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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Harding, Paipai, Colorado

Stephen Tsai profiles Scott Harding, who was named the team's #1 punt returner.
Friday morning, Harding was named the Hawaii football team's No. 1 punt returner. He also has secured the blocking back's job on kickoff returns.
"He catches everything," McMackin said of Harding. "That's what we want from our punt returner."
Tsai writes about Paipai Falemalu, who cemented as the #1 right defensive end.
"He's feeling comfortable," defensive coordinator Dave Aranda said. "It's my fault, really, for moving him so much. I think he's in his natural spot."

Falemalu said he has worked with a former boxer to help him fight off grasping blockers.

"He taught me some hand-speed stuff," Falemalu said. "It's helped me on the field."
Tsai also writes that Allen Sampson and Mike Edwards Jr. both claim jersey #2, but since they may be on the field at the same time during special teams, one of them might have to give it up. Only one way to settle this. Hungry Hungry Hippos Death Match.

Tsai also profiles Alex Dunnachie, who has changed his kicking technique this season.
"I'm using more of my hips and quads instead of just mainly the hamstring," Dunnachie said.

To alter his style, Dunnachie said, Chapman "made me start all over again. It was like teaching an elementary school kid the basics."
The main thing, he said, was not to press. He adhered to UH special teams coordinator Dick Tomey's advice: "You can't try harder to make a free throw."
Rivals.com has a WAC Preview.

Let's hope the Warriors deprive Colorado coach Jon Embree of a brick.
Under previous coaches Bill McCartney and Gary Barnett, CU added a commemorative brick to a wall display outside the team locker room for each victory considered especially significant.

The first “brick game,” Embree said, is the Sept. 3 season opener at Hawaii because the team has lost 18 straight games away from Folsom Field.

“Our No. 1 goal is to get the bricks back,” Embree said, drawing a round of cheers.
One way to do that is to shut down the always elusive opposing tight end.
Regardless of past performance, tight end will always be a focus of the man in charge. Coach Jon Embree played that position for Bill McCartney at Colorado in the 1980s and was proficient enough to attain his dream of reaching the NFL.
Embree has some nice things to say about Bryant Moniz (as well as Colt Brennan).
When Jon Embree says Hawaii quarterbacks get a bad rap, he's not just trying to pump hot air into the head of Warriors' senior signal caller Bryant Moniz.

"He doesn't get the respect he's earned because of the TV times," Embree said. "Not enough people see him play."

Embree saw another Hawaii QB closely enough to know that the Playstation numbers they put up aren't just a product of the system and wide-open league they play in.

Colt Brennan, a former Buff who transferred and had a celebrated career at Hawaii, played with the Washington Redskins while Embree was an assistant there.

"He's unbelievably accurate," Embree said of Brennan. "Colt might not have had the quote, big NFL arm. But he was real accurate and he threw the ball on time."
Ferd Lewis makes the case for UH playing a game in Japan.
Build even a cult following there and, who knows, maybe develop a player or two from Japan or China who can compete at the Division I level along the way, and UH just might have something to sell. Imagine the interest a productive slotback, kick returner or big-play defensive back could stir.

But you have to start somewhere. And, in fact, some UH sports events — football, volleyball and basketball among them — are shown on the Exsports cable channel in Japan, according to Ross Yamasaki, a UH linebacker in the 1980s, whose Pacific Rim Sports Initiatives put together the deal.
And Lewis writes that the Hawaii Bowl may soon have a deal with the Mountain West Conference.


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