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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Combine News: Impressive (w/UPDATES)

Awww yeah. Stephen Tsai writes that Colt Brennan was very impressive in passing drills today (excerpts updated).
In an astonishing display of accuracy, Colt Brennan was credited with completing 100 percent of his passes during drills today at the NFL Scouting Combine in the RCA Dome.
Of his 21 passes, 20 were caught. A chest-high pass was dropped, but it was so accurate Brennan was credited with a completion.
"This is one big hurdle I cleared," said Brennan, who endured criticism because of his weight and perceived lack of arm strength.
The report on his drills showed 19 of Brennan's passes were perfect. Two were slightly off the mark, but were caught, anyway.
"I was really happy," Brennan said. "There are so many misconceptions, so many untruths out there, about what I am as a quarterback and what I can do. It's mostly those Internet sites. Their perception is heard, and it's like 'telephone.' People around the country hear these things and assume them."
Great news for Colt. Check that link for more updates from Tsai throughout the day.

UPDATE: Tsai has today's 40 times for the three Warrior receivers. Rivers ran 4.55, Bess ran 4.62 and RGM ran 4.46.

UPDATE 2: Some footage and analysis of Colt's day in this NFL.com video (starting at 2:33)

UPDATE 3: Russ Lande of the Sporting News writes this about Colt's performance today:
After looking tiny and getting killed by the media at the Senior Bowl, Hawaii QB Colt Brennan has done well so far at the Combine. As mentioned yesterday, he helped himself by weighing in at more than 200 pounds (207), and even more important, he was very sharp in pass drops, got rid of the ball quickly and got better zip on his throws than expected.
UPDATE 4: Here's an article on Colt's Sunday performance from Jim Corbett of USA Today.
Brennan showed good accuracy, velocity and footwork as he re-inflated his stock that seemed to be plummeting coming off a 41-10 loss to Georgia in the Sugar Bowl.

He helped dispel doubts about his ability to transition from former Hawaii coach June Jones' spread, shotgun offense. And the 6-2 quarterback is up to 207 pounds after dropping to 185 at the Senior Bowl following a bout with the stomach flu.
UPDATE 5: Dave Reardon gets some feedback from a trusted NFL scout.
I wasn’t there, but I’ll take the word of a veteran NFL scout who has never steered me wrong that Brennan was awesome. And this guy doesn’t drink Kool-Aid.

“It was very good. By far the most accurate. He showed very good timing,” said the scout, who has worked at more than 10 NFL combines. “It was one of the best performances I’ve seen in that.”
UPDATE 6: Davone Bess gets an overall great review from USA Today's Rob Rang.
Appalachian State's Dexter Jackson and Hawaii's Davone Bess were every bit as dynamic as DeSean Jackson during wide receiver drills
Scouts were disappointed to see Bess time in the 4.7s — a number so high even the most ardent of supporters is concerned, but his burst out of his breaks and super-soft hands made him one of the more impressive receivers of the day in drills. During the "gauntlet" drills in which receivers are asked to run horizontally across the field at full speed while six quarterbacks (three on either side) pepper them with passes, Bess was one of the few receivers to easily contort his body and snare each pass. In drills where others struggled, Bess consistently made the difficult appear easy.
Right on. Colt gets mentioned in this combine report from Harvey Fialkov of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.
Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan, who had a miserable Senior Bowl last month, didn't do any running because he recently packed on more than 20 pounds after getting sick in Mobile, Ala., but he was eager to show off his arm to erase the belief that the pass-happy Western Athletic Conference padded his statistics.

"I think if I can go out and throw really well, some of these negatives are going to bounce back as positives," said Brennan, who impressed the onlookers.

Two other threads you can also check throughout the day include props for Davone Bess from Alabama's Simeon Castille. From Scout.com's Sunday liveblog:
Castille hopes to run a 4.45-second 40 or better and credited Hawaii’s Davone Bess as being the toughest receiver he faced because of his quickness and speed, also citing Donnie Avery as being a tough assignment.
This Sunday scoop thread from Rivals.com has more:
Alabama cornerback Simeon Castille also was asked about the toughest receiver in college. After pondering the question for a while, Castille surprisingly mentioned two receivers from outside the Southeastern Conference.

"When we played Hawaii (in 2006), Davone Bess was pretty quick and fast," Castille said. "They would put him in the slot, and I was playing the nickel, so I had to try and cover him a lot. Man, he's pretty good. I'd probably say him, or (Houston's) Donnie Avery was pretty good, too."
You can also check this other Rivals.com thread for workout updates. You can also check the many NFL Combine news links on the right sidebar for more.

...there are also two articles from Tsai today: Scouts quiz UH prospects and Brennan gets shot to impress.


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