC's offensive player of the week.
Brennan, a senior from Irvine, Calif. (Saddleback CC), completed 29-of-46 passes for 425 yards and six touchdowns in Hawai‘i’s 50-13 win over New Mexico State. He also rushed four times for 13 yards. It was the fourth time this season he has thrown for more than 400 yards. The six touchdown passes gives him 119 in his career, two shy of tying the NCAA record of 121 set by Brigham Young’s Ty Detmer.
Stephen Tsai writes that safety Keao Monteilh may be out for the season with a shoulder injury.
But Monteilh has been told he probably suffered a fracture in his left socket.

"If that's the case, I'm probably out for the season," he said.

Monteilh said the recovery period for a socket injury is "six to eight weeks."
McMackin said: "It's a shame. It's disappointing. He's had such a great year. He's sort of the quarterback of our secondary. He makes the calls. He gets everybody organized. He's real valuable. He plays the nickel. He plays the safety."
Let's hope for the best. And let's hope that NMSU QB Chase Holbrook's injury isn't too serious either. Teddy Feinberg of the Las Cruces Sun-News writes that he may miss this week's game due to a head injury suffered during the UH game. Feinberg also has a game review by NMSU coach Hal Mumme, who talks about facing the UH defense.
Mumme said that Hawaii ran exotic blitz packages and even dropped defensive ends into coverage to curtail NMSU's penchant for throwing screen passes to its wide receivers. The Warriors came off a bye week prior to Saturday's game and Mumme said that the added time off was apparent in Hawaii's preparation for the Aggies.

"I thought they were better than they looked on film," Mumme said of the Warriors. "They did have 15 days to get well and we had four. They're definitely a great team and have great speed. Their front was a lot more physical than I gave them credit for. I don't know if some of that was because we played like we were asleep, but they still played well."
Dave Reardon writes about the UH defense's game plan and performance against NMSU.
The Warriors did exactly what they planned to do on defense: limit big plays and cause turnovers.

"Coach's scheme was to limit the drag routes and pressure the quarterback," said linebacker Solomon Elimimian, who was in on nine tackles and broke up two passes -- including a tip that turned into a Keao Monteilh interception. "We got a couple hits on him and it affected him. Everybody arrived at the ball.

"We felt we knew what they were going to do, and we adjusted properly."
Also from the article: coverage of the BCS rankings, Colt's AT&T award nomination, and this week's Warrior Replay. Here's #4, the "bloggers' choice":
4. Revving up the RGM

The Setup: Hawaii 16, New Mexico State 0, around 3:30 remaining, second quarter, Hawaii ball, first and 10 at New Mexico State 42.
The Play: Brennan swings a short pass to SB Ryan Grice-Mullins in the right flat. Grice-Mullins secures the ball and jets to the outside, down the sideline for a 42-yard touchdown. WR C.J. Hawthorne enables the TD with a sustained block downfield.
The Impact: Grice-Mullins was open all night, but dropped three passes in the first half. He still ended up with a career outing, catching 13 passes for 195 yards and three TDs.
Grice-Mullins: "Once I'm on the field, I believe no one can guard me one-on-one. I know that is how all of our receivers are."
Ferd Lewis writes about Hawaii's new BCS ranking.
"All the attrition has helped Hawai'i tremendously," said Jerry Palm, whose Web site, www.CollegeBCS.com, closely parallels the BCS standings. "They are much higher in the (BCS standings) than they had any right to expect, even by the end of the season, let alone the end of October."

Two weeks ago Palm estimated UH's chances of cracking the top 12 at "50/50" by season's end. Yesterday, he said, "Now, they have a pretty good chance of getting in, if they win out."

Western Athletic Conference commissioner Karl Benson said, "we have to be pretty pleased where they are at this point. If they continue to win and have convincing victories, they are going to get there (12th).
There's also a very very interesting note at the bottom of that article.
ESPN eyeing UH-FSU game
Advertiser Staff

The Western Athletic Conference said it expects ESPN to ask today to add the Nov. 10 Hawai'i-Fresno State football game to its cable schedule.
If agreed upon, it would mean all five of the unbeaten Warriors' final games, including postseason, will be televised nationally.
Lots of logistics I'm sure, with Oceanic and everything. Maybe they can compromise and have Jim Leahey call the game, awww yeah. That would be too cool.

Back to the BCS ranking, Ferd cautions not to pop the champagne just yet.
But it would be premature — not to mention practically kicking the shins of fate — to start planning that January trip to the Sugar Bowl or Fiesta Bowl just yet.

While UH has rocketed up in the BCS standings, there remains much still to be negotiated. For one thing, while none of UH's victims currently is .500 or better, three of the final four are. And while the Warriors have benefitted hugely from teams above them getting knocked off, the danger from here on out comes from teams below suddenly leapfrogging them. Three from last week — Georgia, Michigan and Connecticut — did. A couple more, Texas and Alabama, are poised to do it this week while UH is idle. USC, Florida and Wisconsin also lurk, strength of schedule decidedly in their favor.
One game at a time...

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Video: NMSU, BCS Coverage

Chawan Cut compiled the news, but there was so much, he had to split it into two. Lots of highlights from the NMSU game and sound bites from the post-game news conference, as well as some discussion of the new rankings.

KITV's Rob DeMello and KGMB's Mike Cherry:

KHNL's Stephen Florino and KHON's John Veneri:

Warriors in the Pros

Travis Laboy had a good game against the Raiders.
Culpepper completed just 15 of 32 passes for 167 yards and one pick under consistent pressure from a swarming Titans front four. Leading the way was defensive end Travis LaBoy, who posted two sacks, one forced fumble and a fumble recovery.
Ashley Lelie had 3 catches for 20 yards in another 49er loss.
Ashley Lelie had three catches for 20 yards while taking Jackson's spot in the starting lineup. Smith and Lelie seemed out of sync, with Smith's throws sailing over Lelie's head at least three times.

"We just need to get some big plays in a row to build our confidence," Lelie said. "Anything to get some kind of momentum rolling. Every time we get some momentum, we don't capitalize on it, or we shoot ourselves in the foot."
Lelie's teammate Isaac Sopoaga had 2 tackles.

Pisa Tinoisamoa had 4 tackles against the Browns.

In London, Reagan Mauia had one catch for no gain, and fumbled out of bounds.

Ikaika Alama-Francis was declared inactive again. But this article from a few days ago has some reasons for that, along with an update on Ikaika's progress, with quotes from coach Rod Marinelli.
Detroit Lions Daily Update, October 24: On DE Ikaika Alama-Francis' development: "He's coming along really good. I like where he's at. We're deep (at defensive end). We've got some depth right now. I think we've got a really, really good young player coming."
On if he's working with Alama-Francis on technique: "Oh yeah, especially if, like when we're playing the Bears and Tampa, it's our defense. So he can get great work. He's got a great attitude, a great motor and he's going to keep developing."
And tomorrow night, Jason Elam's Broncos play the Packers.

Hawaii #14 in BCS Rankings

According to CFN, Hawaii moves up three spots and is ranked #14 in this week's BCS Rankings.

Great news, especially since UH got zero points from the computers again. As long as these numbers are correct.

UPDATE: Looks like it's good. Woo hoo! Here's the BCS rankings from ESPN (and from Fox). Like last time, only one of the six computer polls gave us any points, but that one's automatically eliminated because only the middle four are taken into account. Just gotta keep winning...

Hawaii Ranked #11 in USA Today Coaches Poll (#12 in AP, #10 in Harris)

Bumped to add AP poll.

Bumped again with release of Harris Poll.

UH moves up three spots to #11 in the USA Today Coaches Poll. Great news! More polls to come.

UPDATE: UH moves up four spots to #12 in the AP Poll.

UPDATE 2: UH moves up four spots to #10 in the Harris Poll. Here's a PDF press release of the poll. Top 10, baby!

UH vs NMSU Wrap-Ups

The Advertiser has game stats and a scoring breakdown.

Stephen Tsai gets some players' reactions to going 8-0.
"It's an awesome feeling," said Brennan, a third-year Warrior who has watched the ascent from 5-7 in 2005.

"We've come a long way," Brennan added. "To think about my first year, to be 8-0 right now ... and, to be honest with you, I feel the season is just getting started."
"It feels great," said weakside linebacker Adam Leonard, who led the Warriors with 10 tackles, two backfield tackles and an interception. "We have to focus on our next game so we can be 1-0 against our next opponent."
Dave Reardon's wrap-up gets reaction from NMSU coach Hal Mumme.
"I think Hawaii is a really good team," NMSU coach Hal Mumme said after losing to UH for the third time in as many years.

"They're fast and they're a lot bigger than I thought they'd be. I thought they'd be a lot smaller without (Melila) Purcell and those other guys."
Jason Kaneshiro writes about the performance of the UH defense.
"We knew they were going to get passing yards, but the way we played tonight, I was just amazed," said safety Desmond Thomas. "We came with what our coach calls a 'kick-A' attitude."

NMSU's upset hopes were stifled early on as the UH defense's first six appearances resulted in two interceptions off tipped passes, two punts and two fourth-down stops, as they accomplished a few of their goals along the way.

"We wanted to get turnovers. We wanted to make them earn what they got, and play good on third- and fourth-down situations," UH defensive coordinator Greg McMackin said after watching the defense allow NMSU to convert on only five of 16 third-down chances and one of four fourth-down attempts.
Stacy Kaneshiro also writes about the UH defense.
Early in the second quarter, a UH punt pinned the Aggies to their 14. Defensive end Karl Noa dropped Holbrook for a 14-yard loss, causing a fumble that was recovered by another Aggie. On the next play, he helped box in Holbrook to allow Leonard to make a sack for a 2-yard loss, making it fourth-and-16 from the 7. That led to the Aggies punting from their end zone and Myron Newberry's 29-yard return to the NMSU 12 that set up Dan Kelly's 27-yard field goal for a 16-0 lead.

"I basically came in free because Adam (Leonard) did a good job of picking up two guys," Noa said of his sack.
Michael Tsai writes about Dan Kelly missing two PAT attempts after making 50 in a row.
"Tonight was a little out of character," Kelly said. "It's ironic (that the miss came against the Aggies) but it's not anything that anybody else is doing. It happens and it's all on me."

Kelly's 50 consecutive makes is a school record. Jason Elam is second with 46.

"I never plan to miss one and I don't plan to miss another one for the rest of my time here and, if I play professionally, for the rest of my career."
Also from that article, JoPierre Davis talks about his pick six, and KHNL anchor Stephanie Lum's Job Swap with Vili the Warrior is discussed. The Star-Bulletin's Extra Photo Coverage has a picture of her in full regalia. Chawan Cut, cue your machine!

Billy Hull writes about Ryan Grice-Mullins' big night.
Twice, he had drops on simple out routes where nobody was within 5 yards of him.

"It's something I don't do," Grice-Mullins said. "I was too anxious to get up field and start running. I've got to catch it first."

But it was basically the same route that Grice-Mullins scored his second touchdown on as he finally held onto the ball and found plenty of room in front of him to scamper down the sidelines for the 42-yard score.

That play was the perfect example of what distinguishes the junior standout from other receivers, according to Lee.

"He's so fast," Lee said. "That was just a 3-yard route and like that he took it all the way."
Nick Abramo gets reaction from some Aggies players as well more from Hal Mumme.
"Not doing anything with those turnovers was indicative of our whole night," NMSU coach Hal Mumme said. "We did not play together as a team at all. We'd have 10 guys out there playing and one who didn't want to play. Or we'd have somebody that didn't want to make a hit or a block or didn't want to catch the ball.

"We played offense a little. We played defense a little. And we got our asses kicked by a great football team. There's no excuses. It was bad coaching and bad playing."
The Star-Bulletin Notebook has the streaks and records being approached, tied or broken by Colt Brennan, Davone Bess and Jason Rivers. There's also injury reports on Keao Monteilh, Desmond Thomas and Jacob Patek.

Brian McInnis writes about superstitions, rituals and traditions some of the UH players have.

Michael Tsai writes about Colt Brennan's performance.
Despite his impressive stats, Brennan's performance was admittedly uneven — a fact that he attributes to a solid defensive scheme by the Aggies.

"The came out with different zone looks, they tried all-out blitzes and they did a really good job of disguising their defenses," he said.

"They were tough, but we did what we had to do and our defense came out and did a great job, too."

Said head coach June Jones: "Colt was not at his best tonight, but six touchdowns is still pretty good."
Paul Arnett writes about Colt Brennan, his ankle, and what he's looking forward to.
What Colt has done the past several weeks on a suspect right ankle keeps alive Hawaii's dreams of playing on a BCS stage. Having another bye week also allows that tender ankle to toughen for a difficult stretch drive that includes home games with Boise State and Washington.

"To be honest with you, it seems like we got the job done the first eight games and now the real season starts vs. Fresno," Brennan said. "My ankle still hurts, that's just the way it is. I got leg-whipped and stepped on, but hey, I played through it."
Ferd Lewis writes that the UH players feel they should improve even more going forward.
"We still haven't played our best game — not even close," Grice-Mullins said. "I don't think we've hit our stride yet," Brennan said. "We came closer today but you could see our defense gave us a ton of opportunities to score and we kind of messed up some of those opportunities."

To a man, the Warriors will tell you that in many cases the only people who have stopped them this season have been, well, themselves. That's not arrogance so much as an understanding of what they should be capable of and how lofty the bar has been set on their goals.
Pretty scary!

Going back to Reardon's article, here's a quote from Colt Brennan to wrap it up.
UH now has a bye before hosting Fresno State on Nov. 10. Brennan said the Warriors want to approach the final four regular-season games with a looser mind-set.

"Right now I think our throttle is in neutral," Brennan said. "Our mentality's about to switch to full-on attack. We've got nothing to lose. It's not about making mistakes, it's about kicking butts."
Awww yeah.

Colt Nominated

Colt Brennan is one of four players nominated for the AT&T All-America Player of the Week Award.
Four nominees for the AT&T All-America Player of the Week award have been announced after the ninth week of college football action, and now it’s up to the fans to determine the winner. NC State wide receiver Donald Bowens, University of Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan, University of Texas running back Jamaal Charles and University of Colorado corner back Terrence Wheatley have been selected by ESPN as this week’s top candidates based on their outstanding performances. Fans can determine the winner by sending the text message VOTE to 87654 from a wireless phone.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hawaii 50, New Mexico State 13

Great win by the Warriors. Excellent performance by the UH defense, forcing turnovers and pressuring Chase Holbrook all night. The UH offense is starting to find its footing and turning it on as the tough final games loom on the horizon. But for now, another bye week! I'll post links to game wrap-ups as they come up...

UPDATES: Here's a post-game wrap-up from the Advertiser.

Fun stats of the night: Ryan Grice-Mullins ended up with 13 catches for 195 and 3 TDs, overcoming a case of the dropsies early on.

Here's a wrap-up from Sports Network, which has more stats:
Brennan has now thrown for 2,820 yards with 26 touchdowns and 11 interceptions this season.
Here's an AP article from the ESPN site.
The Aggies used a no-huddle offense all game, but was stymied by the Warriors' blitzing defense. New Mexico State threatened to score in the first quarter, but Adam Leonard intercepted a pass at the Hawaii 16.

Hawaii's defense also held the Aggies on fourth-and-4 from the Hawaii 7 late in the game.

Holbrook had success moving New Mexico State but the offense sputtered in the red zone.
Fun stats of the night II: Time of possession battle -- New Mexico State 38:59, Hawaii 21:01

Ways to Follow the UH vs NMSU Game

Bumped. Gametime soon!

In Hawaii:

Buy tickets to the game. Here's some parking and bus info from the Advertiser. Also some free shuttle info for UH-Manoa students.

Watch it live on Oceanic PPV at home. K5 will repeat it the next morning.

This list from the Oceanic cable website has a list of bars and establishments showing the game live. This Advertiser page has addresses and phone numbers for some of them.

Listen to 1420 on the AM dial.

In and Outside of Hawaii:

Streaming video via HTSportsnet.com. You'll need Windows Media Player or an equivalent. It costs $9.95 for the game.

Streaming audio via ESPN 1420.

Streaming audio and game stats via Yahoo Sports' GameChannel (click on the "New Mexico St." link). You need Internet Explorer and a Yahoo login.

Live online stats from Internet Consulting Services via the UH website. You can also check out online stats from ESPN's Scoreboard, which should have a "Gamecast" link during the game. Or try CBS Sportsline's scoreboard for a "Gamecenter" link.

Please comment below if you find any other ways to follow the action online or elsewhere. I'll add to the list as gametime approaches. Thank you and....


BCS Scoreboard: 10/27/07

Here are some results of games involving teams in the BCS rankings. The results in red indicate teams that have won, green for teams that have lost. I'll update the results and team records as the day goes on. Lots of teams ahead of UH lost, but lots of teams behind UH won. Very interesting!

BCS Rank
Team Result
Ohio State (9-0)
WIN @ Penn State
2 Boston College (8-0)
WIN @ #8 Virginia Tech
3 LSU (7-1)
4 Arizona State (8-0)
WIN vs #21 Cal
5 Oregon (7-1)
WIN vs #12 USC
6 Oklahoma (7-1)
7 West Virginia (7-1)
WIN @ Rutgers
8 Virginia Tech (6-2)
LOSS vs #2 Boston College
9 Kansas (8-0)
WIN @ Texas A&M
10 South Florida (6-2)
LOSS @ #23 Connecticut
11 Florida(5-3) LOSS vs #18 Georgia
USC (6-2)
LOSS at #5 Oregon
Missouri (7-1)
WIN vs Iowa State
Kentucky (6-3)
LOSS vs Mississippi St.
Virginia (7-2)
LOSS @ NC State
South Carolina (6-2)
LOSS @ Tennessee
17 HAWAII (8-0)
Georgia (6-2)
WIN vs #11 Florida
Texas (7-2)
WIN vs Nebraska
Michigan (7-2)
WIN vs Minnesota
California (5-3)
LOSS @ #4 Arizona State
Auburn (6-3)
WIN vs Ole Miss
Connecticut (7-1)
WIN vs #10 S. Florida
Alabama (6-2)
Penn State (6-3)
LOSS vs #1 Ohio State

PreGame: UH vs NMSU

Orlando from UHWarriorFan.com has some uploaded pictures from this week's practices for your viewing pleasure.

Here's the UH Athletics Department's PDF press release for tonight's game. It has rosters, info, news, notes, stats, all kinds of stuff.

And Warriorshaka.com got a bunch of new posts.

Hugh Yoshida writes about the importance of ‘Ahahui Koa Ānuenue.

Dan Robinson responds to a UH critic, and discusses the BCS.

June Jones' foreword from the imminent Hawaii Warrior Football book is excerpted in the Ask Coach section.

And here's a book excerpt about Nick Rolovich.

Bruddah Steve, if you have an excerpt from your book about making poi auntie style, I will post it here too.

GameDay: Hawaii vs New Mexico State

Air wars! Homecoming! Only game in a 28-day span!

Stephen Tsai's preview has offensive, defensive and special teams breakdowns and probable starting lineups. Here's an excerpt about Malcolm Lane returning kicks:
The unpredictable Dennis Mc-Knight, who co-coordinates kick returns, has this prediction: "I don't think guys will kick (Lane) the ball the rest of the year. I wouldn't kick it to him. I would kick it to somebody else." With seven returns in seven games, Lane does not meet the minimum of 1.2 per game to earn a listing in the NCAA statistics. Lane has two returns for touchdowns, and he is averaging 46.0 yards per runback — 9.9 more than the credited NCAA leader, Fresno State's A.J. Jefferson. On the five returns Lane did not take to the house, UH's average drive started on its 39.
Here's an interesting and related excerpt from this preview by Teddy Feinberg of the Las Cruces Sun-News.
NMSU will have to iron out some wrinkles if they hope to give the Warriors a fight. The Aggies' special teams have been rocky, particularly on kickoff coverage. Idaho returned two kickoffs deep into NMSU territory last week, one which set up a touchdown. The Aggies can not afford to put the Warriors on a short field or the touchdowns will quickly pile up.

"Yeah, that was not good," Mumme said of the team's kicking performance following the Idaho game. "We're kind of pulling our hair out in terms of finding out how to do it right. We'll go back to the drawing board there."
Very interesting.

Dave Reardon's preview has lineups, stats, breakdowns, and this key matchup:
No need to worry about New Mexico State's running game, right?


"First down they run 50 percent of the time. Second down they run 50 percent of the time," Hawaii defensive coordinator Greg McMackin said. "They keep you off balance."

Especially with star receiver Chris Williams out, the Aggies will mix in the run often to keep pressure off quarterback Chase Holbrook.

Tonny Glynn has emerged as one of the better running backs in the WAC. Last week against Idaho he rushed for 88 yards on 11 carries and scored two touchdowns as the Aggies won 45-31.

"They're running the ball and they've run well against everybody so far," UH coach June Jones said. "We have to limit their big plays. They make a lot of big plays."
Here's a preview from the AP's Jaymes Song, with more love from NMSU coach Hal Mumme:
``Maybe around the country we're not given credit for being 7-0, but I think that will change if we don't look ahead, play hard every play and ... keep winning,'' Hawaii coach June Jones said.

Aggies coach Hal Mumme said the Warriors don't get the recognition they deserve. He said Jones shouldn't be faulted for Hawaii's schedule that features two Football Championship Subdivision (formerly Division I-AA) teams.

``It's not his fault nobody wants to go to Hawaii to play,'' Mumme said. ``I think they ought to be a lot higher than they are and Colt Brennan should be in the Heisman Trophy race.''
Mumme said Brennan's interceptions shouldn't affect his Heisman chances, as some have suggested.

``How many teams throw 75 times a game? That's like three games for most people. If somebody threw four picks in three games, nobody would say a word,'' Mumme said. ``The bottom line is he's got his team 7-0 and how many other quarterbacks in the nation can say that?''
Stephen Tsai has an article pointing out some of the similarities between the teams.
"The facilities are a lot better," Holbrook said. "The locker room was redone. We've got new meeting rooms. We just got a JumboTron. Coach (Mumme) said if we start winning, it'll only improve."
Wait a minute, is today opposite day? Sorry, here's the correct excerpt:
One of the football opponents has a productive passing offense, is led by coaches with pro-football experience, has a student band that will play during tonight's homecoming game, and has earned a reputation for performing a pre-game haka.

The other team is Hawai'i.

New Mexico State and UH are mirror images in style and goals, although they are in different stages of development.
Because of injuries, NMSU hasn't exploded like some had expected this year, but they're oh so close. It'll be a great game tonight, and with Chase Holbrook back, a great test for the UH defense. GO WARRIORS!!!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday night news,,,,

game day tomorrow!!!

NMSU, Injuries, Cameron, Lelie

Chawan Cut compiled NMSU previews from KHON's Kanoa Leahey and KGMB's Liz Chun:

June Jones says that Ryan Mouton will play.
"He's going to play in the game," Jones said of Mouton, who missed the last two with a sprained knee. "We'll spot him."
Also from that Dave Reardon article, Colt Brennan talks about playing NMSU:
"As a quarterback, I don't know if I look forward to being in a situation where the other team has the potential to score a lot of points," Brennan said. "You just have to go in there trying to outplay them. From the offensive standpoint, they're talented and we're talented. You're probably going to see a lot of yards and a lot of points."

Brennan set passing records last season and was sixth in the Heisman Trophy balloting. But he still gets labeled by some as a quarterback who benefits from a passing system. So he has empathy for Holbrook, who suffers from the same stigma.

"Obviously he's a kid who is a lot better quarterback than he gets credit for," Brennan said.
Stephen Tsai writes that running backs Kealoha Pilares and Leon Wright-Jackson, who are nursing knee injuries, will play.
Pilares suffered a sprained medial collateral ligament in his right knee in the Oct. 12 game against San Jose State. Wright-Jackson incurred a sore right knee when he was tackled by safety Erik Robinson during Wednesday's team drills.

Both vowed to play tomorrow.
Tsai also gives a preview of where Cameron Allen-Jones may be playing next year:
Indeed, that appears to be the future for Allen-Jones, who is expected to compete next year as the successor to Hercules Satele or Larry Sauafea, both senior offensive guards.

"I think he has all of the tools to play guard," offensive line coach Dennis McKnight said of the third-year sophomore from Aberdeen, Md.

"He has good athleticism," McKnight added. "He's quick. He's agile. He's strong. He'll be a good trapper."
There are also injury updates on Dane Porlas, Desmond Thomas, Camron Carmona and Daniel Otineru.

And finally, in NFL news, Ashley Lelie may start for the 49ers this weekend.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Book Out Soon

J. David Miller's new book, Hawaii Warrior Football: A Story of Faith, Hope and Redemption, is set to be released very soon, according to a new post by Michael LaBanca at Warriorshaka.com.
The much-anticipated release of Hawaii Warrior Football: A Story of Faith, Hope and Redemption is now imminent, the founder of publisher Bess Press confirmed today.

According to Benjamin “Buddy” Bess, owner and founder of Honolulu’s premier book publisher, the book will be arriving in stores by as early as next week, but are already “disappearing fast.” It was the largest “first-run” printing of any book by any publisher in Hawaii, and a “leap of faith,” Bess says, because he believes demand for the book will far exceed the supply by Christmas.
I hope "disappearing fast" means it's being shipped to those who pre-ordered the books. Anyway, the post has some blurbs about the book from Neil Everett, Larry Biel, Rudy, etc. as well as places you can order the book. Be there!

NMSU, Margin of Victory, Mouton, Kicking Game

Here's a preview of Saturday's game from Teddy Feinberg of the Las Cruces Sun-News.
New Mexico State head football coach Hal Mumme has a unique philosophy on how to defend Hawaii: score points.

"Score a whole bunch," Mumme said. "You gotta really outscore them. You're not really gonna stop them. I've seen very few people hold them and actually stop them, hold them to a couple touchdowns even."
Ferd Lewis hopes for a lot of scoring as well, just not by New Mexico State.
Here come the Aggies and a matchup the Las Vegas oddsmakers tell us carries an over-under betting line of 79-80 points. But while the heart pleads for an arenaball offensive overload, the mind counsels "defense" first.

The ones that are topped by UH caps, anyway. The ones that keep sight of the bigger picture for which a Bowl Championship Series appearance is the prize.

In an 8-4 season it matters little in the national picture whether UH wins close or going away. But this season, as we have been reminded by the BCS rankings each of the last two weeks, the ground rules are different.
Colt Brennan thinks margin of victory is overrated.
"The only people who are saying that are people who are just complaining because we're doing well," Brennan said of the Warriors' victory margins. "The truth of the matter is, a win's a win, no matter what."

Brennan noted the Warriors' three losses in 2006 were by a combined 18 points.

"What does that say?" he said. "Does that mean the teams we lost to, just because they were close games, they shouldn't get credit? I think that's a stupid, stupid statement. It has some weight to some degree, but it's a very minute fact when you're comparing how good a team is."
Amen. I think this is a great time to point out that Kirk Herbstreit is a boto.

Dave Reardon writes about the injury status of Ryan Mouton, who has been cleared to play, but the coaches remain cautious.
"It's one of those situations you have to be careful with," UH defensive backs coach Rich Miano said. "Is he healthy enough to help you? Is he going to re-injure it? Is the bye week going to help? It's not my call, but it's nice to have him out here because he's a talent and he can help us down the stretch. We just don't know if the stretch starts Saturday or two weeks from now."

Mouton practiced yesterday and said he felt "comfortable" afterwards. Defensive coordinator Greg McMackin said he looked "good," but he and head coach June Jones weren't expected to decide if Mouton will play Saturday until after today's practice, at the earliest.
And Reardon profiles the UH kicking unit.
Kelly -- a junior in his third year as UH's starting kicker -- has always been talented. But some problems with short kicks got him benched on PATs toward the end of last season. Now he's added consistency, and his chemistry with Grasso and Ingram has made the routine, well, routine.

"We just get along, good teammates, good friends," said Kelly, who is Grasso's roommate at home and on the road. "We hang out at Jake's (family house in Mililani). He has a pool.

"All three of us have the desire to be better than what we are. That alone is probably the best thing for our chemistry."
Both Reardon and Tsai have updates on the players whose families were affected by the fires in San Diego. All the best to them.

Mouton, cali players on fire situation & family & friends

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Warriors in the Pros: Wednesday Edition

Cowboys punter Mat McBriar is getting some love from Dallas fans and writers, including Albert Breer of the Dallas Morning News.
TO81: Just how valuable is Mat McBriar to this team?

Albert Breer: TO, there's no overstating how big McBriar was yesterday. Three times, he pinned the Vikings inside the 10 and led to the Cowboys offense getting the ball back in prime position. Plus, he had a 50.5-yard net average. The special teams were huge and – apologies to Chris Canty and Patrick Watkins – McBriar was the star of that show.
Here's an article that Ronnie of the Tsaikos found several days ago, a profile of Samson Satele from Phins.com. Here's an excerpt:
It is the center’s responsibility to read the defensive front and make the appropriate line calls. It’s a massive responsibility, even for a seasoned veteran. To expect a green rookie to take on that job, given the complexity and clever deception of NFL defenses, borders on the unreasonable.

Crazy, actually.

Nevertheless, Satele has beaten the odds. It’s really something because the Dolphins didn’t have to start him. They could have taken the easy way out and kept Rex Hadnot at center and instead played Satele at guard.

But Dolphins coach Cam Cameron and line boss extraordinaire Hudson Houck became convinced early on that Satele was up to the job.

And Satele hasn’t disappointed them, despite his extreme baptism by fire.
Great article. Good luck to Samson and Reagan as they travel to London to play the Giants this weekend.

Vince Manuwai talks about the Jacksonville Jaguars' eroding fan base, with the team playing to less-than-capacity home crowds.
When Jaguars guard Vince Manuwai walks into Jacksonville Municipal Stadium, he never really knows what to expect.
Will the stands be full? Or will there be patches of empty teal seats? Will the fans cheer for the Jaguars? Or will they turn on the home team?

Manuwai hopes for the best. But he's often disappointed, growing increasingly frustrated in his fifth season of playing for a small-market team that has struggled to maintain - let alone increase - its fan base.

"It stinks because you always want it to be sold out," Manuwai said. "You get more pumped up when the stadium is full, when it's loud. When you see a half-empty stadium, your energy's just not as high."
I'm going to resist making any Aloha Stadium jokes. Ziiiip!

And Timmy Chang got some playing time for the Hamilton Ticats this past weekend, going 7 of 12 for 50 yards in a loss.

UPDATE: From today's press conference with 49er coach Mike Nolan:
RE: What is Darrell Jackson’s injury?
“D-Jack’s got a quad strain.”

RE: Would Ashley Lelie start if Darrell Jackson could not play?

RE: Was that why Ashley Lelie saw extended snaps with the main offense at the end of the game on Sunday?
“You know, I don’t know if that was the time. I don’t know when the strain occurred. I know we were trying to get him in, in the second half. He went in and played some more.”

RE: Did Ashley Lelie’s long reception inspire the decision to get him in the game more?
“Well, it certainly helped his cause, no question. He did some of that in pre-season as well. We’ve just had to take some steps to get that done.”

Wednesday Practice, Safest State

Dave Reardon writes that Ryan Mouton is practicing today. Dave's blog should have updates later on.

Stephen Tsai reports that Princess Leila reports that Mouton is practicing, and has injury updates on some other players:
• Safety Desmond Thomas (left hip flexor) is practicing.
• Wideout Greg Salas (sore ribs) is running routes.
• But Kealoha Dane Porlas (hyper-extended right knee) is not practicing.
How did these players get injured in the first place? I'm not completely sure, but I think it's safe to say -- as this Honolulu Advertiser "BREAKING NEWS" article urgently points out -- it probably wasn't from colliding with a deer.
Hawai'i has gained another special distinction.

It's the best place to avoid collision with a deer.

State Farm Insurance has released a new ranking that measures states according crashes involving deer on the highway.
State Farm's survey shows that West Virginia is the place where drivers are most likely to hit deer, with an estimated one in 57 chance of hitting one in the next 12 months. Michigan is next with a one in 86 chance.

Hawai'i ranks the safest, with a one in 16,624 chance of hitting a deer.
Man, those odds are still a little too low for comfort. Thanks for the article, Advertiser.

Veikune, Safeties, Kelly, BCS, Homecoming

Dave Reardon profiles defensive lineman David Veikune. Great opening lines:
You won't see the word "START" at all next to the name David Veikune on the Hawaii football participation chart.

But the junior defensive end has certainly done a good job of finishing.

Veikune leads the Warriors with five sacks. As a team, UH is seventh in the nation at getting to the quarterback with 3.57 dumps per game.
Reardon also writes about the injuries to the UH safeties.
Desmond Thomas was still out after tweaking a hamstring Monday and Dane Kealoha Porlas was banged up, too, putting both No. 2s out of commission. Another backup, Viliami Nauahi, was in a boot to protect a sprained ankle suffered in last week's Scout Bowl.
"It gives us a chance to look at Erik Robinson, and Spencer Smith has been doing some good things, too. We got some looks at them and let the other guys rest."
Stephen Tsai writes about Dan Kelly and the improved kicking game.
During spring practice in April, Kelly settled on a technique. Instead of a looping motion, he went with a compact swing. With his right knee over the football, he would use a downward motion.

"You always think you get underneath it more with a low swing," Kelly said. "This one you come down at the ball. When you swing down at the ball, it pops up higher. It's completely opposite of what you would think logically in your head."
Ferd Lewis writes about Hawaii's BCS chances, and the controversy over people saying there is no chance.
Billingsley said he apologized to UH and Western Athletic Conference officials yesterday after telling CBS' Dennis Dodd, "I don't think they deserve to be there (at No 12 at season's end). They absolutely are playing the worst schedule. I have them 119th out of 119."

Billingsley told The Advertiser he felt his comments were "very unfortunate and inappropriate" and "hated for the players, (coach) June Jones, the fans and everybody else" to read them.
Here's a link to that Dodd article. Ferd continues:
UH is currently 7-0 with five regular season games remaining. Whether UH finishes in the BCS' Top 12, "that is something that is still yet to be determined. That is going to depend upon what kind of season Washington continues to have and what kind of season Boise State continues to have," Billingsley said. "That's still unknown. By the end of their (UH's) season, their schedule is probably going to look a lot stronger than it does right now."
It's gonna come down to the computers, or at least it seems. But the important thing is -- still get chance!

Speaking of the weak schedule, Dave Reardon talks to Herman Frazier in an article about increased ticket sales for games with attractive opponents.
"This weekend is obviously homecoming," UH athletic director Herman Frazier said. "We made some 2-for-1s available to alums as an enticement to come out and see their team.

"Those sales are going brisk," Frazier added. "I think the Boise game has gone sooner because of the opponent and Boise has not lost a conference game since I've been here. Thanksgiving weekend people have family in town."
Kalani Takase writes about all the local players on the NMSU football team who may get to come home for UH's homecoming game. NMSU coach Mike Fanoga will also be recruiting.
"It's a great place to find football players," Fanoga said. "One of the best places in the country to recruit right now. Everybody in the West Coast — Pac-10, Mountain West, top caliber programs — they're all trying to get Hawai'i kids."
And in ex-UH player news, looks like Chad Owens got a tryout with the Denver Broncos.
Among the four wide receivers the Broncos worked out Tuesday was veteran Bethel Johnson, a 2003 second-round pick by New England. Known for his speed, Johnson had success as a receiver and a return man while with the Patriots. He was traded last year to New Orleans and cut by the Saints. He was later cut by Minnesota last season.
The Broncos also looked at receivers Taylor Jacobs, Chad Owens and Cliff Russell.
Here's hoping for the best.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

NMSU Previews (w/UPDATE)

Here's a preview of the UH-NMSU game from the AP's Andrew the Journalist.
Brennan, playing in Jones' run-and-shoot offense, has gotten strong contributions from four receivers. Ryan Grice-Mullen, Davone Bess, Jason Rivers and C.J. Hawthorne all have at least 40 receptions, 500 yards and five touchdowns.

Grice-Mullen tied a school record with 14 catches for 175 yards against San Jose State. Bess added 12 catches for 140 yards and Rivers also had 12 for 138.

New Mexico State (3-4, 0-2), meanwhile, will be without star receiver Chris Williams for 6-to-8 weeks after he broke his right collarbone in a 45-31 win over Idaho last Saturday night.

Williams, who got hurt in the second quarter, went into the game ranked ninth nationally with an average of 106.5 receiving yards per game. Last season, he led the nation with a 117.9-yard average.
This press release from the UH Athletics Dept. has some game notes, info, trivia, etc.

Here's a preview with notes and info from the New Mexico State Athletics site.

And Chawan Cut compiles tonight's news, with practice reports and game previews from KHON's Kanoa Leahey, KGMB's Liz Chun, and KITV's Robert Kekaula.

UPDATE: Here's a UH vs NMSU preview from The Sports Network.

Vids from yesterday

talkin bout Mouton and also a short phone interview with NMSU's Hal Mumme.

Note from Tombo Ahi: I posted the vid right after CC posted the vid. I took mines one off but here's the description I had:

"Chawan Cut compiled last night's news, which includes an NMSU preview from KHON's John Veneri. He talks to NMSU coach Hal Mumme, who gives props to UH and Colt. There's also a report on Ryan Mouton from KITV's Robert Kekaula."

Mouton, Injuries, Receivers, RGM Profile, Photos

Stephen Tsai has an injury update on Ryan Mouton.
"I told him if he can go by Wednesday, he'll play," Jones said. "If he can't, he won't."

Two weeks ago, Mouton was fitted for a knee brace. Although he said the pain has subsided in the back of his right knee, the brace is "really for security purposes, to get my confidence, to let me know I can run," Mouton said. "It helps."
Also in the article is a short profile of Daniel Libre, who worked out as a first team running back yesterday. And Tsai has injury reports on Blaze Soares, Greg Salas, Aaron Bain, Joey Lipp and Desmond Thomas.

Jason Kaneshiro has an injury update on Mouton, and writes about the blocking skills of the UH receivers.
"Ryan and Davone, they both have a few pancake blocks and Jason is probably our most physical guy, so I think he's excellent at making blocks, especially downfield," Hawthorne said.

"We don't practice it much, but it's instinctive. We understand the more we help each other out the better it's going to be in the long run."

The long runs often come as a result of a solid block, whether it comes downfield on a pass play or simply getting in the way of a defender to provide a crease on a draw or shovel pass to the running back.
Speaking of the receivers, Ryan Grice-Mullen-Mullins is profiled in the San Bernardino Sun by J.P. Hoornstra.
Sheila Pinkney wouldn't miss a Warriors game in San Jose for the world, but she couldn't see her son from the front row. So Grice-Mullen's mom and her husband, Alvin, moved up about 20 rows.

"That whole game, I believed they (Hawaii) were going to win," Pinkney said. "My spirit was with him, willing him on. I stayed standing up the whole game, telling the crowd to stand up with me.

"You know how you feel you can make a difference? That's what I was feeling. Given the opportunity, he could make a difference."
Chadd Cripe of the Idaho Statesman breaks out the fireworks for Boise QB Taylor Tharp.
Tharp jumped past Hawaii's Brennan, the Heisman Trophy candidate and 2006 national leader in pass efficiency, with a five-touchdown performance Saturday at Louisiana Tech.

Tharp ranks 11th in the nation with an efficiency rating of 157.3 (18 touchdowns, seven interceptions). Brennan is at 157.2 with 20 TDs and 10 picks.
That may not seem like much, but that is a hefty tenth of a point.

And after suffering through some computer issues, Orlando of UHWarriorFan.com has finished a new Scout Bowl photo gallery. Links are on the bottom of this page. He's switching over from Flash to HTML, so some people who were having issues viewing the photos can now view these new photos.

Monday, October 22, 2007

June Jones Show, BCS Hopes

Irse has this week's June Jones Show up in Windows Media format. It includes a preview of the New Mexico State game and a look ahead to the rest of the season, as well as profiles of running backs Kealoha Pilares and Leon Wright-Jackson.

OBhawaii has it up on Youtube. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

The Star-Bulletin has an AP article about the BCS rankings.

Speaking of which, Ferd Lewis writes about the importance of UH destroying New Mexico State to help the Warriors continue their ascent.

And Jim Donovan explains why the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl hasn't invited UH yet.
"We didn't invite them (yet), because we are very cognizant of the fact they have a shot at a BCS bowl game and we felt the most prudent thing to do is let it play out," Donovan said. "We don't want to do anything to bachi the Warriors."
I just hope that saying he hopes he doesn't bachi UH doesn't bachi UH! And I hope that the last sentence doesn't bachi UH as well. I'll just shut up.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Warriors in the Pros (w/UPDATE)

Jason Elam kicked a game-winning field goal for Denver as time expired to beat the Steelers 31 to 28.

Ashley Lelie actually played! And he actually caught a pass! Two passes actually, for 52 yards. Still, the 49ers' offense sputtered as they lost to the Giants, 33 to 15. Anyway, Lelie got some good reviews. Here are a couple--

Erik Larson of 49er Huddle:
The 49ers finally gave Ashley Lelie a shot in the second half, and to no one’s surprise except maybe the 49ers’ coaching staff, he was able to get open deep and Dilfer found him for a 47-yard completion, the 49ers’ longest pass play of the year. It’s still a huge mystery to me how the 49ers could not have been playing this guy.
John Crumpacker of the San Francisco Chronicle:
Player of the game: Lelie. Granted, he caught only two passes but one went for 47 yards and showed the utter stupidity of keeping him on the sideline all season to this point. As a wide receiver of another generation said famously, just throw him the damn ball.
UPDATE: Another review, this one from Craig Massei of SF Illustrated
Thumbs up: If Ashley Lelie can get open like that, it really makes you wonder why the 49ers were so stubborn in not using him earlier in the season while their offense was flat-lining. Lelie's 47-yard reception - when he blew down the right sideline past the New York defense - was San Francisco's longest offensive play of the season. It also was his first catch of the season. To be sure, something doesn't sound quite right about that last sentence.
Earlier today, the Advertiser had a McClatchy Newspapers article that may explain why the coaches weren't playing him. Right.

Lelie's teammate Isaac Sopoaga had one tackle in the game.

Ikaika Alama-Francis was inactive for today's Lions game.

Pisa Tinoisamoa had 3 tackles for the Rams.

Mat McBriar had a great game, punting 4 times for an average of 50.5 yards, pinning Minnesota back deep in their own territory several times.

UH at #17 in BCS Rankings

According to this PDF press release from FootballFoundation.com (via WSN), Hawaii moves up one spot to #17 in the BCS Rankings. Still waiting for the Fox site to update...

UPDATE: Fox updated their rankings.

Here's a permalink of the Week 2 BCS rankings from ESPN.

Here are articles about it from the Advertiser and Star-Bulletin.

Week 8 Rankings

UH moves up one spot to #16 in the AP poll.

And the Warriors jump two spots to #14 in the USA today Coaches' Poll.

UPDATE: Here's a PDF press release of the new Harris Poll, which has UH up two spots to #14.

...here's an html version of the Harris poll from the Advertiser.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Earvin Sione Commits

Stephen Tsai writes that McKinley QB/WR Earvin Sione will become a Warrior.
"I'm staying home," McKinley High's Earvin Sione said.

Sione, who is 6 feet 5 and 190 pounds, moved to quarterback this season after playing wideout last year.

"It doesn't matter where I play," Sione said, "as long as I'm playing for U of H."
"He's got great footwork," (McKinley football coach Bobby) Grey said of Sione's skills as a receiver. "He runs routes exactly the way they should be run. He understands leverage. He's a coach's dream when it comes to having a kid like that."

At the end of last season, Grey needed to find a successor at quarterback. Relying on an age-old theory, Grey asked Sione to move to quarterback.

"Unless you're a deep team like Kahuku, you usually put your best athlete at quarterback, and then surround him, and try to go from there," Grey said. "He's our best athlete."
Sounds like a great player. Congratulations to Earvin and UH!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Scout Bowl Photos

Courtesy of Orlando from UHWarriorFan.com. Click on the pics for bigger versions.

Adam Leonard and Jason Ferguson

Fale the Warrior

Keala Watson, Blaze Soares, Keao Monteilh, Fale Laeli, Rich Miano

P.S. Warrior Mojo took some awesome Scout Bowl pictures too.

Scout Bowl Coverage, Colt Article

Leila Wai has video highlights from the Scout Bowl, with some play-by-play by Jason Ferguson.

Chawan compiled reports from Kanoa Leahey and Robert Kekaula:

Stephen Tsai, who seems like he was having as much fun as the players, has another great article -- here's an excerpt:
Arriving during warmups in a golf cart, Brennan wore an "H" logo aloha shirt and lei, and carried a manila folder on which plays were scribbled.

"I was trying to be like coach Jones," Brennan said. "Then I realized we had to practice (before the game)."

He made a U-turn toward the locker room, where he changed into his uniform.

To simulate game conditions, defensive tackle Fale Laeli dressed as the Warrior mascot, complete with taped cardboard made to resemble a boar's bone.
Here's an excerpt from Jason Kaneshiro's article covering the game:
"It was a good break for us and it was good to see the young guys showcase their talents," said senior defensive lineman Mike Lafaele. "I was really excited for the defensive guys, especially the defensive linemen. I practice with them every day and I know how hard they work and they did a good job."

Although the mood was light, there was more to be gained than just bragging rights for those looking to grab the attention of the coaching staff.

"Hopefully the coaches can look at this game and see what I've got and see if I can get some playing time this year or next year," said Purcell, who was among the standouts for the Green defense with three tackles for loss and a forced fumble.

Tommy Hicks of the Press-Register in Alabama talks to Colt Brennan about accepting an invitation to the Senior Bowl. In the same article, Senior Bowl President and CEO Steve Hale had more great things to say about Colt:
Senior Bowl President and CEO Steve Hale said seeing Brennan in person at last weekend's Hawaii at San Jose State game answered any questions he might have had.

"In that game, I really got an appreciation of some of the special skills he possesses," Hale said. "They were down 14 points with four minutes to play in bad (weather) conditions. ... He led his team by throwing for a touchdown and later running for a touchdown, and leading them to the win (42-35) in overtime.

"In that game, he showed how competitive he is, as well as the intangibles he has to offer other than his gift for throwing the football. When you watch him play and how his teammates respond to him, you realize pretty quick they believe that if he's in the game they have a great chance to win the game."
Basically, Colt has great stats, but the stats don't do him justice! Right on.
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