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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hawaii Move Up in AP and Coaches Poll (w/UPDATE)

Bumped to add Harris Poll.

UH moves up three spots to #16 in the AP poll, and move up two spots to #15 in the Coaches poll.

UPDATE: UH moves up two spots to #16 in the Harris Poll. Here's a PDF of the poll from Harris Interactive. I'll post an HTML version when it's released.

...and here's it is.

UH at Idaho Wrap-Ups

The Advertiser has a scoring breakdown and game stats.

Dave Reardon writes about the motivation the UH defense took into this game.
Most of the Hawaii defensive players had never heard of Craig James before Friday night. Greg McMackin made sure they did before yesterday's 48-20 victory at Idaho.

The former SMU star running back became a part of the UH defensive coordinator's game plan when McMackin heard about negative comments James made about the Warriors defense during the Thursday night Boise State-Southern Miss telecast.

James, now an analyst with ESPN, said the UH defense is inferior, and that he knocked the No. 19 Warriors out of his Top 25 for that reason. McMackin passed that on to his players Friday and they took it to heart yesterday. They shut down the Vandals' running game and picked off five Nathan Enderle passes, returning two for touchdowns.
UPDATE: Forgot to include Ferd Lewis' column on McMackin's reaction to the comments.

Stephen Tsai writes that Colt Brennan tweaked his ankle again during the game.
In the first quarter, Brennan "rolled" the ankle. He opted to continue playing. But the injury made it difficult to push off on his right foot. Two of his interceptions came when he threw off the back foot. Two others were initially tipped.

"(The Vandals) made some good plays, and I wasn't myself," Brennan said. "I didn't do the best job of capitalizing when I had the opportunities. It was a weird, wacky thing. We played that poorly on offense, and we still crushed them. That shows how good this team is."
Ferd Lewis talks to the coaches about Colt's injury.
Quarterbacks coach Dan Morrison said the injured ankle caused Brennan "not to be able to do some of the things he normally does as well. But it is something he's going to have to work through and he's a tough kid."

But Morrison said, "even with it, he made some unbelievable throws at times. He made a couple across the field to Davone (Bess) that, I mean, had to be put right where they were. There was no other place — and he did it."

Jones added: "A lot of (the problems) came when he was moving around. That's when you feel it. When he was able to get set he made some good throws. Take away the 2 or 3 balls that were tipped and he played a pretty good game. But he's tough on himself. He's his own worst critic."
Also from the article:
  • June Jones talks about Malcolm Lane's performance.

  • Blaze Soares finally got to play, but didn't record any tackles.

  • Ryan Mouton's knee was sore after the game and may get an MRI.
Dave Reardon highlights the performance of Kealoha Pilares.
"I was just trying to make the first guy miss and get in the open field," Pilares said. "The field was kind of soft and hard to cut on."

Pilares repeated the UH running backs' mantra that their first job is to block -- that's especially true now with Brennan dealing with rehabbing a sprained right ankle.
Also from the article:
  • Colt talks about bouncing back from the 5-INT performance.

  • Malcolm Lane talks about burning, and then getting tackled in the endzone by Stanley Franks.

  • Ryan Mouton's knee injury is not to the same knee as last week.

  • Adam Leonard talks about lobbying June Jones to put him in as a fullback in goal-line situations. Speaking of which...
Ferd Lewis talks to coach Jones about putting Leonard in on offense.
"He talked about that last week," Jones said. "He's got some running ability."

Would Jones let the 6-foot, 236-pounder make the move?


Kalani Simpson's final column is a great one, profiling Kalaheo QB and son of Fred, Cody vonAppen.

And finally, some Warriors like yogurt.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Video Highlights: Hawaii at Idaho

ESPN highlights from the always on it UHBows.

And here are some video highlights from KREM in Spokane, Washington.

UPDATE: Woops, Chawan Cut was so fast in getting this up, I didn't even look. Here are some game reports from KITV's Rob DeMello, KHON's John Veneri and KHNL's Stephen Florino.

Hawaii 48, Idaho 20

Here's the AP wrap-up by Tim Booth.
Brennan finished 30 of 49 for 369 yards with three touchdown passes and added a 1-yard TD plunge in the third quarter. Brennan's five interceptions — two were on deflections — tied a school record, but while the Warriors' star struggled, Hawaii's talent easily overmatched the Vandals.

Brennan's ankle seemed fine, but he was far from sharp. Many of his passes were slightly off target, either behind or in front of his receivers. Brennan's 19 incompletions were the most since missing 20 throws against Wisconsin in 2005 and third highest of his career.

Davone Bess caught a season-high 12 passes for 162 yards, just two receptions off the school record he co-owns, and Kealoha Pilares added 85 yards rushing on just 10 carries, the highest total by any Hawaii back this season.
The Star-Bulletin has a scoring breakdown and some game stats.

Hawaii at Idaho Updates

Not a liveblog, but just some scoring updates. Check out other ways to follow the game in the post below.

1st Quarter:

10:32 - Colt Brennan connects on a 13 yard pass to Ryan Grice-Mullins. Dan Kelly's PAT is good. Hawaii 7, Idaho 0.

7:10 - Idaho scores a TD on an 18-yard sweep. PAT good. Hawaii 7, Idaho 7.

4:47 - Adam Leonard intercepts the Idaho QB and RETURNS IT 40 YARDS FOR A TD!!!! PAT is good. Hawaii 14, Idaho 7.

End of 1st Quarter - Hawaii 14, Idaho 7

2nd Quarter:

14:07 - Colt Brennan throws a 41-yard bomb to Malcolm Lane for a TOUCHDOWN!!!! PAT is good. Hawaii 21, Idaho 7

10:44 - 24-yard TD pass from Colt Brennan to Davone Bess across the middle! PAT is good. UH 28, Idaho 7

3:54 - Dan Kelly kicks a 39-yard field goal. Hawaii 31, Idaho 7

2:42 - Myron Newberry intercepts an Idaho pass and takes it 75 yards for a TD! He gets an unsportsmanlike penalty for jumping into the endzone. PAT is good. Hawaii 38, Idaho 7

0:36 - Idaho kicks a 50-yard field goal. UH 38, Idaho 10. Wasn't this the final score of the USC-Idaho game?

0:04 - Dan Kelly kicks a 25-yard field goal. UH 41, Idaho 10. End of the 1st half.

3rd Quarter:

3:04 - Colt Brennan sneaks in a TD run from the 1-inch line. PAT good. UH 48, Idaho 10

4th Quarter:

5:42 - Idaho kicks a 49-yard field goal. UH 48, Idaho 13

3:21 - Idaho passes 35 yards for a TD. Hawaii 48, Idaho 20.

0:00 - END OF GAME. Hawaii 48, Idaho 20.

Ways to Follow the Hawaii at Idaho Game

Bumped. I found a Yahoo GameChannel link for live stats and audio. Also, some people are saying that ESPN360 does not list the game when you open the player up. Hopefully it'll be available by the time the game starts. Please comment below if you find any other way to keep up with the game. GO WARRIORS!!!!

In Hawaii:

Oceanic PPV at home. K5 will also being showing repeats.

Check out this list from the Oceanic cable website, which has a list of bars and establishments showing the game live. This Advertiser page has addresses and phone numbers for some of them.

1420 AM on the radio.

Streaming audio via 1420 AM online.

Streaming audio and game stats via Yahoo Sports' GameChannel (click on the "Idaho" link). You need Internet Explorer and a Yahoo login.

Streaming video via the Idaho Athletics website. You'll need Windows Media Player or an equivalent. It costs $6.95 for a month. I have not tried it.

Live online stats from ESPN's Scoreboard, which should have a "Gamecast" link during the game. Or try CBS Sportsline's scoreboard for a "Gamecenter" link.

Outside of Hawaii:

Watch it on ESPN Gameplan, if your cable or satellite provider has it.

Streaming video from ESPN360.com, if your ISP supports it.

Streaming video via the Idaho Athletics website.

Streaming audio via 1420 AM online.

Streaming audio and game stats via Yahoo Sports' GameChannel (click on the "Idaho" link). You need Internet Explorer and a Yahoo login.

Live online stats from ESPN's Scoreboard, which should have a "Gamecast" link during the game. Or try CBS Sportsline's scoreboard for a "Gamecenter" link.

UH at Idaho: PreGame

Orlando from UHWarriorFan.com has a bunch of great photos from this week's UH football practices.

Chawan Cut has compiled some UH-Idaho previews from some recent local broadcasts. From last night's news, previews from KHON's John Veneri, KITV's Rob DeMello and KGMB's Liz Chun. They show footage from the last time UH played in the Kibbie Hangar, two years ago. Check out the silver numbers, check out the Astroturf!

And check out Chawan Cut's Youtube page for much more.

And from earlier in the week, here are some game notes from the UH Athletics website, which includes a link to the PDF press release for the game.

GameDay: Hawaii at Idaho

Stephen Tsai has an update on Colt Brennan's status.
Although he has "tweaked" the right ankle a couple of times in practices, the soreness has subsided after ice treatments.

"I'll be fine in the game," said Brennan, who will not take any pain-killing shots. "Game-day adrenaline is unbelievable. I could have played last week and been fine. Trust me. But the rest was good, and I'll be that much more ready this time."
Dave Reardon's gameday preview has probable starting lineups, breakdowns on both sides of the ball, and this key matchup:
Idaho (lack of) consistency vs. Hawaii explosiveness

Idaho has some talented players, but not enough to afford costly mistakes, especially against a team with as many offensive, defensive and special teams weapons as Hawaii. Five of UH's 31 touchdowns have been scored by defense or special teams. The Vandals have generally played well, but made critical errors at key junctures.

A popular way to try to slow down the run-and-shoot is to mix zone coverages with blitzes in an attempt to contain the Warriors for short gains and pressure the quarterback. But UH's receivers run well after the catch, and Brennan does a good job of detecting blitzes and audibling into quick passes.

If this approach is to have a chance, it must be paired with a ball-control offense that also scores points while eating the clock.
Idaho coach Robb Akey tells the Idaho Statesman how he plans to defend the UH offense.
Because Brennan has a quick release and doesn't get sacked often, the Vandals may have to find an alternative way to pressure the run-and-shoot offense. Idaho has recorded only three quarterback sacks in its first four games.

"Just like you can blitz a quarterback, you can blitz receivers a little bit," Akey said. "You have to have two answers, you can't do just one. More than anything, they do what they do and they do it very well. And they don't care what you do. Hopefully we can change it up enough to where we can keep the big plays to a minimum."
Another Idaho Statesman article discusses the Vandals' emphasis on special teams.
"It's the biggest game-changing play that can happen during a game," said Idaho sophomore Shiloh Keo, who returned a punt 100 yards for a score last week. "You get the biggest momentum swings out of special teams play."
"In regards to playing quality opponents and having an opportunity to win this conference, the special teams have got to play a role in that," Idaho coach Robb Akey said. "We've made good progress in regards to having that happen."
Stephen Tsai's gameday preview has probable starting lineups and breakdowns of offense, defense and special teams for UH and Idaho. Tsai also talks to the players about the Kibbie Dome lights.
The Warriors' biggest adjustment will be the yellow-shaded lighting in the Kibbie Dome. The lights also are lower than at Aloha Stadium. "You have to concentrate more," said Grice-Mullins, who played in the dome as a second-year freshman in 2005. The four starting receivers — as well as Brennan — wear clear visors on their helmets. "You'd be surprised how the clear visors shield the light," Grice-Mullins added.
Tsai also writes that Jason Rivers did not practice this week and may be held out of the game.

Ferd Lewis writes about this UH team being able to play and practice on the road.
For it wasn't too many years ago when any venture out of Aloha Stadium was a toss-up — or worse. Any game away from home, especially up in altitude and down in temperature was a cause for deep concern. The slightest things that could go wrong usually did. Even when it was just the seemingly routine opening coin flip.

If the Warriors didn't play their best, they usually didn't win. And if they were off their game, look out, it had a tendency to get ugly.

But these Warriors — and we're talking since June Jones took over in 1999 in general and the last two campaigns in particular — have shown an ability to do more.
And finally, best wishes to Star-Bulletin columnist Kalani Simpson, who's leaving the paper and moving to the mainland.
No, as many of you know, my wife is from the mainland and we're moving closer to her family. We're moving to the mainland for all the reasons families move to the mainland. It's tough to make it work in Hawaii; it's worth it, but that doesn't make it any less tough. We're moving because the dollar goes further. We're moving because we want to have more kids. It's very much a family decision, a life-decision thing.

Suddenly you sound like Ken Griffey Jr.

Thank you for not using Dennis Erickson.

It's tough. It is sad. But it's the best thing for our family, and we're looking forward to the new adventure ahead.
When he was on, he wrote some of the best columns around.

And regardless, he always kept it interesting.

I really enjoyed the humor he brought to the table.

And as you can tell...

His writing style has rubbed off on me.

I kid, I kid. All the best to Kalani Simpson!

And... GO WARRIORS!!!!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Rivers, Lane, Special Teams, Akey, D. Smith

Stephen Tsai writes that Jason Rivers' back injury continues to bother him, and it'll be a gameday decision whether or not he plays. If he can't go, Malcolm Lane will start in his place.
"People know I'm fast, but it doesn't matter," Lane said. "I don't care about that stuff. I care about running hard every play and making the right reads on the football field. Speed is always an advantage, but you have to be smart, too. It showed last year (as a true freshman). I was fast, but I didn't know what I was doing, and it didn't get me anywhere. You can have speed, but if you don't know what you're doing, it doesn't mean anything."
Also from the article:
  • Linebacker Poʻokela Ahmad will redshirt.

  • Details about the personalized t-shirts some players are making.
Dave Reardon writes about some of the UH fans in Idaho. On the same page, Dave and Brian McInnis profile the special teams.
"Dennis has done a great job of tying it all together and creating an attitude amongst the players that special teams is important," Reinebold said. "And not just that, but giving the guys some fundamentals and techniques."

Junior cornerback Guyton Galdeira has found a niche as an outstanding special teams player, blocking on returns and making tackles on kickoffs and punts. He often blocks two defenders on the same play.

"I'm trying to get to three," Galdeira said. "Coach McKnight always talks about taking it to the next level. Once you know your block is secure, you go to the next level and find another one."
In their Sports Notebook, McInnis and Reardon write that Colt Brennan was still hurting, but accurate in practice. Also from the Notebook:
  • Korey Reynolds may be eligible for a medical hardship due to a shoulder injury.

  • Kiran Kepoʻo continues to recuperate from his on-campus bicycle accident.

  • Jared Lene is back with the team after recovering from a viral infection.
Ferd Lewis writes about 1st year Idaho coach Robb Akey.
Robb Akey, who will coach on the sideline opposite UH's June Jones for tomorrow's game, is the third head coach in as many years and fourth in five seasons for the Vandals. Some players are working on their fourth position coaches in as many years.
And the Warrior Insider spoke to defensive back Daniel Smith, who will become a Warrior in 2008..
“I committed so early to Hawaii because I wanted to show the school how much I wanted to become a apart of the team. When I was on my visit I really felt at home and accepted. The thing I am most exited about when I get to Hawaii is my first practice. I just want to get on the field with the team” said Smith.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Colt's ESPN Article, Silence, McMackin

Here's the online version of Chad Nielsen's ESPN the Magazine cover story on Colt Brennan.
He gave up NFL millions for this? A twin foam mattress without sheets on a bare tile floor? It looks like a dog's bed, except no dog lives in this cozy plank house. Instead, Colt Brennan, college football's most complete quarterback, lounges here, waiting out the early August heat in Kahuku, a two-stoplight town in rural Hawaii.

Brennan is watching a Steelers-Eagles preseason game on a grainy TV, listening for Hawaiian names. That could have been him getting beaten up as an NFL rookie.
Read the whole thing! Awesome article.

Stephen Tsai writes about the UH offense practicing the silent count in anticipation of playing in the echoey Kibbie Barn.
"It's all about the timing," center John Estes said. "I snap it when it's a certain time. It's a certain rhythm we use."

In practices earlier in the season, Estes said, "Sometimes I'd snap it faster than I should. But we worked on it, and our timing is better."

Left guard Hercules Satele said: "It's a matter of trust. You have to trust the center will snap the ball on time. This is a precaution in case in gets loud. But we're ready."
Also from the article:
  • Colt talks about his ankle.

  • Ryan Mouton talks about the kickoff return for TD he promised Colt.

  • Jason Rivers was held out of practice due to his stiff back.

  • Safeties Erik Robinson and Spencer Smith will be on the travel roster to Idaho.
Dave Reardon talks to Greg McMackin about the upcoming game.
"They're getting the most out of their athletes," he said. "They played well against USC (a 38-10 loss) and they were ahead of Washington State. They got their win against Cal Poly, and they should've won last week against Northern Illinois, but that was an accident game. They had all kinds of accidents go against them."
"I think they're better than LaTech. They held and grabbed face masks," he said of the Bulldogs. "(Idaho's) offensive front is as good as any we've played yet."
Billy Hull and Dave Reardon's Sports Notebook has news that Leon Wright-Jackson has been told to cut loose.
During a recent tape session, Hawaii coach June Jones noticed the sophomore running back trying to stick to the offense too much on some of his runs.

"He told me to just run wild," Wright-Jackson said. "If I see something else, hit it as hard as possible and get upfield."
Yeah baby. That's exciting to hear. Also from the Notebook:
  • More details about the silent snap count.

  • Dennis McKnight discusses the offensive line's performance.

  • Blaze Soares and Ryan Keomaka are set to make the trip.

  • J. David Miller's "Hawaii Warrior Football" book is ready for pre-order at WarriorsRespond.com. I'm hoping that I'll get an e-mail from warriorshaka.com about the pre-pre-orders we submitted all those months ago!
And finally, Chawan with a news compilation from last night. KHON's Kanoa Leahey reports about Colt's ankle and ESPN cover story; KITV's Rob DeMello reports on the ankle as well as the good news about Ryan Mouton's knee; KGMB's Liz Chun talks to Colt about playing at Idaho and she has a report from the Janevia Taylor fundraiser. And KHNL's Stephanie Lum has report from the fundraiser, while KHNL's Stephen Florino reports about Colt's ankle and has a preview.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Idaho Previews, Mike Washington

Here's a UH at Idaho preview from The Sports Network.

Here a preview from Andrew Giornalista of the AP.

And here's an article from Nick Jezierny of the Idaho Statesman, profiling Vandals cornerback Stanley Franks, who talks about facing the Warriors offense.
"This right here is a cornerback's dream," said Franks, who was an All-WAC cornerback last season. "With as much as they throw the ball ... it's definitely a cornerback's dream."
Awww yeah, that should be a fun battle to watch out for.

Finally, UH receiver Mike Washington is profiled in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
Hawaii coach June Junes inserted Washington to return a punt in the third quarter, and Washington responded by returning it 80 yards for his first collegiate touchdown. The highlight-reel run was similar to those of Santana Moss and Dante Hall, two diminutive NFL receivers after whom Washington (5-7, 165) said he patterns his game.

"When I got an opportunity, I just had to let coach Jones and everybody else know what's up," said Washington. "I'm like: You've got to look at my highlight tape or something. Everybody back home wants to know what I do down here. I just got the opportunity and I just did what I do."

Wed. Practice, Fundraiser

Dave Reardon has a short practice report from today. Here's half of it:
>> If Colt Brennan is rusty, it wasn’t evident on the last play. He slipped one in between two defenders into the hands of Ryan Grice-Mullins.

>> June Jones on Colt Brennan after practice today: “He’s probably six or seven out of 10 but he’ll play.
Stephen Tsai writes that Colt tweaked his ankle.
Colt Brennan said he "tweaked" his right ankle during today's practice, but said he's fine and he "definitely" will start against Idaho Saturday.
Yikes! Be well, HI's man. Also from the entry, Tsai gives an update on the status of members of the 2007 UH football recruiting class. He also has a reminder about today's fundraiser for Janevia Taylor. Here's an excerpt from a Ka Leo article about it:
The University of Hawai‘i Rainbow Wahine Booster Club will host the "Friends of Janevia Taylor Fundraiser" on Wednesday, Sept. 26, at Eastside Grill. Doors open at 5 p.m. Ticket price is $10 and includes heavy pūpūs, as well as four raffle tickets for prizes including restaurant and retail gift certificates, autographed UH memorabilia and a Las Vegas travel package.

Taylor, one of the school's all-time leading scorers, remains in a coma following a serious automobile accident in June near her home in California.
Donations may also be made to Taylor's medical fund at any First Hawaiian Bank branch or may be mailed to:

Friends of Janevia Taylor
c/o First Hawaiian Bank
2764 Woodlawn Dr.
Honolulu, HI 96822

Colt, Bess, Idaho, D

Another CC compilation. Kanoa Leahey previews Idaho, Liz Chun reports about Colt getting back to practice and highlights Davone's somersault into the endzone, Robert Kekaula has a preview and looks at some stats, and Stephen Florino takes a look at the Warriors D.

Colt, Special Forces, Mouton, Etc.

Stephen Tsai writes about Colt Brennan resuming practice yesterday.
"My ankle is fine," Brennan said. "I'll definitely be ready by Saturday."

Quarterback coach Dan Morrison said Brennan was "his usual accurate self."
From UHWarriorFan.com, here's a shot of Colt "getting back into gear," ahem.

Tsai's article continues with a profile of the special teams.
They are the self-styled "Hit Men," the heat-seeking players who form the left side of the Warriors' kick-coverage unit.

"They do the job," said Dennis McKnight, who helps coordinate the kickoff coverage.

UH's strategy is to narrow the field, with Dan Kelly placing kickoffs to the return team's right.

The Warriors loaded their left side with two speedsters (Ryan Keomaka and Guyton Galdeira) along the sideline, and wedge-busters Rustin Saole, Francis Maka and John Fonoti between the numbers and the tee.
Dave Reardon profiles playmaker Ryan Mouton, who got some great news about his knee.
Mouton's MRI came up negative for any serious harm, and the junior participated fully in team drills yesterday. That was a big relief for both the UH defense and special teams, for which he has become a knight on the chessboard: versatile and shifty.

"He's a big-time player," McMackin said. "He's for real, and he complements our corners. He's playing our nickel (package), and we're getting him more and more reps and we consider him a starter and one of our better players."
The article concludes with an injury update on Le'Marcus Gibson, who will undergo knee surgery and apply for a medical redshirt.

Dave has a profile of Idaho running back Deonte Jackson, who hopes to recover from an ankle sprain in time for the UH game.

And Ferd Lewis has hopes that season ticket holders will no longer have to pay for pay-per-view UH football road games, hopefully in the near future.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lunch and Practice Reports

Dave Reardon has a report from Brian McInnis about today's practice. Here's an excerpt:
CB/KR Ryan Mouton got his MRI back, and he’s cleared to play. His left knee is still a little sore, but he practiced at full speed today and DC Greg McMackin said RM will make the trip and his regular contribution is expected, meaning he’ll rotate in at both corners and return kickoffs.
That's excellent news for Mouton and the team. The replays showing him bent backwards at the knee did not look good.

Speaking of bending over backwards, Stephen Tsai writes that the UH Lower Campus has endured a few minor inconveniences while Toyota hosts a convention there. Also from the article, BJ Fruean, who was dismissed from the team during the 11-day road trip, will be back next spring. And Leila Wai has a new video, which includes a funny interview with Ryan Mouton.

Both blogs report that Colt Brennan threw the ball at practice today, though Reardon (or McInnis) writes that Colt was still favoring his ankle. Godspeed, Colt!

Sportshawaii's uhwarriors has a great recap of this week's Na Koa lunch where coach Rich Miano and Dennis McKnight discussed and dissected various plays from the Charleston Southern game. And just a reminder that you can listen to "Call the Coach" with June Jones tonight (soon!) at 6:00pm HST via 1420 AM, or streaming audio here.

Injuries, Cover Boy, Ridiculousness

Stephen Tsai writes about the injuries to Colt Brennan and Blaze Soares, who both plan to play this weekend, Jason Rivers, who may not, and Ryan Mouton, who had an MRI done on his knee and feels good about his chances to play. On the other hand, freshman safety Le'Marcus Gibson looks to be done for the year due to an ACL injury:
Gibson, a freshman from Mississippi, is prepared to undergo surgery to repair the partially torn ACL in his left knee.

He will seek a medical hardship. If granted, as expected, he will have four years to play four seasons.

"I'll still be a freshman next year," Gibson said.

Gibson said he suffered the injury while practicing in Houston two weeks ago.
Here's hoping for a speedy recovery. Also from the article:
  • A few words from new dad Josh Leonard.

  • Keoni Steinhoff, Adam Leonard and Ryan Mouton were selected by coaches as Warriors of the week.

  • Ryan Keomaka is on the comeback trail after getting academics in order.
Dave Reardon writes about Colt Brennan being on the cover of the soon-to-be-published ESPN The Magazine (the article has a picture of it), and writes about Jason Rivers' injury.
"I feel bad for him in his senior year," Jones said yesterday at his weekly press conference. "He's getting (his back) looked at again. He tried to go, I probably should have held him out. So we'll make adjustments that he's not going to be there."
Reardon also has some national stats:
The Warriors have run two kickoffs back for touchdowns and enter the week third in Division I at 32.4 yards per return.
The Warriors also enter the week third nationally in net punting (41.9 yards per punt) and 12th in punt returns (16.8). Mike Washington is second in the country in punt returns, based largely on his 80-yard touchdown in the opener.

Kalani Simpson has a few great quotes from QB coach Dan Morrison about the ridiculousness of the UH offense.
He said, "We're doing some things different (scheme-wise), but nothing dramatically different than we've been doing the last eight years." On behalf of the coaches, he said, "It's not us."

Well, then what is responsible for this seismic shift? El Nino? Global warming? A grave disturbance in the force?

"It's just the young people we have in the system right now," Morrison said.
"Get to the stadium while you can," Morrison said. "Because they're going to be gone really shortly." He's talking about the young people. They're on quite a roll. And once they're gone ...
Golden age, baby!

And finally, Ferd Lewis writes about the unseemliness of the Boise president begging to join the Mountain West. Boooooo!

Monday, September 24, 2007

CSU Pics, Vids and News, Idaho Info

Orlando of UHWarriorFan.com has a bunch of great pics from the Charleston Southern game ready to view on his 2007 Season photo gallery. Here's but a wee sample of the over 700 photos from the game -- Davone's somersault in action!

Crazy! Looks like he scared Malcolm Lane a little bit. Thanks to Orlando for taking and posting all these photos, and for letting me preview some here. Check out UHWarriorFan.com for lots more.

Chawan Cut has a compilation of Monday night's UH football news up.

Thanks again, Mr. Cut!

Here's the UH Athletic Department's press release recapping June Jones' Monday press conference. An excerpt:
On the team's play
"We're going to have to better this week, obviously, to win at Idaho than we were at home against Charleston Southern. We'll also have to be better at San Jose State and Nevada than we are right now."

On the running back situation
"I like what I see on the offensive line and at running back. Kealoha (Pilares) and Leon (Wright-Jackson) get better each week. Kealoha is getting more confidence each week with his running. This week, he looked like he did when I saw him in high school. His blocking is getting better too. Leon was better this week running north to south. I call the same game for both running backs but have put them in depending on the play the first few games. Now that I know they can block, I don't care who is in there. Leon gives us more speed in open field and can run away from people, where Kealoha is a little more shiftier. There are advantages to both of them."
Dave Reardon also had a few notes from the press conference, and noted that Colt Brennan rested his ankle today while the team did some light conditioning. Tsai has an injury update on Colt, Jason Rivers, RGM and Ryan Mouton, who underwent an MRI on his knee. Let's hope it's all good. Also from the post, congratulations to Josh Leonard on becoming a dad.

The UH Athletic Department also released notes and information about the upcoming Idaho game. It also has a link to the PDF press release for the game.

Warriors in the Pros

Travis Laboy made a good play on Monday Night Football, forcing a Drew Brees fumble, which was a key play in the game.

Ashley Lelie got in Saturday's 49ers game, but didn't catch a pass. Teammate Isaac Sopoaga recorded two tackles.

Ikaika Alama-Francis was active for Detroit's game against the Eagles, but didn't record any tackles.

Pisa Tinoisamoa was inactive for the Rams as he recovers from an ankle injury.

The Dolphins lost, but Samson Satele and the offensive line seem to be improving. Reagan Mauia had no rushes or receptions.

Colt on ESPN The Magazine Cover

Man, I hope my subscription kicks in this week. UHBows has a clip previewing the cover of the new ESPN The Magazine, which hits newsstands this Wednesday.

Sunday news up

June Jones Show, 4-0, Graunke, Etc

Irse has this week's June Jones Show up in Windows Media format. And Orlando has it up in Youtube format here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Dave Reardon writes about UH's 4-0 record matching the best start since 1988. He also discusses the most recent polls.
When the polls came out yesterday, Hawaii was 17th (coaches), 18th (Harris) and 19th (AP). Some would think a 56-point victory would mean a bigger jump, but the Warriors are paying the price for having played two Division I-AA teams. From the national perspective, the score could've been 100-0 and the jury would still be out with wins against Northern Colorado, LaTech, UNLV and now Charleston Southern.
And at the end of the article is this week's Warriors Replay. Here's #3, the "bloggers' choice."
3. Untouched

The Setup: Hawaii 21, Charleston Southern 10, 15:00 remaining, third quarter, Charleston Southern kicking off from own 30.
The Play: KR Ryan Mouton gathers the ball at the 10, near the left sideline. He cuts toward the middle, follows a lane and scores untouched.
The Impact: Charleston Southern went into halftime trailing by just 11 and with hopes of pulling off a major upset. Hawaii's third special teams touchdown of the season put a major dent into those aspirations.
Mouton: "Colt (Brennan) told me at halftime, 'I thought you said you were going to run one back for me?' I had to live up to my word."
Stephen Tsai talks to June Jones, Colt Brennan and Tyler Graunke about the jeering Graunke got from some fools in the crowd.
"I didn't hear (the boos) when the game was going on, but I heard it on the (television) replay of the game, and that's kind of disappointing that people would do that," Jones said. "I don't know what would cause people to do that to kids."
"The fans don't see that a lot of mistakes that are pinned on the quarterback aren't necessarily the quarterback's fault," Brennan added. "The fans can't see that. The way our offense has been, and the success we've had, the fans can get a little spoiled."
But Graunke finished with 285 passing yards in three quarters, and he accounted for four touchdowns — three by passing and his 6-yard run.

"I probably didn't win everybody back," Graunke said, "but slowly and surely I will. I guarantee I will."
Ka Leo's Rebecca Gallegos has a quote from C.J. Hawthorne in her game wrap-up.
"I think he's a great football player, and great football players know how to deal with adversity," said UH wide receiver C.J. Hawthorne. "I think with any of us, (when) even your home stadium starts booing, people begin to doubt, you have to dig in deep a little bit. But I believe he persevered."
Ferd Lewis has a few words for those bozos.
Letting Graunke work through his early struggles, gather experience and eventually find his rhythm was the best thing UH could have done. Thankfully, the coaches weren't swayed by a chorus of muddled thinking to the contrary. Including some, no doubt, with a vested interest in the spread.
The Phoenix out of (Tucson) Arizona shall rise in '08!

Tsai's article continues with linebacker Adam Leonard talks about his pick six, his knee, and his motivation. By the way, it wasn't me!
Leonard, who is considered to be the Warriors' best open-field tackler, has found motivation on the Internet. He said he recently was criticized on a Warrior fan's Web site for being out of shape.

"It kind of stings, but it doesn't hurt me," Leonard said. "It won't break me or make me to have fans feel that way. It makes me want to prove them wrong."
Godspeed, Manimal!

Also from Tsai's article, June calls Ryan Mouton "the real deal" and talks about Jason Rivers playing with a bad back.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hawaii Ranked #18 in Harris Interactive Poll

Great news for the Warriors! UH is ranked #18 in the first Harris Interactive poll of the year. Here's a PDF of the poll. I'll try to find a regular HTML version. UPDATE: Here it is.

FYI, from the BCS site, here's how the BCS rankings are forumlated:
The Standings include three components: USA Today Coaches Poll, Harris Interactive College Football Poll and an average of six computer rankings. Each component will count one-third toward a team's overall BCS score.

UH Remain at #19 in AP, Up to #17 in Coaches Poll

Three teams fall past while three others leapfrog UH as the Warriors remain at #19 in the AP poll.

And UH gets leapfrogged by two teams but still move up one spot to #17 in the Coaches Poll.

UH vs CSU Wrap-Ups

The Advertiser has a scoring breakdown, and some game stats.

Dave Reardon has a recap, which also has stats and scoring breakdowns. Here's an excerpt:
"Tonight we showed we're a great team," Brennan said. "Not just a great offense, but a great team."

It took the special teams and defense to break this one open. They struck decisively at the outset of the second half, with two touchdowns before the Hawaii offense even got onto the field.

"Very big," coach June Jones said. "It's a team game. It felt like a 21-20 game."
In Stephen Tsai's wrap-up, Tyler Graunke talks about hearing boos and "We want Colt" chants.
"That's cool," Graunke said of the early catcalls. "As long as I win them back. I know these people will have my back. When I'm not doing good, I expect them to let me know. I've got their back as long as they've got mine."
Also from the article, Kealoha Pilares talks about scoring on a touchdown run.
Pilares ran right on a long-trap play, cut upfield, stopped as a defensive back sped past, and glided into the end zone.

"That's from practicing on the video games," Pilares said. "You see that on the video games, and you go out there and try to mimic it."
And Tsai writes about a new defensive package UH unveiled last night.
Against an opponent that employs a no-huddle, spread offense, the Warriors unveiled their 45 defense, which resembles a nickel defense except the four starting defensive linemen are not replaced by speed-rushers. In this scheme, Thomas enters as a safety, replacing linebacker Brad Kalilimoku, and safety Keao Monteilh becomes the nickelback aligned as a linebacker.
Nick Abramo writes about the UH victory from Charleston Southern's perspective.
"If we could have held strong, I truly believe we could have beaten Hawaii," said Bucs quarterback Eli Byrd, who rolled his ankle three times but will be OK. "We expected to beat Hawaii. A couple of mistakes happened, and against a big team like that, there's no room for error. The second half was bad."
Jason Kaneshiro talks to Tyler Graunke about his shaky performance before settling down in the second half.
"It was frustrating at first. I wasn't really throwing balls the way I know how to throw them, and my head was kind of spinning a little quicker than it should have," Graunke said. "I settled down and started throwing some good balls."
"The second half I was more calm than I'd ever been," Graunke said. "I wasn't even thinking twice about it. I'd look at the coverage and know where I was going to go with the ball -- see what happened and adjust from there."
Stacy Kaneshiro talks to Colt Brennan about sitting out.
Brennan said he could've played; his ankle didn't appear to be affecting him during pregame warmups. But he said it was his and coach June Jones' decision.
"I wanted to rest it because even though it felt better, if I didn't get a chance to rest it then, it would've been sore all week and maybe sore the rest of the year," Brennan explained.
Kalani Simpson writes that tonight served as a reminder that Colt is awesome.
Those guys are good. And this offense works. But we got a slight reminder last night of what it was like BC (Before Colt). There's a difference between when he does this and when anybody else does. There's a reason why this is the year.

Graunke answered the call. He came through. But we were reminded that this stuff isn't as easy as it looks. The guy with the bad ankle is pretty dang good.
Ferd Lewis writes about the extraordinary vision of Herman Frazier.
What sure seemed like a colossal fumble when the schedule came out in June, gave Frazier the opening to claim "strategic placement" last night as the lightness of schedule afforded the Warriors the luxury of working out the kinks until coming up with a 28-point third quarter overdrive to put away plucky Charleston Southern, 66-10.

What he was bashed like a pinata for this summer, Frazier was able to stand at midfield last night and cite as scheduling "by design."
So true.

Billy Hull writes about David Veikune and Desmond Thomas, two backups who got extensive playing time last night.
Veikune had two sacks at critical times and Thomas helped jump-start a struggling offense with a key interception midway through the second quarter to help Hawaii get on track and rout Charleston Southern.
Michael Tsai writes about the Warriors' defensive performance last night.
"I think they're more comfortable, and having fun playing and not thinking so much," said UH defensive coordinator Greg McMackin. "I think they're getting better, which is more important than the wins and losses."
Guyton Galdeira's big night on special teams is featured in Star-Bulletin's Sports Notebook.
"That's pretty standard," UH kicker Dan Kelly said. "When Guyton doesn't have five or six tackles, that's when I notice. What, is he hurt?"

"He's a spark plug," Hawaii offensive line and special teams coach Dennis McKnight said.

Kelly said, "He and Timo (Paepule) are like the two golden geese."
Also from the article:
  • Adam Leonard says he was disappointed in some of the fans jeering Graunke.

  • News about some injuries suffered during the game to Leonard, Keala Watson and Ryan Mouton, who says he should be okay.
Michael Tsai writes about defensive lineman Josh Leonard, whose due-any-minute pregnant girlfriend watched the game from the stands. Also from the article:
  • The Warriors performed the haʻa before the game.

  • Graunke says he didn't hear the jeering.

  • Dan Kelly made a great tackle on a kick return.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hawaii 66, Charleston Southern 10

After a shaky first half, Tyler Graunke and the Warriors settled down and got in a groove in the second half, with Inoke Funaki getting a lot of playing time in the 4th quarter and looking sharp as well. I'm happy a lot of the second and third stringers got some game time, which can only help as UH heads into the rest of the WAC schedule, starting next week at the Kibbie Dome in Idaho.

Here's a post-game wrap-up by the Advertiser.

Here's a wrap-up from the AP. By the way, the "fans" participating in this:
With Hawaii's high-octane offense sputtering and leading only by a touchdown midway through the second quarter, the crowd began chanting, "We want Colt! We want Colt!"
Not cool at all. I even heard it when Graunke was trying to drive the team from deep in UH territory. What the hell, you're not supposed to cheer against your own team. UPDATE: What he said.

Anyway, despite all that, Tyler was able to put it together and show what he can do in the second half. From the Advertiser article:
Granke completed 12 of 25 passes for 174 yards with a touchdown in the first half. In the second half, though, the junior quarterback was 10 of 11 for 111 yards and two scores.
Here's another AP wrap-up with some quotes.

Halftime: Hawaii 21, Charleston Southern 10

Tyler Graunke started in place of Colt Brennan and has done some good things, with 1 passing and 1 rushing TD, though he does have 2 INTs. Looks like he's settling down and should have a good 2nd half. I hope Funaki will gets some playing time too. See you after the game.

Ways to Follow the UH vs Charleston Southern Game

Bumped. Here's some info I posted earlier. Please add to it in the comments if you find anything else. Thanks!

In Hawaii:

Buy tickets and go to the game. UPDATE: Here's some parking and tailgating info from the Advertiser.

Oceanic PPV at home.

Check out this list from the Oceanic cable website, which has a list of bars and establishments showing the game live (hat tip to beegpk on Sportshawaii). This Advertiser page has addresses and phone numbers for some of them.

1420 AM on the radio.

In and Outside of Hawaii:

Streaming video via HTSportsnet.com. You'll need Windows Media Player or an equivalent. It costs $9.95 for the game, or check out the season packages they offer.

Streaming audio via ESPN 1420. Hope they've solved some of the bandwidth and/or buffering problems I heard about.

Streaming audio via CSUsports.com. Doesn't look like the link is available yet, but according to their last opponenent's website, you may have to register and fill out a short questionnaire before being able to listen.

Live online stats from Internet Consulting Services via the UH website. CSUsports may also have live stats here. You can also check out online stats from ESPN's Scoreboard, which should have a "Gamecast" link during the game. Or try CBS Sportsline's scoreboard for a "Gamecenter" link.

Please comment below if you find any other ways to follow the action online or elsewhere. I really appreciated all the help last week. Thank you and....


UH-CSU PreGame Perusal

Here's a link to the UH Athletics Department's press releases for today's game and for previous games.

Orlando from UHWarriorfan.com has a bunch of great practice photos from this week up on his site. Be there!

And Chawan has a video compilation of last night's news:

GameDay: Hawaii vs Charleston Southern

Dave Reardon writes that Colt Brennan will play.
"He gives us the best chance to win," (June) Jones said.
Brennan practiced yesterday, and had lost the limp he had earlier in the week.
Great news. The article follows with a gameday preview. Here's an excerpt:
The Warriors lead the nation in passing offense, but the running game might be emphasized more this week (as it was against UNLV) to give the Bucs fewer shots at a hobbled Brennan. Also, the Bucs haven't been very stout against the run, allowing 4.9 yards per carry.
While Brennan is expected to play, Stephen Tsai writes that Jason Rivers may not.
But UH's leading receiver, left wideout Jason Rivers, might not be ready to play. Rivers, who is suffering from tightness in his lower back, missed his fifth consecutive practice.

"We'll see how he is before the game," Jones said.

Malcolm Lane, who already has replaced Rivers as a kick returner, would be next in line at left wideout.
And Tsai has a gameday preview, breaking down the offense, defense and special teams on both sides. Here's an excerpt:
Lane has been itching for a chance, even agreeing to move from the right side, where he has played exclusively during his 17-game UH career. Of his three touches this season, two have resulted in touchdowns — a 94-yard kickoff return and an 81-yard catch-and-sprint. While Lane has been successful on inside screens from the right side, which allows him to scan the defense, he said the left side permits him to carry the ball with his right hand.
Jeff Hartsell of the Post and Courier talks to CSU coach Jay Mills about trying to defend Hawaii's offense.
Mills said the key for the Bucs will be to keep the ball away from whichever Hawaii QB is in the game.

"That's the week-in and week-out question for coaches facing them," he said. "You have to try to keep it away from their offense. The run-and-shoot, it's much like the wishbone in that there are only so many things you can do. I doubt if they even look at game film, because they know what they want to do and they know the things they will see."
Patrick Obley of TheState.com writes about how CSU ended up playing UH, and what the game means to them.
Once the two sides were able to agree, Charleston Southern had to figure out how to get to Honolulu. Mills consulted with past associates at Purdue, Northern Colorado and Eastern Illinois to learn what those schools did to prepare.

Charleston Southern will return to Hawaii in 2011 as well. In between is a 2009 trip to The Swamp to play Florida.

The six-figure paydays the school receives for the trips will be put into the construction of a new fieldhouse planned for one of end zones at Buccaneers Field.

“We’ll have lockerrooms for every sport,” Mills said. “There will be lockerrooms for the P.E. classes as well and an academic resource center for all student athletes.”
I'm glad this is helping at least one team upgrade their facilities. Gong!

And finally, Ferd Lewis writes an article about all the cures for a sprained ankle Colt Brennan has received from devoted UH football fans.
And folks want to get him on the field and at full capacity — and soon. "I would hate to see the Warriors' best season ruined because of this injury," e-mailed a fan named Bonnie, who recommended hyperbaric oxygen treatment. Another suggested allowing the tides, sea salt and sand to cure Brennan. Others have offered up herb cure treatments. One promotes a wrap of a molds and fungus mixture.
Eh aunty! Come give Colt lomi lomi!

And finally, Stephen Tsai writes that former UH receiver Ross Dickerson has joined the Marines.
Dickerson reported to basic training at Camp Pendleton in San Diego. He only was allowed to bring a coat, $20 and his driver's license.
The country is a lot safer now that Dickerson is defending it.
Right on.

Friday, September 21, 2007

The Ankle, CSU, Leonard, Colt v Harrell 2

Dave Reardon with an ankle update:
"(Today) should be a good indication," Brennan said. "Mornings are the hardest part because the ankle's stiff. But I wanted to get out there and run around. By Saturday night it should be healed up enough (to play)."
Stephen Tsai has an update too:
At Jones' request, Brennan traded crutches for a heavily padded medical boot when he is not practicing.

"I think the boot helps because it makes it easier to move around," Brennan said. "At the same time, I'm walking, and that's good."

Jones said: "He's good enough he can play in that boot."
And Jason Rivers missed practice again with a sore back. Also from Tsai's article:
  • Tyson Kafentzis is suspended for two games because of his role in a fight at practice.

  • JoPierre Davis and Mario Cox talk about the growing enthusiasm of players wanting to be on special teams.

  • Ryan Perry will be reunited with high school classmates on the Charleston Southern team.
Back to Dave's article, he talks to CSU coach Jay Mills about tomorrow's game.
"Obviously you do your team and your program a disservice if you enter without the goal of winning the contest," Mills said in a phone interview earlier this week. "We look at this as an opportunity to continue our growth. Our ultimate goal is to win a national championship at the FCS (Division I-AA) level. This gives us a chance to raise the bar."
Reardon talks to linebacker Adam Leonard about his role in Greg McMackin's defense.
In Saturday's 49-14 victory at UNLV, Leonard came at the Rebels from all kinds of different angles, finishing with 11 tackles. He also had 12 stops the week before against Louisiana Tech, including a sack for 19 yards.

Leonard's effort at UNLV was somewhat overshadowed by middle linebacker Solomon Elimimian's 14 stops that earned him a WAC Player of the Week honor.

But Leonard was just as disruptive and destructive. UH's defensive scheme against the Rebels involved Leonard and Elimimian among eight Warriors crowded at the line of scrimmage.
Leonard also mentions that he's still not fully recovered from knee surgery, but hopes to be 100% by midseason. Those two byes on either side of the NMSU game should help.

And I guess this is a popular subject, or maybe the same person is asking it, but Rivals.com's Olin Buchanan follows CFN's Pete Fiutak (see previous post) in answering a question about why Texas Tech's Graham Harrell isn't getting the same buzz as Colt Brennan.
Critics may argue that his stats are inflated because he plays inferior defensive teams in the WAC, but he threw for at least 350 yards last season against Alabama, Purdue, Oregon State and Arizona State - all BCS-conference teams that went to bowls. On top of that, Hawaii was 3-1 in those games. Brennan also threw for 388 yards and five touchdowns in a loss to Boise State, which won the Fiesta Bowl.

This season, Brennan already has passed for 1,262 yards and 12 touchdowns. Harrell has thrown for more yards (1,317) and touchdowns (14) than Brennan, but last season Harrell threw for just 204 yards and no touchdowns in a loss to TCU, 236 yards and one touchdown in a loss to Colorado and 250 yards and two touchdowns in a loss to Oklahoma.
Just gotta point out that Alabama didn't go to a bowl and (woops!) UH was 2-2 against BCS teams last year, but that's not the point!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Vids, Previews, Colt

Chawan puts together three news stories from tonight and wraps it into one, like a burrito. The stories feature Colt and his ankle, with some discussion about the upcoming opponent. In the last story, Liz Chun reports on the Warriors' haka replacement, known as the haʻa, or ha'a, depending on your fonts. It includes interviews with Guyton Galdeira, Keala Watson and Davone Bess.

CSTV visited some tailgaters from Hawaii in the Sam Boyd Stadium dust lot before the UNLV game last week. They interview fans and even some former UH players attending the game.

David Shelton of The Post and Courier on Charleston.net has a new preview of the Charleston Southern game. Here's what CSU kicker Nick Ellis has to say:
"We're going out there to win. I hope people understand that," said Ellis. "The trip will be fun, but it's business. We're trying to get better as a football team every time we play. Personally, I'm excited to get out there and kick in front of a huge crowd. For all of us that will be playing, this is something we've always dreamed of."
Rebecca Gallegos of Ka Leo has a game preview as well.
"We're maturing as a football team," said UH head coach June Jones. "All of them have taken a lot of pride in their efforts. We're 3-0 right now. We have to get better every week, and we have to play better this week to just keep inching along on what we want to do. We have to stay focused. If we can do that, we'll get better."

And now for the Colt Report. My friend Legios, who is on the east coast, says Colt is getting a lot of great exposure out there. An AP article about Colt along with his picture was printed in the Washington Post's Express, a free paper given out at metro stations. Also, the New Hampshire Union Leader's C.J. McCarthy has Colt at the top of his Heisman list.
As Al Davis used to say, "Just win, baby.'' And that's what Brennan did. While Arkansas and Louisville (see Darren McFadden and Brian Brohm) were losing, Hawaii remained undefeated. As a result, Brennan stays atop our Heisman Watch. While his numbers were pedestrian compared to his usual performances, he once again did not play much in the second half in a 49-14 win at UNLV. His 77 percent completion rate (that's slightly more than three out of four passes being completed) is a figure some teams cannot achieve in practice.
CFN's Pete Fiutak answers a Texas Tech fan's question about why TT's Graham Harrell isn't getting the same accolades as Colt Brennan.
Brennan is asked to do more for his offense. For example, he has 554 rushing yards and 11 scores, compared to Harrell’s -107 and three scores. Hawaii got a huge year out of Nate Ilaoa last season, but Harrell has been helped by far, far better running back play and far, far better defense. And then there’s the history. Yeah, the two quarterbacks are comparable over the first few games, but the career numbers aren’t even close. In 29 games, Brennan has completed 71% of his passes for 11,112 yards and 105 touchdowns with 26 interceptions. In 22 games, Harrell has completed 68% of his throws for 6,294 yards and 55 scores with 13 interceptions. Don’t forget that Brennan has often cranked out number in just a half or three quarters.
Ronnie of the Tsaikos found this really cool anecdote about Colt Brennan doing something cool for the younger brother of an unnamed redshirt offensive lineman.

And Dennis Dodd of CBS Sportsline has this short item in his "Dodds and Ends."
• Urban legend of the week: A caller on the Jim Rome Show said his son chatted with Colt Brennan on the Hawaii bench during Saturday's game at Louisiana Tech. Brennan then met the kid after the game. And no, Brennan didn't have his pads off in the middle of a blowout. This was a tight game throughout that ended in overtime.

During the game? This kid is loose.
Really cool.

Lane, Kepoʻo, Ankles, AJ, Jesse, Etc.

Billy Hull and Dave Reardon talk to Malcolm Lane about playing both left and right wideout positions.
For Lane -- a guy in just his second season in this offense -- a switch to the other side of the field isn't as easy as it sounds.

"It's a little awkward, but I am picking it up more and more every day," Lane said. "I've never ran routes on the left side."
Lane said he's comfortable with knowing the play calls. It's more the little things he needs to practice.

"It's just running routes and turning one way while turning my head the other way," he said.
Also from the article:
  • Kiran Kepoʻo is recovering from a bicycle accident

  • Larry Sauafea sat out with an illness

  • Blaze Soares suited up but did not practice

  • 31,000 tickets have been sold so far
Stephen Tsai talks to Colt about his ankle. And in practice reports from today, both Tsai and Reardon report that Colt isn't practicing again. So it looks increasingly unlikely that he'll be playing against Charleston Southern. Jason Rivers is not practicing either.

UPDATE: Brennan did practice in limited action today, and it'll be a game-day decision whether he plays or not.

But in better news from Tsai's article:
  • A.J. Martinez has resumed practicing after recovering from his offseason snowboarding accident.

  • UH finally got a usable Charleston Southern game tape.

  • Malcolm Lane is profiled.
Dave Reardon talks to Colt about the last time he had to sit out with an injury.
"I had a really bad concussion as a kid," Brennan said yesterday after the Warriors' practice. "I was throwing up. I was taking too many shots to the head."

Brennan was 14, in his final year of Pop Warner youth football before advancing to high school ball.
The Warrior Insider has an interview with soon-to-be Warrior Jesse Williams. Here's an excerpt:
Warrior Insider: Do you have anything you want to say to the thousands of Warrior fans?

Jesse: Just like to thank Hawaii for this great opportunity, and I will do my best to uphold the Warrior name on and off the field.
Welcome Jesse! UPDATE: This link to the interview no longer works. Hopefully it'll be back up later.

And finally, in other sprained ankle news, former UH linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa talks about recovering from his ankle injury and hoping to get back out on the field for the Rams.
Linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa took part in practice on a limited basis Wednesday, spurring hope that he'll be able to play in the St. Louis Rams' game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

"I see myself on the field," Tinoisamoa said. "I feel good, but we'll see how the coaches see it. I had a good practice today, but we'll see how it goes."

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Ankle, Charleston Southern, Etc

Chawan Cut with a couple news stories about Colt Brennan sitting out practice today as he recovers from his sprained ankle.

The Sports Network has a UH-Charleston Southern preview.

Ken Burger of The Post and Courier on Charleston.net writes about what the CSU team is getting out of the 4,759 mile trip.
If it sounds like a long way to go to play a three-hour football game, it is. But Mills believes it will be an educational experience of a lifetime for his players.

While the Bucs will spend more than 20 hours in the air (leaving today and arriving back on Monday morning), they'll get a chance to play tourist as well as football.

"We're going to take them to Pearl Harbor and we'll attend a luau on Friday night," Mills said.

That's the good news. The bad news is that Saturday night they'll also get a good look at Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan, a Heisman Trophy candidate.
Here's a good article about quarterbacks playing in spread offenses, i.e. "systems." Missouri's Chase Daniel discusses his offense and mentions Colt Brennan:
Asked about being called a system quarterback this summer, Brennan told Sports Illustrated: "Damn right I am. And I love this system."

Daniel agrees. He got to know Brennan when they were counselors during the EA Sports Elite 11 Quarterback camp in late July. Daniel said they talked about the misconceptions that attach themselves to players in offenses like theirs.

"No matter what system you’re in, when you throw for 4,500 yards and freaking 60 touchdowns, you deserve the credit you should get," Daniel said. "No doubt about it."
And finally, here's an update on Gabe Tuata, who left the Warriors earlier this year because he didn't want to grayshirt. Looks like he's doing pretty good at Pasadena College. Maybe one day he'll be back.

UPDATE: Dave Reardon writes that QB Kiran Kepo'o appears to be okay, but remains hospitalized after a bicycle accident last night. Sounds like it could've been a lot worse. Hope they find out what happened.

From the Blogs: Practice, Lane, Corbin, JW

Dave Reardon has a report from today's practice. An excerpt:
Tyler Graunke is running the offense again today with Colt Brennan out with the ankle sprain. Colt is off the crutches, but limping noticably. Nothing’s wrong with his arm, though. He’s tossing the ball around with Ryan Grice-Mullins.
Stephen Tsai reports that Malcolm Lane is the top backup at both wideout positions.
In the meantime, Lane was allowed to take reps at left wideout. The coaches believe Lane deserves more playing time, which is why he was elevated to No. 2 at left wideout.
He also is expcted to be crafted a larger role at right wideout, where C.J. Hawthorne started the first three games.
The Warrior Insider interviews Corbin Brown, who has committed to become a Warrior, pending an official official offer. Here's an excerpt:
Warrior Insider: What was it about Hawaii that made you want to commit?

Corbin Brown:The coaches, the quality of the football program and school, and of course Paradise! But mostly, the fans who have endorsed my abilities, and sent their warm welcome! No where else I went even came close to it.
Right on. And The Warrior Insider interviews a defensive line recruit from Australia named Jesse Williams.
Jessie Williams stands 6 5″, weighs 302 lbs, benches 320 lbs, leg presses 980 lbs and is only sixteen years old. He played basketball as a youth and moved well under the hoop.
So how do you compare Hawaii with your other US Mainland visits?

“During my recent visit to the US Mainland, coaches at BYU were interested, and I have been asked to consider Arizona State as well, but something feels right about UH” said Jesse.

What position do you want to play at the collegiate level?

“As far as I know the coaches from UH are recruiting me for the Defensive line, my preferred position” said Jesse

UPDATE: Sportsbow reports that Williams committed to UH today. Congratulations to Jesse!

The Graunke, The Futon, The Blaze, The Heisman

With Colt Brennan on crutches, Tyler Graunke took the first team reps yesterday. He talks to Stephen Tsai about having to be ready at any time.
Even when Brennan returns, Graunke said, "I have to keep pushing him. Not just for him, but for me, too. He can go down at any play, and the coach could throw me in there any play randomly. I have to be ready to go, and know what to do on the field. I have to be mentally prepared. I have to be physically prepared. I've been here a long time. I know my reads."
Also from the article, Greg McMackin talks about getting Ryan Mouton more playing time.
"We think he's one of our better players," McMackin said. "We're trying to get him on the field more."

McMackin said Mouton is impressive because of "his quickness, his football savvy and great attitude. He knows where the ball is. He's a good tackler. He's a hard-nosed, well-rounded football player."
Tsai also writes about Tuika Tufaga joining the team, as well as Aloha Stadium enforcing illegal tailgating rules.

Dave Reardon profiles Tyler Graunke, who talks about running the first team.
"I have my own group of receivers and my own group of linemen. Today, I got thrown in there with the 1's and it feels good," Graunke said. "Put everybody on my back and let's go, let's do it. I get to be a leader and get to show everybody what I can do."
And Colt had some praise for his fellow QB.
"Typical Tyler," said Brennan when asked to evaluate his backup's practice performance. "He always goes in there and does well.

"If I'm ready to go Saturday, my intention is to get in there and get my reps and then let the younger guys go. I won't really know until Thursday or Friday, but I have every intention of playing. But whether I play or not, I expect Tyler to have a big game."
Also from the article, Herman Frazier talks about next year's schedule.
"We've got to fine-tune a couple of other things," Frazier said. "There's two teams still involved and we expect to get that done very quickly. For the most part, with the offers we had on the table they've pretty much been accepted. We just have to work out some kinks."
Quickly moving on from that topic, Dave Reardon writes about Blaze Soares, who's been recovering from injury and is eager to hit somebody.
"I think (playing against a I-AA opponent) is perfect for me, it'll let me get all my rust (off)," Soares said. "I can get back into the mode. I might have plenty mistakes but it's going to be a good game to build on for me.

"That's my goal, to play Saturday. I've got a lot of football stored up in me."
Awww yeah, I feel sorry for all the unsuspecting fools in his path. Also from Reardon's article:
  • La Tech coach Derek Dooley says he never swore at Davone Bess. Bess still says he did.

  • Erik Robinson practiced yesterday after his paperwork issues were cleared up.

  • Jason Rivers sat out practice with a stiff back.
And Ferd Lewis writes about how important winning the Heisman Trophy is to Colt Brennan.
"The Heisman, that's the least of my worries. If I came out in the first quarter and we won every game, I'd do that. I mean if my numbers were bad (for Heisman purposes), that wouldn't matter as long as we won."
Great to hear. And Ferd sums it up excellently:
There's a lot to be said about somebody who isn't going to get blinded by the pursuit of individual glory to the detriment of his team. Even when it is the most prized individual honor in sports and a multi-million-dollar marketing boon to its winner.

Now, that's the kind of guy you'd like to see handed the Heisman Trophy come December.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

News Videos, UH Fan in FL, Charleston Southern

Chawan Cut, finally back from Vegas, has posted some news videos. Here's one from KITV's Robert Kekaula, discussing aspects of the UNLV game and Colt's injury:

And one from KGMB's Liz Chun, with an interview of Tyler Graunke, who may see a lot of playing time due to Colt's injury:

Visit Chawan Cut's Youtube page for more.


Author J. David Miller of Warriorshaka.com has written a funny article about being a Warrior fan in a sea of Gator fans in Florida. He knows how to represent.

Second, the local sports bar here in St. Petersburg is called Beef ‘O’ Brady’s; imagine Murphy’s in Honolulu, and you get the picture. It’s where everybody gathers for wings, fun, brew and, sigh, Florida football. Franc Urso, the owner, has become sympathetic to my Hawaii cause, thanks largely to the kind, personal letter he received from June Jones. Covertly, unbeknownst to the Florida faithful, I’m quietly taking over the establishment. Last week, my publisher sent table-tents for the book, so at each table, you can now find the story of Hawaii football.

There is nothing more refreshing than hearing a Florida fan say, “Why is there Hawaii stuff all over the place?”

Hehe. Can't wait to read the book, which he mentions will come out in a few weeks. And I'm not just saying that because he gave TWWT a shout-out.


And Charleston.com has a short preview of the UH-Charleston Southern game.
Charleston Southern football coach Jay Mills joked Tuesday that he tried to contractually limit the playing time of Hawaii's Heisman Trophy candidate, quarterback Colt Brennan.

"When we drew up the contract, the last thing I wanted to put in there was that Colt could only play two series in the game, one in each half," said Mills, whose club will travel to No. 19 Hawaii this weekend.

08 Update / Reports / CSU Previews

Dave Reardon writes that Herman Frazier has a couple of teams lined up for next year.
A I-AA team has agreed to play UH at Aloha Stadium on Sept. 6, between the Warriors’ opener at Florida and a Sept. 13 game at Oregon State. Frazier said he will announce the name of the opponent soon.

The Dec. 6 home opponent has been narrowed down to a choice of two teams from BCS conferences.
But what I want to know is, when will Herman make an announcement to announce that there will be an announcement regarding the schedule? And when will that announcement be delayed? I kid, I kid.

Dave Reardon also has a practice report from today. Here's an excerpt:
Colt Brennan, on crutches, is talking with WR Jason Rivers, who is also not practicing today (with a sore back). LB Blaze Soares is running around, but haven’t seen him take reps yet. DE Karl Noa, who played a fine game Saturday, is not with the No. 1’s — probably resting a shoulder ailment.
Also from that entry, Reardon writes that Tuika Tufaga, a 6'3" 285-pound defensive lineman, is walking on and will be eligible to play next year. Excellent.

Sportshawaii.com's uhwarriors has posted a great report of the Na Koa lunch where June Jones went over the UNLV game. You can also ask Coach Jones any question on your mind tonight on KKEA's Call the Coach.

The UH Athletic Department has a new article about this Saturday's Charleston Southern game, with some trivia and ways to follow the action. There's also a new press release linked on this page.

And the AP has a preview of the game.

Good News for Colt

Stephen Tsai writes that Colt Brennan's MRI showed no major damage to his ankle.

There's also another national profile of CB, this one from Andrew Bagnato of the AP.

And CFN's Pete Fiutak has Colt Brennan remaining at the top of his Brutally Honest Heisman Breakdown.

Corbin, Tape, Solomon, Etc

Stephen Tsai writes about Corbin Brown's commitment to the Warriors.
Brown said the Warriors have shown interest the longest. He also was recruited by Oregon State, Colorado State, Nevada and Princeton.

"I've become close to the (UH) coaches," Brown said. "I feel comfortable with Hawai'i's program. My playing style would fit in a lot better."
But Dave Reardon writes that it's not a completely done deal just yet.
— two sources close to the situation say there is no actual scholarship offer yet. Before there is one, a key person in this process needs to at least see tape of Brown, and he hasn’t yet.
Hopefully it's just formalities. The coaches may be trying to focus on another tape issue, as Tsai's article continues:
CSU sent three DVDs of its season-opening loss to The Citadel. None, according to UH sources, was useable.

The video of the special teams was shot from an angle making it difficult to identify the CSU players. The defensive video was not synchronized. And the video of the CSU offense was "not readable," according to people familiar with the situation.
Uh oh, shades of Michigan State. Also from the article:
  • Colt Brennan practiced the new haka on crutches.

  • Despite having 14 tackles and being named WAC POTW, Solomon Elimimian was disappointed in his performance.

  • Blaze Soares, recovering from injury, participated in conditioning drills.
Jason Kaneshiro writes that if Colt can practice, Colt can play this weekend. Kaneshiro also writes about Solomon Elimimian's defensive performance against UNLV. Hey, at least Coach Jones liked it.
"He was everywhere," UH head coach June Jones said. "He made a lot of plays just flying around to the ball. We had three or four guys play well. I thought the overall scheme really settled and got going and I see an attitude starting to happen now."
Solomon also talks about playing in the 4-3:
Elimimian is thriving in the middle of UH's 4-3 alignment, which often funnels running backs to him. Adam Leonard has also adjusted to playing on the outside. He had 11 stops last week.

"You have to be a more sideline-to-sideline player, it's a lot more blitzing," Elimimian said of his role in the scheme compared to last year's 3-4 base defense. "You have to be in charge of the defense and make sure everybody is in the right place.

"I can make more plays and it just fits our personnel on defense."
Kalani Simpson writes about the Warriors' coming off the road trip as a stronger team.
The trip to Louisiana Tech was every bit as dangerous as anyone could have imagined (and most of us didn't). But Hawaii survived it. Despite being roughed up and taken to the brink by a vastly inferior opponent, it turned into a hugely positive thing.

Those are games you point to later down the line, and say everything started right there.
And finally, Rivals.com has their new power rankings out, with Colt Brennan as the #1 QB, and three Warrior receivers, Davone Bess, Jason Rivers and Ryan Grice-Mull(en)ins listed in the Top 25.
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