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Monday, February 11, 2008

Tuesday Vids

Sorry for the lack of news lately. Been working like crazy, and there really hasn't been much news to post anyways, other than the June Jones Foundation getting ready to pay bonuses to the 2007 UH coaching staff. Also, Dave Reardon has a few notes about the upcoming spring practice.
Tentative starting date for spring practice: March 31.

Tentative date for finale: April 26, at Aloha Stadium. We hear this will be similar to last year, when it included lots of fan interaction. No word yet on whether there will be an actual spring game or glorified practice, as in recent years.

We do know there will be more hitting in practice under Greg McMackin than there was under June Jones.
Cool. Anyway, here are some vids.

Chawan Cut compiles tonight's news -- which includes a report by Kanoa Leahey about some UH AD possibilities, a KITV interview with Jeff Garcia, who talks about Colt Brennan's NFL potential, a report by the lovely Liz Chun about new UH coaches Brian Smith, Nick Rolovich and Dave Aranda speaking at the Honolulu Quarterback Club, and a report by Li'l Timmy about June Jones coaching at SMU.

And KapoleiCoug has a new video -- Colt Brennan's 2007 highlights.


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