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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Game Day: UH vs Louisiana Tech

Stephen Tsai has a gameday preview with breakdowns of the offense, defense and special teams of UH and LaTech. Here's an excerpt about LaTech's new offense. It'll be a test for UH's revised defensive substitution rotation.
With pass-first coaches Hal Mumme and Mike Leach as influences, head coach Sonny Dykes has implemented a four-wide passing attack in which even the fullback is a regular receiving threat. The Bulldogs run a no-huddle offense that spits out a play every 22.44 seconds.
Tsai has more about the LaTech offense.
"It's an offense that's similar to Hawaii's," Dykes said of the read-and-attack schemes that he implemented this season, his first at LaTech. "It's different in some ways, but we use four-wide-receiver sets. It's still a work in progress. We're not executing our offense as well as (the Warriors) are quite yet, but we're heading in the right direction."
This is cool, KITV has a bunch of game info, including stats, betting lines (for entertainment purposes only), injury reports, etc.

Kiyomi Ueda of Ka Leo previews the game.
Junior linebacker and tri-captain Corey Paredes said the defense has been playing well in the first half of their games this season but hadn't finished well until Charleston Southern.

"We've just gotta finish the game. You know, we start out good (but) we need to start strong in the second half and finish the whole game," said true freshman cornerback John Hardy-Tuliau.

Last week, the Warriors recorded their first two interceptions this season. They hope the interceptions jumpstart the defense into this week's game against La Tech.
Ethan Conley of The News Star previews the game. Here's a quote from quarterback Tarik Hakmi, who is making his first start:
"I am comfortable with all the plays and everything like that," Hakmi said. "It's just a matter of getting used to the receivers' speed, and the breaks, and everything like that."
KoloTV.com has the AP preview.
While the Warriors can rack up the points and yardage, the key is playing a complete game. The team has jumped out to big leads in the first half but failed to maintain its intensity, focus and steam in the second.

"As soon as we can put together two halves, I don't see us losing any more ball games," said Moniz, who threw for a career-high 395 yards against Charleston Southern. "First half and second half are two different stories."

Hawaii linebacker Corey Paredes, who ranks second nationally in tackles with 13.2 per game, said the defense needs to come out strong in the third quarter.

"The key to success for Saturday is finishing in the third quarter," he said. "Come out hitting in the first half and keep going after halftime. That's the big key to winning."
O.K. "Buddy" Davis of the Ruston Leader takes a look at the UH offense. Unfortunate analogy alert:
If Louisiana Tech University’s football team learns nothing else from a Friday visit to Pearl Harbor, it is this: air attacks can be fatal.

The Bulldogs’ defense could find out first-hand on Saturday night (10:30 p.m., CDT) when Tech play at the University of Hawaii in a Western Athletic Conference opener for both teams.
Yeesh. The rest of the article has some good quotes, but... wow.

Buddy also has a game preview.
While Hawaii is clearly set with its quarterback, Tech is still in a so-called experimental stage, although sophomore Tarik Hakmi gave indications against USM of possibly securing the No. 1 job. The Los Gatos, Calif., native threw for 262 yards and a TD.

“He’s a mature young man who has strong leadership qualities,” Dykes said. “He wants to be the quarterback and I believe he’s ready for the responsibilities. We’re wishing that one guy an step up and take over as the starter for this offense.”
Joe Ferrer of Ka Leo profiles safety Mana Silva.
He's been so persistent in school that he has already earned his bachelor's degree from UH. He has only a few prerequisite classes for medical school left to take this semester and after football he plans to pursue a career in medicine.

When asked about his future plans, Silva responded, "Try the NFL and then try to save lives, that's my main goal in life."
And Ferd Lewis has a WAC trivia quiz.
A drum roll, please, as the University of Hawaii opens its 32nd -- and, quite possibly, penultimate -- Western Athletic Conference football season tonight against Louisiana Tech at Aloha Stadium.

Time (and members) sure fly when you're having fun.

Why, it seems like just yesterday we were asking if the addition of Boise State would drag the WAC down. And, where in the name of Google Maps, we wondered, was Ruston, La.?

The answer on the latter is still pending.

Meanwhile, we were hoping to save the WAC Trivia Quiz for the big 35th anniversary celebration. But since that may not happen, please take this opportunity to test your knowledge of the only intercollegiate conference UH has ever played football in.


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