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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Clapp, Walk-Ons

Cindy Luis talks to interim AD Carl Clapp about a bill to give UH for repair and maintenance, the contract talks with KFVE and KKEA, and other matters.
A bill that would give UH $600 million over six years for repair and maintenance projects on the Manoa campus, both academic and athletic, would also be beneficial. Yesterday, the state House of Representatives passed it and it now moves to the state Senate for consideration.

"Obviously, anything that will benefit the department is a positive," McNamara said. "The need has clearly been demonstrated."

One big need is to have the turf on Cooke Field replaced.

"It is a priority," interim athletic director Carl Clapp said in his weekly meeting with the Star-Bulletin yesterday. "Cooke Field is used by so many. ROTC, soccer, football, kinesiology, band. We want to get it done as quickly as possible."
Speaking of Clapp, he'll be today's chat guest on the Warrior Beat at around 11:15am HST. UPDATE: Here's a link to the chat.

And Stephen Tsai profiles two walk-ons, Quentin Beaver and Les Soloai.
Beaver, who is 6 feet 1 and about 330 pounds, reportedly bench pressed more than 500 pounds. He said he regularly lifts 405 pounds. "I haven't maxed out for a while," he said.

During last month's tryouts for walk-ons, he benched 225 pounds 32 times.
Associate head coach Rich Miano likened Soloai to former UH defensive lineman Colin Scotts.

"What you're looking for in an athlete, he possesses all of those things," Miano said. "It's Ikaika Alama-Francis all over again. This guy is a good athlete. He has a chance."

Soloai played rugby in Australia, but not football.

"I'm just learning the game," he said. "I've seen it on TV before."


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