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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Davone Bess Interview

Michael Egnak of KFFL interviews Davone Bess about the upcoming NFL draft. Here's an excerpt:

ME: Do you feel your receiving numbers over the past three seasons give you an advantage over players who only performed well for one or two years?

DB: A lot of people say it's because of the system and a lot of people watch really good film and say, "This kid's a playmaker." For every pro there's a con. I feel like I worked hard during my time with Hawaii and it paid off. Hopefully some scouts will notice that I'm a hard worker and that I love the game.

ME: How do you respond to people who may think the bulk of your numbers are a result of the system you played in?

DB: I just tell them to throw on the tape. If you watch the tape, everything on the field can assist them. Situations where plays break down, strategizing and make things happen, catching the ball at three-to-five yards and making guys miss and taking them those extra few yards; that's just natural ability and all the work paying off. That's just being the kind of player that makes things happen.


  • At Thursday, March 6, 2008 at 9:09:00 PM HST, Anonymous wildwahine said…

    Hi tombo! Great interview w/ BESS really loved it and seeing you on the live chat w/ Rolo, got way too excited to be talkin with a coach the QB coach especially, such a key position on the OL. Man, this just tops off my day. What a great day that I forgot my silly As the WSN ohana turns......blog, for fun but true. Anyhows, ya r da best, princess leia was on, man it was so cool too bad I no live in Honolulu to go to the coaches' luncheons.....ah one day. WTG. I pray that the team that takes Bess sees that he is a hard worker and truly loves the game. Good luck
    Davone, we will cheer you on! LOL


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