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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

OBNUG's Hate Poem

So the "fine folks" over at the "One Bronco Nation Under God", a Boise State football blog, have posted a poem about why they hate Hawaii. Here's an inflammatory excerpt:
I hate Hawaii for so many reasons,
in so many ways and in so many seasons.

I hate them in springtime, I hate them in summer.
Losing the WAC to them sure was a bummer.

I hate them in autumn; they think they’re the balls.
I hate them in winter; they stick in my craws.

The Warriors are cocky; they’re brazen and brash.
I equate Davone Bess with yesterday’s trash.
There's more hateful stanzas where that came from. This will not stand. So I've decided to write a hate poem right back at them:

boise annoys me
they think they're so cool
but their ugly ass colors
look like my drool
after i eat a bag of sour patch kids

blue and orange
what a hideous combination
their ugly blue field
is an ungodly abomination
it looks like a furry swimming pool

silly ian johnson
he's so into knitting
well, the warrior defense
is so into hitting
crochet yourself some band-aids

mister blaze soares
what a shame he can't play
poor jeremy avery
still has nightmares of that day
he went down in a blaze of glory!

the only good things
to come out of idaho
are those russet potatoes
and what else? mike crapo?
i'm sure something will come to mind

can't wait for friday
the obnug is confident
but the fall is the greatest
when you're all full of it
though i guess hot air and b.s. would tend to balance out, heyohhhhh!


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