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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Colt Brennan: Day 2 of Senior Bowl Practices (w/UPDATES)

Lots of coverage of Colt Brennan today. Chawan Cut compiles tonight's news. First up is a report by KHON's Kanoa Leahey and KGMB's Brooks Baehr.

NFL.com has at least three videos from today's practice. Here's some practice highlights, an analysis of Colt's performance in practice, and a great interview with Colt in which he responds to some of the criticism.

Here's an article about the opportunity the Senior Bowl presents to Brennan from AtlantaFalcons.com. There's a couple of video interviews to the right of the article.

Some practice highlights from the first day from Rivals.com.

Here's some practice notes from DraftBoardInsider.com.

It's not up as of this typing, but Scott Wright's Draft Countdown Senior Bowl page should have a link of Tuesday's South practice report up soon.

UPDATE: Here it is, along with an excerpt:
To be honest nobody stood out, although if you put a gun to my head I'd say Hawaii's Colt Brennan looked the best, although just by the narrowest of margins. I actually found a spot on the sideline where the quarterbacks were throwing 20 yard outs right in my direction to try and gauge arm strengths and it was almost too close to call. Kentucky's Andre Woodson and Tennessee's Erik Ainge seemed to float their throws a bit whereas Brennan gets them there on a rope. Brennan also showed the ability to fit balls into a tight spot although he seemed a bit indecisive at times.
And while results on the field have been a little mixed, Colt's been killing in the press room. From 49ersFaithful.net:
Brennan and Johnson were the most entertaining. Here’s what they had to say when asked about their personalities as Brennan was clearly more energized during the press conference.

“Andre had a great run early in the year and he’s a projected first rounder and I’m luck to be here, so I’m just having fun, enjoying it and trying to impress as many people as I can,” said Brennan. “He’s still trying to keep that first rround draft status, so there’s probably a lot more pressure.”
And from Scott Wright:
It's pretty hard not to like Colt Brennan and he is one of the most charismatic and outgoing football players that I have ever been around. Whether or not that will help him achieve success at the next level remains to be seen but he definitely has the "It" factor and I have been very impressed with him off the field.
UPDATE: Here's a great profile of Colt Brennan by ESPN's Chris Low.
Brennan's not as concerned about his start to this week as he is about making sure he's peaking by the time Saturday's game arrives.

"Nobody thinks I can play from under center anyway," Brennan said. "So if I go out and have success next to these guys who've been playing in a traditional pro offense in college, it's going to say, 'This kid came out here in a week and got real good at it.'"


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