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Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Juggernaut

My dream of Jim Leahey calling Reagan Mauia "The Juggernaut" during a broadcast has gotten much closer to actually happening thanks to Scott from Sportshawaii.com, who made an animation of Reagan morphing into The Juggernaut! You should go view it, it's pretty cool! This helps spread the word that Reagan's nickname is The Juggernaut, even though it's not true. Or at least not yet. After all, I think Sportshawaii.com gets thousands of hits a day, and is increasingly influential. And it's a good chance that Jim Leahey is a reader. Or if not Jim, then perhaps Kanoa or Doug Vaioleti or Russell Yamanoha or somebody who knows Jim Leahey. Didn't he call a player "Snickers" one year? And nobody had heard of that nickname before Jim said it? He can do the same for Reagan! Once he says something, it is so. He won't be able to resist after Reagan knocks down seven defenders to score a touchdown, right?
"Brennan hands off to Mauia, who is met at the line by a sea of white. But hold on, Mauia is still going! He's pushing the pile back! And now Mauia breaks free! He knocks over one defender, two defenders! He's at the twenty, the fifteen, dragging defenders with him! They still can't bring him down! He stiff arms the cornerback, ten, five, TOUCHDOWN!!! Can you believe it!? Mauia, who is known as THE JUGGERNAUT, was certainly a massive inexorable force, crushing everything in its path, on that play! That was delicious!"
It could happen. You gotta believe. Thanks Scott!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Timmy Chang, Rhein Fire, Week 7

Hey, Timmy did the most with the one quarter they let him play this week! He was 4 of 6 for 141 yards, with two long touchdown passes! Right on!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Timmy Chang Rhein Fire Update

Last week, Timmy came back from his ankle injury and was 1 of 2 for 4 yards or something like. Today, they let him play more and he was 4 of 5 for 46 yards! But that one incompletion was an interception. I hope they let him play a little more than half a quarter a game before the end of the season.

Former Hawaii corner Abraham Elimimian made an interception in that game, but it wasn't against Timmy!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

End of Spring Practice

Sorry, I had a busy day so I'm late and I'll just be linking to some excellent articles by Dave Reardon and Stephen Tsai on the end of spring practice. Come to think of it, that's what I pretty much do every day. Oh well.

Stephen Tsai mentions Sportshawaii.com giving Louis Santos an award for most inspirational player of the spring. The article runs down all the positions and where UH stands at each.

Dave Reardon writes about spring scrimmage and highlights the wealth of talent at slot.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Works Every Time!

Dave Reardon profiles the Hawaii offensive line. Looks like we're in good shape again. Thanks Wes Suan! I'm sure McKnight won't replace you.

Stephen Tsai has a cornucopia of stories in this article.
  • Michael Washington has greatly improved from last year and has moved from wideout to slot.

  • June Jones dreads cutting players from the spring roster to make room for recruits and walkons entering in the fall. Let's hope Louis Santos survives.

  • Tyler Graunke is recovering from a minor hamstring injury.

  • June Jones wants Colt Brennan to wear number 45, so he can be "Colt 45" but Brennan is resisting. What's next? A "Colt 45 for Heisman" DVD narrated by Billy Dee Williams?

Actually, this would be kinda cool.
  • Colt likes to give his o-line pizza after a good game. Good man!

  • And Karl Noa has moved from defensive end to OLB as he adjusts to the 3-4 defense.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Jerry Glanville is getting the Hawaii defense ready for Alabama, reviewing a bunch of game film, and having the scout team run the Alabama offense a lot. Let's hope Bama don't come out with a completely different look come gametime. You know, like how June Jones will start Tyler Graunke and run the wishbone for the first half.

And Dave Reardon profiles running back David Farmer, who knows his stuff, but got lots of competition now.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Rudy, Rudy

Profiles of players with spunk, sass, and a whole lot of moxie.

Dave Reardon profiles cornerbacks Guyton Galdeira and C.J. Tausaga.

Stephen Tsai profiles the incredibly enthusiastic, but inexperienced Louis Santos. He is a long shot at making the team, as Miano states:
"Will he make the team next year?" said Rich Miano, who coordinates UH's walk-on program. "Probably not. Like the world, we have an over-population problem right now. But guess what? Next spring, he'll be back. And he'll keep coming back."
I hope he makes the team eventually. He sounds like a cool guy!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Spring Injuries

There have been a few injuries this spring. Luckily, none of them seem too serious. Leonard Peters was out with food poisoning. Here's what Jerry Glanville had to say about that.
"As for Leonard, I think he ate some haole food. Gotta keep him away from that."
See, Jerry's becoming local, so he can never leave now!

Stephen Tsai profiles Clarence Tuioti-Mariner, who is happy about his move from nose to center.

In the same article, we learn that Andre Taylor is back with the team after having take care of some business. And Brad Kalilimoku is working his way back from a hamstring injury.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Running Back

First there was West "The Buffalo" Keliikipi.

Then there was the Reagan "The Juggernaut" Mauia.

Now there's Siave Seti (nickname to be named later), another gigantic running back for the UH backfield. Though unlike West and Reagan, it sounds like he'll be used primarily as a blocking back. I think Reagan's gonna rip it up this year, along with Nate Ilaoa. Who knows, maybe Nate can run a few plays at slotback when Reagan is there. Or Reagan can be tight end when Nate or Jazen is running back. Or maybe Reagan and Nate or even Siave run a power I, or all three run the wishbone! Just for shits and giggles!

By the way, those nicknames aren't really their nicknames. I just made them up. But it should be their nicknames! I'll call Reagan "The Juggernaut" from now on, and maybe Jim Leahey will start calling him that. One can dream.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Timmy Week 4

Timmy Chang didn't play for the Rhein Fire today as he recovers from his ankle injury. Well, the game isn't over and he's third string emergency back-up, but I'm pretty sure he won't play. He is walking on the sidelines, talking and joking with the players. So we know he can walk, and his spirits are up, so that's a good. Maybe he'll play next week?


Stephen Tsai has an article on Hawaii's recruiting efforts and how they're starting to offer earlier and earlier. UH has offered to several current high school juniors already. Nice to hear that the Warrior coaching staff has adapted, and it's also good to hear that Jerry Glanville seems very involved in the recruiting process, e-mailing and texting recruits.
Glanville said he benefits from a class he took five decades ago.

"I didn't want to take shop in high school," he said. "They said, 'How come you don't want to take shop?' I said, 'I noticed all of the (shop) teachers are missing fingers.' I took typing instead. I've still got all of my fingers. And look how typing is helping me to recruit."
That dude is too funny.

Dave Reardon talks about UH recruiting from Nease High School in Florida. Freshman slotback Rick Taylor graduated from there and freshman QB Will Brogan grew up nearby and helped Rick coach Nease freshmen.
Hawaii hopes Taylor and Brogan are just the first wave of Panthers to become Warriors. UH has already offered a scholarship to 6-foot-4, 305-pound offensive lineman James Wilson, one of the most sought-after players nationally in the high school class of 2007.

"We're doing our best to tell him how good it is out here," said Taylor. "We're making sure James knows this is a great school for offensive linemen."
Rick is right. UH really is good for offensive linemen. Quite a few have gone on to the NFL since June's been here. We got really cool uniforms too!

Friday, April 07, 2006

The Graunke

Stephen Tsai profiles Tyler Graunke, the secret weapon of the Hawaii football team. He's such a competitor and doesn't get down about being 2nd string QB. In fact, he's still striving to be number one, putting on muscle in the offseason. He will no doubt play a lot this year, and I wouldn't be surprised if he isn't in on a few "gadget" plays, since UH is studying the Steelers so hard. I picture him catching a few TD passes this year. Or maybe I'm just dreamin.

Dave Reardon profiles OLB Tyson Kafentzis, a football player from a long line of football playin' Kafentzises. And let's hope Tyson is right:
Kafentzis said he's confident the 2006 Warriors will bring back memories of UH's defense of more than 20 years ago, when a previous generation of his family, along with Satele's father, Alvis, helped lead a unit known for gang-tackling and big plays.

"I feel the camaraderie is up a lot. The defense is swarming. It's our second year with Coach (Jerry) Glanville's system, so everyone's a lot more comfortable," Kafentzis said. "Everything's clicking and we're flying around. We don't have to think anymore, so there's a big-time difference."

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Spring Pictures

Scott from Sports Hawaii took a lot of pictures of the players and coaches at spring practice earlier today. There's a link to over 100 pics within the first few posts of the thread.


June Jones is cracking down on academics, for the walk-ons at least, but it's probably part of a system-wide crackdown, which is a good thing.

Jason Kaneshiro profiles A.J. Martinez, who is moving on up at corner, where he excelled in high school, but hasn't played while at UH. This sounds encouraging:
Back on defense this spring, Martinez delights in delivering hits again rather than absorbing them, and breaks into a wide grin when talking about being locked up with a receiver in man coverage.

"Not to be cocky or anything, but I do enjoy the challenge and going one-on-one with the best guys out there and seeing what they've got and giving them what I've got," he said.

And Brad Kalilimoku continues to recover from a hamstring injury, limiting his time to learn the strong safety position, but Michael Malala has impressed coaches during Brad's absence.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Stephen Tsai writes a story about the Warriors defense as they try to emulate the Steelers defense, which Jerry Glanville helped develop back in the 70s. The article makes you feel more confident about Hawaii's defense this year, so go read it!

Dave Reardon gives a spring football update. Ian Sample, as well as Nate Ilaoa, Leonard Peters and Bryan Maneafaiga are still waiting to hear from the NCAA regarding their pending medical waivers. Also, Ross Dickerson is not practicing due to injury.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Malcolm Lane

UH just signed Malcolm Lane, a running back/defensive back from Germany. His parents are stationed there and hope to get stationed in Hawaii, which would be cool for them. Malcolm is a 6' 2" speedster and June is looking to play him at receiver. Ahhh, I bet he's the next Lelie!

And Dave Reardon profiles Desmond Thomas' move from receiver to safety this spring.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Timmy Injury Update

Timmy Chang has a sprained ankle. No news as to how serious it is, but hopefully we'll find out soon and that the news is good.

In current University of Hawaii Football news, spring practice resumes today after spring break.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Rhein Fire vs Cologne Centurions LiveBlog

All times HST!

4:16am - Former University of Hawaii quarterback Timmy Chang will be up in the second quarter. Updates when he's on.

4:45am - It's now the 2nd quarter, but Drew Henson's still QB since they're continuing a drive from the 1st.

4:53am - Okay, Rhein just recovered a fumble in Centurion territory. I think Timmy's in!

4:54am - First pass is just slightly overthrown. Damn!

4:55am - Timmy threw a perfect pass on third down, but the receiver dropped it! 3 and out.

5:06am - Timmy hands off on the first play of the 2nd drive.

5:07am - Timmy's first pass of this drive was a pretty good pass, but the receiver got interfered with.

5:09am - Timmy completes a short 3 yard pass as he gets hit. Timmy was injured on the play. It looks like it's his left leg. God, I hope it's not serious.

5:40am - Timmy is done for the day. That's not good.
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