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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More Stump, Justin Clapp, Mr. Lavalava

Stephen Tsai talks to Stump Godfrey about walking on at UH.
In accordance with NCAA transfer rules, he must redshirt this season. Because he was not given a release, he cannot receive a football scholarship from UH until January 2012.

"It's coming out of my pocket this year," he said. "My family is helping me a lot. I have to take out a student loan, and I applied for federal aid. It's humbling, but I have to work hard and keep praying that I'll get on scholarship next year."
Chawan Cut is on his own hiatus right now, but luckily KITV, KHON and Hawaii News Now all have video coverage of Stump's transfer. What will Mr. Cut do with his time now?

Tsai profiles receiver Justin Clapp.
"He wasn't a popular guy when he first came out here," UH coach Greg McMackin said. "He went full speed, and the defensive guys didn't like that, and he didn't care."

Quarterback Bryant Moniz remembered Clapp "used to get it from the defense. I talked to the (defensive) guys, and they really respected him."
Ferd Lewis profiles Colorado assistant coach Brian Cabral. The big questions is... will he wear a lavalava for the UH-CU game?
Now, with a new coaching staff trying to end the Buffaloes' streak of 18 consecutive losses outside the state of Colorado and the game to be televised by ESPN, speculation around Boulder is that Cabral will haul out the lavalava for the opener. The fact Colorado has five players from Hawaii and plans to continue to extensively recruit here would also seem to support the theory.
I can't wait to find out.

Seriously, because that means it's GAME DAY! 10 days away...


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