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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Richard Torres, Injuries, Idaho, New Turf in 2011?

Jason Kaneshiro has some notes from today's practice.
>> Linebacker R.J. Kiesel-Kauhane is nursing a sore ankle and was held out of most of the drills today. Head coach Greg McMackin expects Kiesel-Kauhane will be ready for Saturday’s game at Idaho. “He wanted to practice today, but we told him to just take it easy and get mental reps,” McMackin said.
Stephen Tsai writes about an expanded role for defensive back Richard Torres.
Rich Miano, who coordinates the defensive secondary, said Torres "grades out consistently as one of our best players every game. You feel you have to get him on the field (more). He's smart, and he knows how to line it up. His role should expand, and it will expand."

Of UH's four most-used alignments, only the 4-3 base defense does not employ a nickelback. The Warriors are in the base about a third of the time. In the new plan, Torres would play free safety in the 4-3. When the Warriors use five defensive backs, Torres will play nickelback and Mana Silva will enter as the free safety.
Tsai also has notes about Mana Lolotai, Bryant Moniz, Laupepa Letuli, Brent Rausch, Vaughn Meatoga, Malcolm Lane and Greg Alexander.

Jason Kaneshiro writes that Greg McMackin wants the defense to play a little more "recklessly".
"I think defensively we have to play a lot more reckless," McMackin said during his press conference yesterday.

"They've just got to play like (Fetaiagogo) Fonoti and Blaze (Soares) play. They're not afraid to make a mistake. ... That's the last thing I tell everybody before we go on the field. Don't worry about making a mistake, I'm not going to yell at you, just make it full speed."
"On defense you have to have that mentality of kicking ass and having fun. These couple of games we weren't playing with that mentality," linebacker R.J. Kiesel-Kauhane said.
Kaneshiro also has some notes about Alexander's infection, and the statuses of Meatoga, Letuli and Thomas.

Dave Reardon says UH should be worried, but not too worried about Idaho.
Idaho's victories are against the murderers' row of New Mexico State, San Diego State, Northern Illinois, Colorado State and San Jose State — a combined 13-15. The Vandals have scored 172 points and allowed 153; they're not exactly blowing people away.

As usual, Idaho's pass defense isn't very good, allowing 251.5 yards per game. And it's got just six sacks in six games.

Bryant Moniz will be significantly better in his second game as Hawaii quarterback. The Vandals like to throw, so maybe the Warriors' weakness against the run won't be that big a deal.
And in case you missed it, because I sure did, it's looking like Aloha Stadium won't get new turf until 2011.
The stadium started seeking money to replace the tough turf last year. Given the state's tight finances, it's unclear when the the turf will be replaced. At the very least, the turf likely will need replacing before the Pro Bowl returns to Aloha Stadium in 2011.

"I sure don't want to be the one that gives them an opportunity to say 'We're not coming back because of the field turf,' " Chan said.

"We're just trying to make sure it's in by 2011. If it's earlier, we're willing to entertain that because of the fact that little was known about this product back in the day when it was put in."


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