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Friday, September 30, 2005

Running Back

Some crossed signals as to who's the starting running back for Hawaii tomorrow. The Star-Bulletin has an article quoting June Jones saying that Nate Ilaoa probably won't start. The Honolulu Advertiser says Ilaoa is the likely starter. Usually both papers' articles are identical, so this is a refreshing development.

The same Advertiser article discusses BSU's offensive playbook, which currently has 800 plays. Most are drawn up by offensive coordinator Chris Petersen, but some are taken from Utah, some from the Indianapolis Colts, and I'm sure other places. I wouldn't be surprised if they used plays from every single college and NFL team in the nation. No wonder their offense is so productive - they confuse the shit out of opposing defenses. I'm sure Glanville has something to counter all 800 plays though.

The Star-Bulletin also has a profile on true freshmen starters Davone Bess, Solomon Elimimian, Mike Washington and Dan Kelly. The future looks bright. The near future (Saturday) looks bright as well, though not literally, as it's supposed to be pouring rain. And it's a night game.

Ferd Lewis writes a column about his desire for Hawaii to have a rivalry with Boise State. Ferd aims to start the rivalry with yesterday's shit-talking column about BSU safety Cam Hall, accused of reckless driving and fleeing the scene of a fatal accident.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

June Jones

Giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Via Ka Leo:
Coach June Jones expressed his concern about Zabransky. "He ran very well against us last year. This year, so far, he hasn't been as effective in some of the tapes I've watched, but we know he's capable of doing it. I would anticipate, because we're a big pursuit team, he'll be a big factor in their thought process. If I'm coaching their offense, I'm going to run a lot of reverses and stuff," he said.
Dammit, don't give them any hints!

Of course, this may be all part of June's devious plan to fool them into running reverses. Ahahaha!


The Honolulu Advertiser has an article about the many first year Warriors who have already gotten significant playing time. Although UH will go undefeated the rest of the season, one must remember that it's still a rebuilding year. Nonetheless, I already like what we'll have for next year and beyond.

The Honolulu Star-Bulletin just redesigned their website to look more sleek and modern, yet somehow the end result looks more cluttered and ugly. Let's hope they're only mostly finished with the website. Anyway, there's an article on the new site about former Saddleback CC teammates Colt Brennan and Jerard Rabb, who now play for UH and BSU respectively. WR Rabb almost came to UH, but decided against it. The fool! The Idaho Statesman has a similar article.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Getting Ready for Boise

Here's UH's press release for the upcoming game. Man, Boise State has won a lot of games in the past few years, the bastards.

The Star-Bulletin remembers the blowout from last year. I won't even mention the score again cuz it's so embarrassing. In any case, this Saturday we shall get our vengeance. Oh yes.

Freshman Michael Washington, with 4.27 speed and all, will start at receiver to replace the injured Ian Sample. Also, Nate Ilaoa will start at running back after recovering from his hamstring injury again.

The Idaho Statesman has picked up the story on Hawaii's silver jersey controversy.

In other news, a giant squid has finally been caught on film.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Ian Sample Out

UH receiver Ian Sample is out with a torn posterior cruciate ligament, which June Jones says might have been caused by Idaho's astroturf field.
"Nobody hit him. ... It was just a quick move that blew it," Jones said. "Hopefully in two years when we go up there they won't have that again. But everybody's in a fiscal budget thing."
Kalani Simpson says that Idaho was a crappy team so don't get too excited just yet.

Dave Reardon talks about the controversy over Hawaii's silver road unis.

Ferd Lewis writes about the uniforms as well. UH probably can't get replacements til next year. We might have to wear our home uniforms on the road while the home team wears their road uniforms.

Also, "Bronco Bob" has an overview of the past matchups of Boise State and Hawaii. Thanks Charles.

Monday, September 26, 2005


Some encouraging signs that Hawaii has greatly improved. Words from Davone Bess:
"Idaho actually played harder than USC and Michigan State," he said. "If we would've played like we did tonight against those two teams, we definitely would've been in the game."
Even if that's not true, at least the Warriors are getting confident.

Awards! From the Star-Bulletin:
Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan and defensive end/linebacker Kila Kamakawiwo'ole were named Western Athletic Conference offensive players of the week today.

Brennan completed 34 of 44 passes for 347 yards and three touchdowns Saturday in a 24-0 victory at Idaho, running his season total to 78-for-107, or 73 percent. He has passed for six touchdowns and just one interception (which was due to a receiver’s error as much as his own). He has thrown 103 passes since the lone interception, by USC’s Darnell Bing.


Kamakawiwo‘ole was in on six tackles. Two were for losses of 13 yards, including a sack of 8 yards. He also broke up a pass. Kamakawiwo‘ole was a defensive end last year. This season he usually aligns as an outside linebacker in UH’s 3-4 defense, freeing him up more to make big plays.
There's a Pack the House promotion for the Boise State game, so get on out there! Free megaphones! Buy two get two nosebleed seats free!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Hawaii at Idaho Recap

Either we've improved dramatically since getting destroyed by USC and MSU, or Idaho isn't that good. Maybe it's a little of both. Either way, yesterday Hawaii was great on both sides of the ball, with opportunities to improve even more. Our freshmen starters are still learning the system, but it looks like the offense, led by QB Colt Brennan, is gelling quickly. The defense, with Jerry Glanville's pared down schemes, shut down Idaho, and hopefully will do the same against Boise St... well, at least make sure Boise won't lay the 69 on us like last time. We've also had to deal with injuries to some of our best players, Nate Ilaoa, Kenny Patton, Dane Uperesa, etc. - not including losing Leonard Peters and Jason Ferguson for the season, so it's a testament to the Warriors and the coaching staff for putting it all together yesterday and shutting down an opposing team ON THE ROAD. We ain't homesnakes this year!

Here's the Honolulu Star-Bulletin recap.

Here's the Honolulu Advertiser recap.

Here's the Idaho Statesman recap.

Here's the Ferd Lewis recap.

Here's a story about Davone Bess' smart play. Also the WAC is reviewing Hawaii's silver and white road uniforms because the press has been complaining that the numbers are so damn hard to see!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Oakland Raiders receiver Tim Brown evades two Saints tacklers.

PSYCHE!!! That's Hawaii receiver Andre Taylor being tackled by Idaho players.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Goose Egg


You see that? That's how much points Idaho scored against Hawaii today. Defense baby! Sure, it was Idaho, but this was on the road! The road! Glanville is fine-tuning the D! Sure, we have to prove ourselves against a more high-powered offense, like say, Boise, but I feel it's all coming together like an eyebrow on Al B Sure.

By the way, Hawaii scored 24 points today. Colt Brennan was great.

FINAL SCORE: Hawaii 24, Idaho ZERO

UPDATE: Here's the game recap from the AP. Colt went 34 of 44 for 347 yards and 3 touchdowns.

University of Hawaii Football Links

I can't liveblog today's game, but just as a reminder and for those who don't know, you can listen to a webcast of the game here:


You need to register first.

And you can visit Sports Hawaii for some live online commentary and general bullshittin' here:

Sports Hawaii - Hawaii vs Idaho Game Thread

UPDATE: Score at the half - Hawaii Warriors 14, Idaho Vandals ZERO. Can we give em the goose egg?

Hawaii at Idaho

Although Hawaii is a 2 point underdog, this is a game we better win! Both teams have porous defenses, so I'm personally hoping for a 52 to 51 Hawaii win.

Luckily, UH will be wearing long sleeves and turf shoes, so hopefully that'll reduce chance of injuries. But check out the title of that article: Rainbow Warriors face ideal conditions. Notice anything? Joe Moore must be happy.

Here's Stephen Tsai's gameday preview.

Here's Vandalvenue.com's preview.

Self-immolation will be contemplated if Hawaii doesn't win!

Friday, September 23, 2005

More Injuries

Did I say the defense looked like it might come together for Idaho? Perhaps I spoke to soon. But as Jerry Glanville says:
"One thing you learn in football, you waste your time worrying about injuries because they're going to come."
But then again, it's happening to the best players. Even the offense is banged up. Man, and they're playing on Astroturf tomorrow. Not good!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Injured Warriors

Bryan Maneafaiga and Nate Ilaoa are injured, though they'll probably make it to Idaho.

Profile on freshman slotback Ryan Grice-Mullen, who so far leads UH in catches.

I don't have much to say. Been busy!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Silver Background

In honor of Hawaii's silver and white road uniforms, I have incorporated a silver background to this site. It doesn't really match, but oh well!

UPDATE: I've changed the color back to dark green due complaints from the WAC.

Hawaii at Idaho Preview

KITV has a preview via SportsNetwork of the Hawaii-Idaho game. Idaho looks very beatable and Hawaii's offense and defense seems to be coming around, but then again, this is the road... in any case should be a fun game to watch as I've never seen a football game played in a barn before. But no liveblogging this Saturday, I will be away from the computer!

Dane Uperesa

Star-Bulletin has a profile of offensive lineman Dane Uperesa. He's gonna try to play through his injury this week.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Another Chad Owens Update, Warriors News

I think I should rename this site the University of Hawaii Football and Chad Owens News Page. Anyway, the Jags signed Chad Owens to their eight-man practice squad today, one day after waiving him. Well, at least he's staying in the NFL. Or does this not count?

In current Hawaii Warriors news, the Star-Bulletin has a profile on Idaho's domed football "stadium", which is slightly bigger than the Stan Sheriff Center. It seats 16,000 and has a hard astroturf surface. I hope UH doesn't forget their elbow pads.

Nate Ilaoa will move back to slot for the Idaho game to make way, possibly, for heralded freshman running back Mario Cox. Apparently, he's not learning as fast as he should be, so he might not make the travel squad. Maybe that's just June Jones' way of motivating him, the crafty bastard.

The same article discusses the UH defense realigning and putting more people into the mix, especially at nose tackle. Though it seems unsettled, I have a feeling Hawaii's defense will be much better against Idaho, and not just cuz they're Idaho.

And Colt Brennan seems to be mostly recovered from his shoulder injury, so he should be good to go on Saturday.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Mighty Mouse

More about Chad Owens in a Honolulu Advertiser article. I'm sure he'll bounce back from this.

Looks like Chad got cut. I hope another team picks him up and makes those fuckers pay!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Chad Owens Update

An article on jaguars.com says that Chad Owens probably won't be returning punts for a while after his two muffs today. At least it sounds like the Jags won't be cutting him anytime soon. Luckily he had a great preseason, so he has some of that left in the bank. Hopefully.

In other ex-Warriors news, or maybe that's ex-Rainbow in this case, Jason Elam kicked the game-winning field goal in the Broncos win over the Chargers. He had missed two field goals earlier in the game, so nice way to make it up. Ashley Lelie had a pretty decent game as well after not doing so hot last week.


Ferd Lewis finds comfort in the fact that, after getting trounced in our first two non-conference games, Hawaii has the reliably shitty WAC to come back to. Yay.

Also, here's a profile of Warrior linebacker Brad Kalilimoku.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Chad Owens Active

Former Hawaii receiver Chad Owens will be on the Jaguars' active roster for tomorrow's game at Indianapolis. He was inactive for last week's season opener because he fumbled a couple punts in the preseason. Ehhh, small kine. Regular season is time for Mighty Mouse to rip shit up!

SUNDAY MORNING UPDATE: Holy crap, apparently Chad muffed two out of three punts today, and the one he did return was for like 6 yards. I hope the Jags give him another chance...

Friday, September 16, 2005


One part of the UH team that has gotten off to a great start is the kicking game. Punter Kurt Milne is consistent and has come up with a weird style of punting this year, while freshman PK Dan Kelly has been booming the ball on kickoffs and so far accurate on PATs. The next Jason Elam!

Also in the article, June Jones says people will learn to love the silver uniforms.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Silver Uniforms

Some mixed reactions on the new silver road uniforms. I forgot to post pictures after last week's game. I think they look cool, but the silver letters in the sun against the white unis made it hard to see who caught the ball.

New Warriors

The NCAA Publisher's Clearinghouse just cleared freshman running back Mario Cox, who's supposed to be the real deal Holyfield, and freshman linebacker John Fonoti to play against Idaho next weekend. Actually Fonoti had been cleared two weeks ago and saw limited action against MSU. He's supposed to be really good too, and hey, if he can help our defense out at least a little, that would be frickin spectacular.

If Cox is as good as they say he is, maybe once Nate Ilaoa gets back into shape and goes back to slot where he ripped it up as a freshman all those years ago, then freshman Mario Cox can show suckas how it's done at running back just like freshman Jamal Farmer did back when we was the muthafuckin Rainbows and Bob Wagner was the shit!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Ian Sample

The Star-Bulletin has a profile on 5th-year senior Ian Sample, who caught his first collegiate touchdown last week.

A Warriors injury update. Thank goodness it's a bye week. In the same article, Reagan Mauia is remorseful over his stupid penalties last week.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Jerry Was a Race Car Driver

Jerry Glanville vows to improve the Warrior defense by not confusing them so much. I think Hawaii's gonna actually be a really good team during the regular season.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

0 and 2

Here are the game recaps by the Honolulu Advertiser and Star-Bulletin.

The good news is that it seems like the Warriors have settled on Colt Brennan as the starting quarterback. He was actually great in the second half and was able to scramble when he got into trouble. Also, Nate Ilaoa is getting back up to speed. We have a running back as well!

Watch out Idaho!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Signal Calling

An interesting article about how Hawaii's offense is practicing silent signal calling to deal with the unbelievable noise they'll encounter in Michigan.

An article about how Warrior backups have become starters.

Sorry so short. I will also be gone tomorrow, but I'll be liveblogging the game on Saturday.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Andre Taylor

One of the bright spots in last week's game was the kick returning abilities of Andre Taylor, who was kind of lost in the Warrior shuffle in the preseason. But for this week's game, and probably for the rest of the season, he will be returning kicks. I predict a 99 yard touchdown return this weekend!

Hawaii will be relying on the young and untested on defense this weekend. I have a feeling it won't be as bad that sounds.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Michigan State Coaching Staff -- Bitches

Those whiny bastards can't let it go. Man, you lose to Hawaii to ruin your season last year and it's like we killed your grandmother. The MSU coaching staff won't exchange game tapes with UH. Fine, that's not a problem, some teams don't like to do that. But the way they go about it - they won't return calls to explain why. And then they go and tell Kent State, their opponent last week, not to give us tapes either. What's their reasoning? Well, they told Kent State's coaching staff it's because Hawaii doesn't want to exchange tapes with MSU, which is the complete opposite of the truth. Ho cuz, problems? Why you gotta lie for?

Their attitude can be pretty much summed up right here, in this statement made by MSU coach John L Smith:
Smith was asked his opinion on Hawaii coach June Jones' comments that MSU should have been called for more penalties than the 16 it got in last year's game. "I don't react to some guy I don't particularly care for," Smith said, although he later said he was kidding.
Talking shit about June Jones and then pretending it was a joke afterwards. Man, if you're gonna be a bitch, at least be a man about it.

I have a feeling this Saturday's game will be very emotional. Thank the MSU coaching staff for riling the Warriors up. It'll be a shoot out, no doubt. Let's hope there's no fights. I'm sure there will be though, especially if we start winning.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Bad News Confirmed

Leonard Peters is most likely and Jason Ferguson is definitely out for the year.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Hawaii vs USC - The Day After

Here's a game recap if you have any desire to read it.

The biggest setbacks from yesterday's game were the injuries to speedy receiver Jason Ferguson and speedy defensive back Leonard Peters, both of whom may be out for the rest of the season because of torn ligaments. They're doing MRIs today to see how bad the damage is.

Looks like Hawaii will stick to the two quarterback system against Michigan State. Hey, whatever works. I think Graunke will eventually be the main quarterback though.

There are other news articles about the game, but I'd rather not dwell on it anymore. I'm looking forward now to Michigan State, who are still bitter about their 41-38 loss to the Warriors last season, which ended any bowl hopes they had. They complained a lot about the officiating in that game. Bitches. I'm sure they're gonna market this week's game as payback, and maybe even pay off the officials to make sure calls go their way this time. Should be pretty intense!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Hawaii vs USC Post-Mortem

Post-mortem is certainly the right way to put it. We just got our asses handed to us, nicely wrapped with a big ribbon on it. Our defense, especially the secondary, made a lot of mistakes. Let's hope it was a learning experience.

On the bright side, I think our offense did pretty good, considering that this is a mostly new group playing together for the first time against the number one team in the country. I think Tyler Graunke should be the starter against Michigan State based on his performance this game. He brings an extra dimension to the run-and-shoot with his running ability. Some of his shovel passes and options were a little dicey, but none resulted in a turnover. Both Graunke and Colt Brennan passed well, though I got confused about who was on the field sometimes. June Jones really switched them out early and very often. I'm sure the official scorer was having fits.

Davone Bess, who I think was mentioned as having the best hands on the team, dropped a crucial pass and muffed USC's only punt. There were several drops today by other players as well. Let's just hope it was nerves. If Hawaii can solve the hands issue, I think we can do much better against Michigan State.

But now I'm sad and depressed, and a bit perturbed. The hairy oracle, which predicted an undefeated season for the Warriors, was completely wrong and must be dealt with harshly. I have a few ideas about how to deal out the discipline. I will work the hairy oracle all night long until it's raw and tender yet still begging for more. Oh you've certainly been naughty! Bad hairy oracle! Bad! You made daddy look like a fool tonight!

Hawaii vs USC Football Game LiveBlog

I'll put the updates in order from top to bottom, instead of bottom to top blog post order. A little over half an hour to gametime and I'm crapping my pants!

1:06pm - First play: Graunke gets the start, runs for a first down, and gets his helmet knocked off! Nice start.

1:07pm - Yikes, two delay of games in a row.

1:09pm - Colt Brennan comes in and completes a pass to Ross Dickerson for the first down. Nice!

1:11pm - Errrr, Brennan throws an interception. SC returns for a touchdown. Sadness.

1:20pm - Next series. We have another misstep with snap timing, but Davone Bess just made a catch for first down. Maneafaiga looks like a good runner as well.

1:23pm - Ian Sample just made his first catch, for a first down. Pretty good!

1:24pm - Looks like Graunke is a better runner than Brennan. Lots of QB running plays for Hawaii. Graunke has had like three good runs so far, the latest for a first down. Interesting strategy!

1:29pm - Wow, our offense is actually doing pretty good. We're converting on third downs!

1:32pm - Man, Hawaii's offense really gotta get in sync on hiking the ball. False starts and delay of games up the yin yang.

1:35pm - Shit. Samson Satele is injured. Let's hope it's not serious. The first quarter is almost over and our offense has had the ball the whole time. Over 13 minutes in all, two drives.

1:38pm - Not an ideal drive, but freshman Warrior Dan Kelly makes the first field goal of his college career. Just found out Satele is not seriously injured. Thank the baby Jesus! Score - Hawaii 3, USC 7

1:43pm - Hawaii defense makes its first foray onto the field with 1:20 left in the first quarter. Not too bad, though we have given up a few moderate runs. Let's hope we have a chance to lay down the sack on Leinart's chin.

1:48pm - SoCal is having it's own problems with false starts. Two in a row. Maybe it's just really loud in Aloha Stadium.

1:52pm - Man, Dwayne Jarrett was wide open in the end zone. Hawaii 3, USC 14.

1:56pm - Remember when Hawaii ran the triple option? Tyler Graunke would be great running it. He just ran 10 yards for a first down to open this series.

2:00pm - We had to punt after a few good first downs. Not too bad. Let's hope the defense can bring it for this series. In other news, maybe there are too many entries? We'll see at the half.

2:06pm - Nice forced fumble by Ikaika Alama-Francis! Too bad USC recovered.

2:08pm - Looks like Kenny Patton, who is still recovering from arthroscopic surgery on his knee, just got injured. Why the hell is he in the game? Didn't he have surgery less than two weeks ago?

2:12pm - Reggie Bush just ran 41 yards for a touchdown. It looked way too easy. Hawaii 3, USC 21

2:15pm - Tyler Graunke can pass too. 36 yard completion.

2:26pm - Offsides penalty on two Warriors on 4th and 5 resulting in a Trojan first down. That sucks.

2:32pm - Yay! Hawaii's first defensive stop! Missed field goal, baby! I still have confidence. :56 seconds left in the half. Let's go for the Hail Mary baby!

2:36pm - HALFTIME. Okay, so no Hail Mary. UH is actually doing not too bad on offense, though they're not completing drives. Defense is absolutely horrible. Let's hope it was all on purpose. Hawaii will bring out the real defense next half!

2:58pm - Not a very good opening kickoff by Hawaii. It was a pooch that some guy returned to Hawaii's 41.

3:02pm - HELL YEAH! Kenny Patton is not seriously injured and makes an interception in the end zone!

3:13pm - Leinart to Jarrett for 28 yards. Hawaii 3, USC 28. Effin Ess!

3:19pm - Maneafaiga is the man! 27 yard touchdown catch after a 40 plus yard open field catch by Dickerson! Hawaii 10, USC 28.

3:23pm - USC answers with a goddamn bomb. Our backfield sucks. Hawaii 10, USC 35.

3:37pm - Our offense can move the ball, but we can't finish off drives. We just got stopped on a 4th and 6. We're getting there.

3:39pm - Man, we are getting no pressure on the QB. And then the cornerbacks lose their man. Hawaii 10, USC 42. I'm beginning to think the hairy oracle misspoke.

3:42pm - UH just fumbled the kickoff return. Somebody returns for a touchdown. Hawaii 10, USC 49.

3:46pm - Davone Bess just fumbled a completion. USC recovers.

3:59pm - Now they're just rubbing it in =( Hawaii 10, USC 56

4:14pm - USC punts for the first time all game. Davone Bess nearly fumbled the return. This is now just practice for the Michigan State game. Forlorn.

4:27pm - Graunke to David Farmer for a touchdown. Hawaii 17, USC 56. At least Dan Kelly hasn't missed a PAT!

4:29pm - Hawaii tries an onside kick, but USC recovers and takes it to Hawaii's 27 yard line.

4:32pm - With 20 seconds left in the game, USC runs a running play that results in a touchdown. Hawaii 17, USC 63.

4:35pm - FINAL SCORE: Hawaii 17, USC 63

Game Day: Hawaii vs USC

T-minus seven hours or so before kickoff. It almost seems Hawaii is already is conceding the loss. I'm sure it's just a ruse. Lull the Trojans into a false sense of security!

Here is a list of probable starters. On defense, either Tony Akpan or Reagan Mauia will start at nose guard since #1 Renols Fruean is injured. On offense it'll probably be Warriors freshman QB Tyler Graunke to start, but Colt Brennan will probably come in a little later, especially if Tyler's ineffective. I can't believe that June Jones will pull Tyler if he leads UH on four straight scoring drives. Other than that, every other position is pretty much set for today. Let's wish them all good luck.

Okay, I'm so excited that I'm getting diarrhea so I'll be back later to liveblog the game.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Liveblogging Tomorrow's Game

I'm gonna try to liveblog tomorrow's Hawaii-USC game since I'll be watching it on ESPN2. I've never done it before so let's hope it's not completely boring or useless.

By the way, tomorrow's game is a sell out!


Break out your 3-D glasses because the Star-Bulletin busts out a season preview with pictures of players and coaches in 3-D. File this under the category of "Using 3-D for no discernible reason."

Dave Reardon has a good article on the large amount of former NFL coaches working tomorrow's match-up.

Davone Bess and Jason Ferguson are the starting slotbacks for tomorrow's game. Nate Ilaoa will play as well, thank God, while Kenny Patton still hasn't recovered from knee surgery.

Ferd Lewis thinks UH will use trick plays tomorrow. Either way, it should be an exciting game!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Two More Days

Here's a Star-Bulletin article about Hawaii's littlest receiver, Jason Ferguson, who is fast and quick and built for the run and shoot. He grew up wanting to play for the Trojans but they deemed him too small. Fuck them. I hope Jason can show suckas how it's done on Saturday.

Ferd Lewis talks about the time in 2003 Warriors safety Leonard Peters went over to shake Marcus Allen's hand in the middle of a game. That's the definition of lolo.

The Advertiser has an article about just how goddamned fast SC receiver Reggie Bush is. Further down it discusses how the mighty Nick Rolovich was horrible in his first two starts before becoming the greatest passing UH quarterback ever, as he got to learn the run and shoot. I still think Michael Carter was the best overall QB. Or Garrett Gabriel whenever he played BYU. Or Timmy Chang at the end of last season. Nah, I think Nick Rolovich is still king, which is why I'm putting my chips on Young Cody Rolovich to step it up next year.

In an Orange County register article, submitted by loyal reader Charles, Pete Carroll tells his players that Hawaii is prone to getting into post-game brawls, so be careful not to goad them into a fight. I can sense a little subtext here. But it's not like UH started those fights against Cincy and Houston, it was those frustrated second-tier Conference USA kids. Just don't come in here like you're all hot shit and swing your helmet at our players, and Tony Akpan won't kill you like he did that lion. It's pretty simple.

The Whittier Daily News spoke to some USC coaches who are worried that Jerry Glanville's defense will play dirty, trying to knock Matt Leinart out of the game. Seems like they're preparing for an angle of protest if Leinart gets sacked hard, like we know he will. An interesting thing to watch out for.
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