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Friday, April 30, 2010

WitP: Jason Elam

Lynn DeBruin has an entertaining profile of Jason Elam over on ESPN.com.
While his favorite memories will be drilling an NFL-record-tying 63-yard field goal, winning two Super Bowls and scrambling to kick a game-winner in Buffalo as fans counted down the clock, his experiences off the field make those look like child's play.

He's dodged bullets in Gaza, grizzlies in Alaska and a gargantuan jewfish while diving off the coast of Florida.

This summer he'll even appear on ESPN2's "Browning Expeditions" with good friend and former neighbor Steve LeBlanc, showing a side of Elam many haven't seen.

There is the practical joker who flicked a 5-inch Golden Orb spider at his hunting partner, the competitive fisherman who once accidentally hooked himself in the lip and a guy so seriously afraid of snakes he showered by the light of a gas lamp held by LeBlanc.

"We were like two little school girls, holding the lantern for each other, trying to shower," said LeBlanc, a Denver-area sculptor and avid outdoorsman who has traveled the world with Elam.


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