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Monday, February 25, 2008

More Under Armour, More Combine, JJ

The Advertiser has more details on UH's deal with Under Armour.
The University of Hawaii athletic department announced a breakthrough eight-year, $4.1 million apparel contract with Under Armour during a press conference at the Stan Sheriff Center today.

According to the announcement, UH is to receive $2.4 million in products for athletes, coaches and staff, $1.68 million in cash, including $1.14 million in rights fees and a minimum of $540,000 in marketing support.

In the first year UH is to receive goods and cash valued at $440,000 — $125,000 in rights fees, $225,000 in product allowances, $20,000 in coaches' apparel, $10,000 in staff apparel, $10,000 in camp apparel and $50,000 in marketing support.

People involved have described the eight-year deal as "incredible" for UH, which has never before had as comprehensive a deal.
Leila Wai also has some video from today's press conference.

The Star-Bulletin has a quote from Greg McMackin.
"We already have former players lining up to be in the commercials," Warriors coach Greg McMackin said.
Can't wait to see what comes of that. Anyways, sounds like a great deal for UH. Oh, and lookie here, Chawan Cut made an animation to celebrate the deal.


Ed Thompson of Scout.com was one of the few reporters (along with ST) who actually got to watch yesterday's QB and wide receiver workouts at the NFL Combine. He writes this about Colt and Bess:
Hawaii's Colt Brennan was smooth and accurate, especially on the short and medium routes, including a nice throw on an out route to Indiana's James Hardy. After a Senior Bowl week that raised some questions about his ability to succeed at the pro level, he bounced back with a consistent performance at the Combine.
Hawaii wide receiver Devonne Bess did some outstanding work during the gauntlet drill, showing his quick reaction time, good acceleration and strong concentration skills. But he also impressed with his cutting skills while running his routes and for his ability to locate the ball and make over-the-shoulder catches in stride.
KGMB's Mike Cherry also had a short wrap-up last night.


June Jones was at a Na Koa fundraiser last night with Greg McMackin. KHNL has video and an accompanying article.
Admittingly, Jones says it feels a little weird being back to help his old team. This probably couldn't and wouldn't happen anywhere else.

"Well Hawaii, as we've always known, is a little different than everywhere else," said Jones. "I'm just happy I can help. Happy I can raise some money for team."
That's cool. Maybe he can send some of that SMU money over to UH. They can afford it! Speaking of JJ, even though he left UH, J. David Miller's Hawaii Warrior Football book apparently is still selling well. Warriorshaka.com has info about a Tennessee radio show JJ and Miller will be guests on to promote the book.


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