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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nasti, Gerke, Space Kim Chee

I can't play the video for some reason, but here's a story from KHNL about June Jones and Greg McMackin.
That includes trying to set up games between the new teams for these two new head coaches. And who'd win?

"We're gonna kick their ass," said McMackin. "You know that."

"UH, UH," Jones laughed. "It's hard to come over here and win, I know that."
Nate Ilaoa, who recently signed with the Columbia Destroyers of the Arena Football League, has been placed on the injured reserve list. The article doesn't have any details.
The team designated three players to the injured reserve list; linebacker Peter Lazare-Saunders (6-2, 300, CW Post), offensive lineman Eric Graham (6-6, 325, East Carolina) and fullback Nate Ilaoa (5-9, 245, Hawaii).
Sheraton will remain the sponsor of the Hawaii Bowl for the next two years.

Looks like Alex Gerke will be named the next UH assistant coach sometime soon.
Gerke, who was known for wearing shorts and a tank top while barking out orders at practice, is leaving the Weber State football team. He has accepted an assistant coaching job at the University of Hawaii.
Thanks to Mario, who sent a great evaluation of Colt Brennan from a scout or journalist or someone connected (maybe). It was posted on an ESPN message board, but I found a discussion of it on a Sportshawaii thread, so I'll link to that.

This combine wrap-up by ESPN.com's John Clayton has a great picture of Colt.

Here's a Colt profile page and scouting reports from Fantasy Football Jungle.

From a post by Albert Breer on a Dallas Morning News Cowboys blog, some quotes from Colt.
"I'm just ready for whatever comes my way," Brennan said. "At 24, I'm ready to go and play right now. I feel like I'm mentally ready. And the last couple of months have been about getting physically ready. I just know that a lot of kids that are physically ready have trouble getting mentally ready, but I know I'm fine mentally.

"If I need to sit, though, then that will make me that much better. If that's the case, then that's the case and I'm ready to do it."
And finally, if I ever go into outer space, I won't be without my kim chee.
"If a Korean goes to space, kimchi must go there, too," said Kim Sung Soo, a Korea Food Research Institute scientist. "Without kimchi, Koreans feel flabby. Kimchi first came to our mind when we began discussing what Korean food should go into space."
After millions of dollars and years of research, South Korean scientists successfully engineered kimchi and nine other Korean recipes fit for space travel.
Ordinary kimchi is teeming with microbes, like lactic acid bacteria, which help fermentation. On Earth they are harmless, but scientists fear they could turn dangerous in space if cosmic rays cause them to mutate. Another problem is that kimchi has a short shelf life, especially when temperatures fluctuate rapidly, as they do in space.

"Imagine if a bag of kimchi starts fermenting and bubbling out of control and bursts all over the sensitive equipment of the spaceship," Lee said.
Lee's team found a way to kill the bacteria with radiation while retaining 90 percent of the original taste.
A feeling of pride wells up inside me. Or maybe it's just gas. Either way, the kim chee is responsible, awww yeah.


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