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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bess and RGM

Colt, Bess, RGM and Rivers will have their big day tomorrow working out at the combine. Here's a photo of Bess from an NFL.com photo gallery, as pointed out by a commenter.

Here's a brief section on Bess from the Dayton Daily News' combine notes.
The Bengals interviewed Hawaii's Davone Bess not just because of his slot-receiver skills. They're in desperate need of an explosive kick-returner.

"I'm here. I'm ready. I'm what you want," said Bess, who calls Steve Smith and Chad Johnson his heroes.

What about Santana Moss and Antwaan Randle El?

"I was going to mention them next," he said.

Bess, a 5-10, 195-pounder, led the Warriors with 96 receptions for 1,220 yards and 15 touchdowns in 2007.
And Ryan Grice-Mullen has a few quotes in an article from Patriots.com.
“New England and the Colts throw the ball 50 times a game, just like we do [at Hawaii],” he observed. “They got a slot receiver, Wes Welker, who caught 100 balls this year. You see a lot of teams going that way.

“But I don’t consider myself just a slot receiver,” he added. “I can do both [play slot and flanker].”

He also has a great deal of confidence in his ability to read complex defenses, something he’d certainly have to do in New England’s offense.

“I’d say 9 out of 10, or 10 out of 10. That’s how much confidence I have in myself to read defenses. From day one in this [Hawaii] offense, you don’t see the field unless you know how to read defenses and know your plays. All of our routes are based off of reads. You could have five routes on one play.”
Best of luck to all four of them tomorrow.


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