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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Chattin' With McMackin

Greg McMackin will be Stephen Tsai's Warrior Beat live chat guest today. Here's an excerpt from yesterday's Jacob Patek chat, talking about today's guest.
Comment from: Jacob Patek [Member]
Comment from: warsapbow [Visitor]
Jacob, What do you see already and should we expect different this season with Greg McMackin running the D? Mahalo for your passion and highlights last season, keep the Texas connections coming.

A stronger secondary, of course, but we're still going to be known as the hardest hitting defense on the West Coast, if not the whole United States. Everybody still has the intensity and tenacity as we did with coach Glanville, but I think the 4-3 will work better with the personel we have.
05/08/07 @ 15:18
Think of some questions for Coach. Be there!

UPDATE: Coach McMackin was great, and gave some really well-thought out answers. Here's one of them:
Comment from: Greg McMackin [Member]
Comment from: Carl Watanabe [Visitor]
Please explain the basic differences between the old 3-4 and your 4-3 defense.

When we first came here with June, we based out of a 4-3 personnel wise, but we had 3-4 concepts also. The last two years they did a very good job with the 3-4, and when I came here I considered what would be the best for our personnel. Our personnel, to a man, on the defensive staff, convinced me we were better suited for a 4-3,
The reason is in our package, the 4-3, we need two big linemen inside. Everything is attacking in our defense, even the techniques within it. It starts with our tackles coming off the ball and controlling the line of scrimmage. We have 5-6 300 pound tackles that will do very well here. Our defensive ends are basically outside linebackers. Amani Purcell, Karl Noa, David Veikune, Francis Maka and Victor Clore, they are all guys who have good size but they can run. They give us two more guys who can run to the football with great speed. The linebackers are very talented, Adam Leonard, Solomon Elimimian, Brad Kalilimoku, Micah Lau and Blaze Soares give us a group that can run to the football. The difference is how you put your personnel, and our personnel really fits a 4-3. We use our 3-4 in passing situations, which we call our oky defense.
05/09/07 @ 13:33


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