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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Day 7, QBs, George Lumpkin, Update: Video

Shane Austin is today's guest on the Tsai & Wai Warrior Beat Show today at 11am HST. In the comments, Stephen Tsai notes that with the impending sale of the Advertiser, this just might be the last Warrior Beat Show. Show your support... Be there!

With Moniz out, Stephen Tsai writes that Austin is currently the #1 QB.
"It's still the middle of spring," said Austin, noting the Warriors have completed seven of the 15 practices of spring training. "We're at the halfway point. It's how you finish. We have to keep trucking through this spring. We've got the second half of the game, basically."
Tsai also has notes about Brashton Satele, Kainoa LaCount and Levi Legay.

Leila Wai has some interviews with Greg McMackin, Nick Rolovich and Shane Austin about the QB situation:

Jason Kaneshiro profiles Brent Rausch, who's had some bad luck the past couple seasons.
Dubbed the Warriors' starting quarterback early in his first fall camp coming out of junior college, Rausch instead spent his sophomore season as a backup. He emerged from another competition a year later with the No. 2 role only to have a hand injury sidetrack his season.

Now heading toward his senior year, Rausch continues working to climb up the depth chart, still hoping to make an impact with the Warriors in the time that remains.
Ferd Lewis had a column about Nick Rolovich having to deal with another QB situation.
This was supposed to be the year that things actually fell into place for the Warriors after consecutive seasons of improvisation and prayer. But that was before the stunner that cast a huge question mark over Moniz's availability.

Not for the first time since taking off the pads himself must Rolovich be a scrambler. Two years ago there was the assignment of getting JC transfers Greg Alexander and Brent Rausch ready for Florida in the wake of Colt Brennan's departure and heir-apparent Tyler Graunke's unavailability due to "personal" issues.

Then, last season, when Rausch and Alexander were injured in the space of a couple weeks, it was up to Rolovich to hurriedly prep Moniz and later, due to Moniz's injury, Shane Austin.

Now, cue the merry-go-round music again. "That's football, I guess. It is a game where the ball bounces funny," Rolovich said, sounding like someone who might have wished he'd taken up something more predictable like, say, putting out oilfield fires.
On Sportshawaii.com, greentea had a report from Monday's practice, while bleedgreen808 had a report from the Kauai scrimmage.

And Tsai talks to George Lumpkin about his move to director of player personnel.
Lumpkin said he welcomed the opportunity to work with prospects and their families. He said the job allows him to guide a player from the recruiting process through graduation.

"Any time I can continuously work with people, that's my main objective," Lumpkin said. "I enjoy helping the young guys mature and grow. That's the best part: helping to mentor the young people, and deal with the challenges they have in life, and helping overcome those challenges."

UPDATE: KGMB talks to Coach Mack about the depth chart


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