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Monday, October 12, 2009

Fresno, Adversity, Idaho

Dave Reardon reviews five big plays from UH's 42-17 loss to Fresno State in this week's Warrior Replay.

Reardon has some thoughts on the game, embarrassment, and some UH "fans."
THE MOST embarrassing thing I saw had nothing to do with the team itself. As I walked down the steps to the field after the game, a bunch of green-clad UH fans — typical-looking local people — were slobbering all over Ryan Mathews, posing for pictures with the Fresno star running back, getting his autograph. All smiley and happy.

I was stunned — but, sadly, not surprised. This is how a lot of Hawaii fans are.

There's something to be said for recognition and appreciation of excellence, but that's not what this was. And aloha is one thing — this was just ... wrong. The Bulldogs are supposedly the Warriors' rivals, and they just crushed UH. I asked Mathews if he had some personal connection with the UH fans. He just smiled and said he'd never seen them before.
Stephen Tsai talks to Greg McMackin about adversity.
"We're not the same team we were when we went to training camp," McMackin said. "We've been a team of adversity. But so what? The whole world is going through adversity. Many people are going through adversity. We have to be strong and teach and keep adding to the positives."
McMackin said he did not sleep Saturday night, preferring to stay up and watch videos of the game. It was the Warriors' third loss in a row.

"There's not one kid who quit on that football team," McMackin said. "I looked at every person, every play. If that (weren't) the case, I'd be worried. But they played hard, and they played with an attitude every play."
Jason Kaneshiro previews the UH-Idaho game.

And Ferd Lewis writes about both teams' reversals of fortune.
More and more this Saturday's game at the Kibbie Dome in Idaho looks like the passing of two programs speeding in opposite directions.

The 5-1 Vandals (2-0 WAC) need but a victory over UH Saturday to be bowl eligible for the first time in a decade. The 2-3 Warriors (0-2 WAC) need five wins in their remaining eight games to avoid a losing season.

The Vandals, if they win Saturday, could find themselves on pace for a WAC title showdown with cross-state rival Boise State next month. UH, without a win soon, might have to hope its game with Utah State isn't to escape the cellar.


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