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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Nick Rolovich Chat

Over at the Warrior Beat. Be there!

UPDATE: Here's an excerpt from the chat. Rolo chatted for two hours, which was cool.
Comment from: Nick Rolovich [Member]

coach rolo, wow, that will take a bit getting used to.

having been both a player and now coach, what is it that you feel will be your greatest asset in your ability to coach up these young quarterbacks to a point that you can bring out the best in each student/athlete?

As my playing career went along, I had a coach by the name of Terry Malley with the SJ Sabercats. At this time I was just gettting in to coaching in the off season. He told me that coaching would help you grow to appreciate the coaches I had along the way. And it did. you have to be able to teach,. if you have a brain full of knowledge and no ways of sharing it, that knowledge is only worth something to you. A treasure chest is worthless if you cant open it.
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