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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Moniz, QBs, Spring Review

With Bryant Moniz back, Stephen Tsai writes about how the QB situation is shaping up.
Although the Hawai'i football team will not release a post-spring-training depth chart, it has established a two-tier system for the quarterbacks.

Head coach Greg McMackin said Shane Austin, David Graves, Brent Rausch and Bryant Moniz are in the top group.

Cayman Shutter, Corey Nielsen and incoming freshman Kevin Spain are in the second group.
Offensive coordinator Nick Rolovich acknowledged that Moniz still "was No. 1" when he departed. McMackin said Moniz will remain in that first tier despite the absence.

Still, Rolovich said, "nobody really separated" himself from the other quarterbacks during the 15 practices of spring training spread over a month.
Tsai also writes that Royce Pollard has the edge over Billy Ray Stutzmann at right wideout.

Jason Kaneshiro reviews spring practice.
"The first two weeks we really installed heavy, so the last two weeks we've been repping it out and getting to know the details and adjustments," Dave Aranda said last week as he approached the end of his first spring as the Warriors' defensive coordinator. "There's still other things that need to be inserted, but I feel the base of our defense is in.

"You'd like for spring to get a look at people, you'd like to get looks at the Army option, the USC power, the Colorado quick-throwing game. ... You have to juggle your time and there's not enough time."


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