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Sunday, September 04, 2011

UH vs Colorado Wrap-Ups

Stephen Tsai has a wrap-up of Hawaii's 34-17 victory over the Colorado Buffaloes. Subscription required to view Star Advertiser links.
"I never ran that much in high school (or) Pop Warner," said Moniz, who led the nation in passing yards and touchdown throws in 2010. "I don't think I've ever had a 100-yard rushing game. Never."

During one point, Moniz alerted offensive coordinator Nick Rolovich.

"I told Coach my legs were tired," Moniz recalled, "and then he called a run play."

After the game, Rolovich said: "He can rest now."
Ryan Thorburn of The Daily Camera has a wrap-up.

The Ralphie Report has reactions to the game from DavidAGerhardt and Bob_Bell.
As we stated above, the Buffs had 17 net rushing yards, allowed seven sacks, punted the ball on the first five possessions and totaled just 240 offensive yards. To put that in perspective, Colorado's worst offensive performance last year under Dan Hawkins was 241 yards.
Kevin A Riley has a game wrap-up on The Bleacher Report.
Hawaii was prepared to use Moniz more as a running threat than they had in the past if the situation called for it.

"We talked in the off-season about it," Rolovich said after the game. "(And since) he's our leader on offense... we put it on him. (Tonight) he did it with his legs; he's a complete football player... We're on his back on offense, and he's carrying us. And like I say, he doesn't care how we do it he just wants to win. He wants to win for this state, it means something to him being Hawaiian and being proud of it, and bringing some eyes over here to the islands, that's what he's about."
Jason Kaneshiro highlights Joey Iosefa's touchdown catch off a shovel pass.
The Warriors had called the shovel pass — a longtime staple of the UH playbook — once earlier, but the Buffaloes covered it and Moniz kept the ball instead.

When Rolovich called it again in the fourth quarter, Colorado again appeared to have it sniffed out as Moniz rolled to his right. But he found just enough of a window to get it to Iosefa.

"I don't know how it got in there, seriously," Moniz said. "When I watch film I think I still won't know."
Brian McInnis writes about the UH defense's seven sacks.
UH's defensive line was already pumped up over pregame talk that Colorado would throw a figurative first punch by running the ball down UH's throat. Instead, the line had the last word by getting to the source of the Buffaloes attack.
"First of all, it felt good to just hit someone else," said Falemalu, who credited the secondary for giving the line time to get to Hansen. "It felt REAL good to get all those back-to-back sacks."
Ferd Lewis writes about Greg McMackin taking two timeouts in a row to give an extended pep talk.
But after the ears stopped ringing from the paint-peeling, expletive-laced "talk," the message eventually got through and so did the defense as the Warriors put both the Buffaloes and the Rocky Mountain Horror Show of 2010 behind them in a rousing 34-17 victory on national TV.
Billy Hull has the Colorado perspective.
Later in the half, the Buffaloes lost left tackle David Bakhtiari to a knee injury and Hawaii made them pay with seven second-half sacks.

"That hurt a lot," said Hansen, who finished 16-for-30 for 223 yards, two touchdowns and an interception. "That definitely messed up a little bit of our chemistry."
Dave Reardon writes about Bryant Moniz.
If you didn't already know it, you learned it Saturday: Bryant Moniz isn't just a passer, he's a complete football player.

"He took ownership for those underthrows," defensive tackle Vaughn Meatoga said. "And then he made things happen, even when there wasn't anything there."
The Star-Advertiser has some news and notes from the game, including this one about Mike Edwards' 48-yard kickoff return:
The return jump-started a UH possession that extended the lead to 24-7. UH's longest return last year was 40 yards.

"It was pretty much the way we practice it," Edwards said. "(Dick) Tomey is a real good special teams coach. He just preaches to us to work hard and everybody executed."
The Daily Camera also has somenews and notes.
Brian Cabral, the former Buffs linebacker and longtime CU assistant, wore a lavalava on the visiting sideline for his return to Hawaii.


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