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Thursday, August 25, 2011

WitP: Bess, Heun, McBriar

Davone Bess talks about Miami's new offense.
Bess has shown the versatility to be productive lining up in multiple spots, and that skill should fit well in Daboll's schemes.

"The opportunity to line up anywhere," Bess responded when asked how the new offense benefits him. He might be known as a slot receiver, but Bess often lined up on the outside last season. "They've given us a lot of special abilities as far as lining up certain places."
Hawaii News Now's Malika Dudley kicks Jake Heun in the stomach, and then interviews him about his upcoming MMA fight.

And ESPN Australia has a clip from a show called "Aussies Abroad: Dream Dinner Party", which also sounds like a new game for the Wii or an episode of The Bachelorette. Anyway, in this clip Cowboys punter Mat McBriar talks about his early struggles with the team.


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