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Saturday, May 01, 2010

WitP: Ryan Grice-Mullen (w/UPDATES)

Edgar Thompson of the Palm Beach Post profiles Ryan Grice-Mullen.
Dreadlocked, sure-handed and quick-footed, Miami Dolphins wide receiver Ryan Grice-Mullen looks like Davone Bess and plays like Davone Bess.

But one Bess might be enough.

The pair starred together in college at Hawaii, but Grice-Mullen will need to establish his own identity to stick with the Dolphins.

The hole created in the return game last month by Ted Ginn Jr.'s trade could be his chance.

"As a young player that's your biggest way of making the team is special teams," Grice-Mullen said Saturday during the second day of rookie mini-camp. "But you still have to impress in other areas, too."
Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald has a quote about RGM from Dolphins coach Tony Sparano.
I would tell you the guys are similar in that both are not necessarily fast, but rather quick. Both wear their hair in dreads. And then there's the real reason Grice-Mullen has a chance.

"The thing they have in common is their return ability and those skills," Sparano said. "That was something that interested us. [Grice-Mullen] has shown me good ability to judge the football back there which is a major hurdle for any returner. I feel like he's going to be a pretty good decision-maker."
UPDATE: Mike Berardino of the Sun-Sentinel takes a look at the similarities between Bess and RGM.
At 5 feet 11, Grice-Mullen is one inch taller. At 190 pounds, Bess is 10 pounds heavier.

Bess wears No. 15. Grice-Mullen wears 17.

Heck, their birthdays are a day apart in September, although Bess is a year older at 24.

So, yeah, having them in the same Dolphins receiving corps is a little weird, even if Bess won't be on the field with him again for another few weeks.

"It must have been a heck of a 7-on-7 period down there in Hawaii," Dolphins coach Tony Sparano says. "You're throwing the ball around, and these two guys are moving all over the place. They're both really quick-twitch guys."

And hands? These guys are like Venus Flytraps.

They have been working out together since Grice-Mullen arrived in early March. Bess helped him learn the playbook, showed him around the facility and the area, helped him hone his routes on the practice field.
UPDATE 2: The Miami Herald has an article on RGM as well.


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