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Saturday, September 18, 2004


I've been really busy of late, so no links to newspaper articles you probably already read. Anyway, let's hope Hawaii can cook Rice today!

Monday, September 13, 2004

Se'e Poumele

The Star-Bulletin and Advertiser do it again, leading with the same exact story. Anyway, both stories speculate as to whether Se'e Poumele will be ready for the Rice game. The Star-Bulletin mentions Boise and Fresno being ranked while the Advertiser says Akpan will sit out the Rice game to serve out his suspension for going nuts against Houston last year.

Sunday, September 12, 2004


In a Star-Bulletin article, Herman Frazier says that he's optimistic attendance won't drop for Hawaii's next home game even though they lost to Division I-AA FAU. Well let's hope so, since there were only 30,000 people in the stands for the FAU game.

Friday, September 10, 2004


At the bottom of this column, ESPN the Magazine's Bruce Feldman calls FAU's victory over Hawaii as "the most startling event of the opening weekend."

The Indianapolis Star does a little profile on Florida Atlantic coach Howard Schnellenberger and his bitchy comments about Hawaii's run and shoot offense that he made before the game. Man, did UH players hear these comments and still only score 28 points? The opposing coach pretty much implied you were a bunch of pussies, and you didn't slap that Rollie Fingers mustache off his face? Oh, the pain!

The Run and Shoot

Kalani Simpson has an interesting article on how the UH offense is pretty cool, but nothing special... kinda like Kalani Simpson.

Jus joke, cuz!

Gerald Welch

The Star-Bulletin and Honolulu Advertiser have competing articles profiling backup slotback Gerald Welch. Stephen Tsai's Advertiser article wins the battle with a casual reference to the legendary Abdullah Fata'ai, known by most people as the man who outed King Kong.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

More on UH playing Alabama

The Star-Bulletin and Advertiser elaborate on the Alabama game. The Star-Bulletin article also has an injury report.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

UH News on Sportsline.com

Here is a link to several mini-articles from Sportsline.com about the Florida Atlantic game. They award the game ball to Abraham Elimimian for his two interceptions. The "Inside Slant" article briefly mentions UH's hopes for the season before this game was played... *cry*. "Strategy and Personnel" has a bit about how amazing it was that Timmy Chang didn't throw an interception the entire game. I found that to be amazing as well. Let's all hope he doesn't throw an interception the entire season. Let's also hope that monkeys will fly out of my butt.

Hawaii to play Alabama

According to the Advertiser, Hawaii will open the 2006 season in Alabama.

Hey guys, why don't we worry about this season instead of some game in the far off future that will probably get cancelled anyway and force UH to scramble to find a last-minute replacement which, as it turns out, will probably be some obscure Division I-AA team that will soundly beat us.

Jus joke, cuz!

More UH Football News

Here is an article from the Star-Bulletin saying how freshmen Clarence Tuioti-Mariner and Keala Watson did a good job on defense during the Florida Atlantic game. It also talks about how all the UH players had to review film of the entire game. Let's hope they learned how to cover tight ends. Other than their own. You know how it is.

Here is an article from The Honolulu Advertiser which calls West Keli'ikipi "slim" for weighing in at a mere 262 pounds. I'd hate to see him when he's fat. Further down the page, if you can believe this, Justin Ayat will be the only placekicker on the 60-man travel squad that flies to Rice next week. What happens if Ayat gets injured? Oh, that's right, he already is. The article says punter Kurt Milne will be the backup placekicker. Oh sweet lord. Finally, the last item on the page says that ESPN.com lists Hawaii in it's "Bottom 10" for the week. Here is a link to the article, which doesn't have a permalink, so it might not even be there anymore.

Ferd Lewis has a column in the Honolulu Advertiser talking about the importance of having a good kicker. Thanks for pointing it out, Ferd.

Return of the Buffalo

Due to Blogger going crazy yesterday, here is yesterday's post today.

Both the Star Bulletin and the Advertiser have stories saying West Keli'ikipi may be available in time for the Rice game. Well, let's hope the Buffalo is indeed back as he can knock down fools like it ain't no thang and add a second dimension to the Hawaii offense.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Here's the Kicker

Here is a "Weekend Review" article from Sports Illustrated online that presents Florida Atlantic with the Team of the Week award for travelling five time zones to beat Hawaii on their home turf. But what, you ask, is the lead story of this article? Yes, that's right, the importance of having a kicker.

Florida Atlantic vs. Hawaii Post-Mortem

Here is an article from the Star-Bulletin talking about how UH has two weeks to stew in their disappointment before taking on their next opponent, Rice. Mmmm, stew and rice... now I'm hungry.

Here is an article from the Advertiser talking about injuries to slotbacks Nate Ilaoa, who may be out for the season, Se'e Poumele, who may be out for a while, and Chad Owens, who will probably not be out. It also talks about excuses for not having a kicker to kick field goals.

Here is an Advertiser column from Ferd Lewis. He says this defeat ranks as one of the most painful losses in UH history, and then goes on to rank those defeats in order of the amount of pain each defeat caused. Thanks for the list, Ferd.

Here is an article from the Palm Beach Post that seems to be somewhat of a repeat of yesterday's Palm Beach Post article, as it is mainly another game recap.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

My Heart is Torn Asunder

The University of Hawaii's dream of an undefeated season is no more, as they lost their season opener to Florida Atlantic, 35 to 28. Yes, that's right, the same Florida Atlantic you've never even heard of. So go ahead and laugh! I don't give a crap! But let me tell you one thing...

*cue ominous 50s noir music, along with corresponding noir accent*

Unlike you, at least I'm passionate about something! Oh, I'm sorry, did I touch a nerve? Forgive me, please, for I had no idea you still felt anything, seeing as how your heart is as barren as an empty tin of childhood promise! Seeing as how your life now consists of nothing more than a going through of the motions, secretly longing -- not only for that young scamp you didn't have the courage to take to the ball all those years ago -- but for the cold comfort of death's eternal embrace! That's right baby! The big sleep!

I suppose I'm taking this loss a bit too hard. There will be other games, after all. Sigh.

Recap of the Loss That Didn't Need to Be

Here is the recap from the Star-Bulletin.

Here is the recap from the Honolulu Advertiser which I can't be bothered to read.

Here is the recap from the Palm Beach Post saying how this victory is the biggest in Florida Atlantic's history. Rub it in, you bastards!

Here is the AP recap from Yahoo.

Really, Hawaii should've recruited a kicker instead of a musical director in the offseason. I'm just saying.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Season Opener

Just three hours before Hawaii takes on Florida Atlantic in a pre-season scrimmage. Timmy Chang will hopefully amass 2218 in passing yards in this game, breaking Ty Detmer's career passing mark, and thus negating our having to hear about it for the rest of the season. I'm assuming 2218 yards in one game would probably break other records too. Bonus!

I have been eagerly anticipating the UH football season. I hope they don't chump it tonight and lose. I've already spent like $40 bucks on food and drink. I got my Newcastle Brown Ale, my Farmer John hot dogs, my Pizza Hut pizza with ham, pineapple and mushrooms. And I got me some weeeeed! I'm just kidding. Say no to drugs. Or at least drugs that don't involve sweet sweet booze.

I guess with three hours to kickoff, it's probably kinda late to link to this comprehensive, well put-together UH football preview from the Star-Bulletin. But oh well, here it is. Enjoy and go Bows Warriors!

Joe Moore

Talkstink.com supplies an analysis of what happened with the Joe Moore thing. I didn't see it, which annoys me. But oh well it's in the past. Let's focus on what's important -- the Heisman trophy!

And there's a football game tonight!


Here's the game preview from the Star Bulletin. It talks a little about Timmy Chang's quest to break Ty Detmer's career passing mark.

Here's the game preview from the Advertiser. It says TV's Joe Moore was badmouthing the Warriors. I gotta find that quote!

UH plays Florida Atlantic tonight!

I think it's a scrimmage. Can't be sure. Let's hope no one gets injured!
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