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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Na Koa Lunch Report (9/28/10)

Na Koa has this week's lunch report up on their site. This week's featured speaker was Mouse Davis. Here's an excerpt about the defense:
Corey Paredes is second in country in tackles. He is a leader and the most consistent linebacker. He has good quickness and a nose for the ball. Davis showed several plays where Paredes made the tackle. The first play showed Paredes stepping into a hole very quickly, beating the blocker and making a tackle for a loss. The second play showed his quickness to the sideline as he made the tackle for a very short gain on a sweep.

Davis showed defensive back Lewis Walker timing his blitz well and causing the quarterback to fumble. On Jeremy Bryant’s interception, Davis showed that he made a very good break on the pass to make the interception.


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