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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Da Bess, Combine, Warrior Ball

Dave Reardon talks to Davone Bess, who is in Indianapolis for the NFL Combine.
Many prospects pick and choose whether they will run or lift for the scouts and league decision-makers. Bess, a relative unknown coming out for the draft as a junior, doesn't have that luxury.

It's against his nature, anyway.

"I have to let my work ethic speak for itself," said Bess, who arrived in Indianapolis yesterday from his training facility in Arizona. "I'm not into the predraft hype, I've always been under the radar. I'm just going to do my best."
An Advertiser reporter talks to Colt and RGM about getting ready for the combine.
Grice-Mullins, who has been training in Costa Mesa, Calif., also believes he needs to produce a fast 40-yard time.

He said he has sprinted well in workouts, but "those are just workouts." Hundreds of NFL officials, including general manager, scouts and coaches, will watch the combine drills.

"I know how fast I can run," Grice-Mullins said. "I'm not going to say anything. I'm going to wait, and let everybody see for themselves."

Bess has been praised for his first-step quickness and sure hands.

But, he conceded, "I have to run a good 40. That's the only knock right now. I have to run a good 40, and put it in God's hands after that."
And finally, an Advertiser videographer has video of yesterday's Warrior Ball competition.


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