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Friday, April 16, 2010

NCAA Denies Brashton Satele 6th Year (w/UPDATES)

This sucks.
Hawaii linebacker Brashton Satele’s appeal for a sixth year of eligibility as been denied by the NCAA, according to a release from the school today.
Satele will not appeal the decision and will become available for next week’s NFL Draft.
Good luck to Brashton in the NFL Draft.

UPDATE: Stephen Tsai has some quotes.
"I'm shocked," Satele said. "I thought I was coming back (to UH) for sure."

The NCAA ruled that Satele needed to prove he missed two seasons because of injuries. Satele had enough documentation for the 2009 season, but not enough for the 2005 season. Lee Ann Satele said the NCAA told them while they had documentation, it was postdated, and not actually from 2005. She said data was not collected at the time in 2005 because "nobody saw it would put us in this situation" several years later.

"We're all bummed," she said. "We gave it our best shot. But they wanted more information."


UPDATE 2: Stephen Tsai doesn't like the ruling.
Sure, by the NCAA's judgment, Brashton Satele did not provide proper documentation to earn a medical hardship that would allow him to play as as sixth-year senior in 2010. He needed letters, written in 2005, showing that he was not healthy enough to play in 2005. The NCAA refused to accept affidavits — from doctors and coaches — because they were crafted after a deadline that was never publicized.

That's nit-picky, and just unfair.

First, requests for medical hardships are always submitted after the season. I mean, how do you know if it's a season-ending injury before the season is over?


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