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Sunday, August 08, 2010

WitP: Colt, Pisa, Kia, Update: News video

The San Francisco Chronicle has a short Q&A with Colt Brennan. An excerpt:
Q: Your brain swimming trying to get up to speed?

A: Well yeah. Obviously I'm excited because I got an opportunity. I grew up in Southern California, my dad had Raiders tickets growing up. ... Right now basically I'm just trying to get somewhat of a gameplan for Thursday night just so I can be ready. I can at least look like I know what I'm doing out there and have a chance to move the ball and have some success with that third team.
From Raiders.com, this photo gallery from yesterday as well as this one from today has some pictures of Colt.

Stephen Tsai wrote about Colt signing with the Raiders.
Brennan received interest from several teams, but the Raiders -- under orders from owner Al Davis -- were the most persistent.

Brennan was brought in for a tryout yesterday morning. After receiving good reviews, he was offered a contract.
UPDATE: Ibabuzz.com has more about Colt.
So Brennan could get at least a quarter of play or maybe more _ with his performance on short notice dictating whether he heads out of town once Gradkowski and Frye or healthy or is intriguing enough to keep around as a potential No. 3 or practice squad quarterback.

Brennan didn’t take any snaps in team session until the practice was nearly 90 minutes old, and completing 4 of 6 passes, including two nice medium-depth completions to Todd Watkins. His first completion was a roll out to the right in which he improvised and found Johnnie Lee Higgins.
Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times writes about the competition at strongside linebacker between Bears teammates Nick Roach and Pisa Tinoisamoa.
But Roach has looked better, and he's certainly more athletic, a point Tinoisamoa conceded.

Asked how he's feeling after missing 14 games because of a knee injury, Tinoisamoa playfully said Wednesday, "I'm older now.

''I'm 80 percent of what Roach is right now.''

That appears to be the case, and Tinoisamoa added Thursday that he does feel the pressure to be more athletic because of Roach.

''Injuries suck,'' Tinoisamoa said Thursday, ''but I feel great.''
And some bad news as Tsai reports that the Jets have waived Aaron Kia.


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