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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Game Day: UH vs Colorado

The day is finally here. The smell of buffalo chips mingling with freshly cut UBU Speed Series S5-M turf is in the air. It's game day, baby!

Steve Uyehara previews tonight's game with coach Greg McMackin.

The Ralphie Report previews the game.
One thing to watch early is how aggressive defensive coordinator Greg Brown will be in trying to get to the quarterback. Undoubtedly, Brown will be looking to protect his inexperienced cornerbacks.
Stephen Tsai has a game preview with breakdowns of the offense, defense and special teams of UH and CU (subscription required, but you know that).
"They want to throw the first punch, and the first punch is probably at our nose," Meatoga said. "They have every right to feel that way because of the way we played last year. This will be a challenge for us. When you challenge us, we tend to try to step up to the challenge."
Ferd Lewis writes that both teams are looking to bring it.
More than most games the Warriors will play this year, this one figures to be a throwback to the leather helmet, in-your-face days of black-and-blue physical superiority. It recalls an era in which imposing a will on the other guy took precedence over trying to elude him.

First-year Colorado coach Jon Embree, a former tight end for the Buffaloes, promises it up front and UH's Greg McMackin, an old lineman, sure isn't ducking it.
Tsai has more.
"There are a lot of guys whom we'll see what they're made of when the lights come on, and what this offensive unit is made of," Rolovich said. "I appreciate their hard work. There's no laziness. There's a desire to do well. … There's no questioning the scheme. Now they have to make plays."


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