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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Defensive Moves, Offensive Adjustments, Etc.

Stephen Tsai writes about the moves being made in the defense.
R.J. Kiesel-Kauhane moved from weakside linebacker to middle linebacker, Jake Heun moved from middle linebacker to left end, and defensive ends Bo Montgomery and Mike Maracle went from scout team into the playing rotation.

With Kiesel-Kauhane starting in the middle, Corey Paredes becomes the No. 1 weakside linebacker. Heun will start at left end. Tank Hopkins, who has recovered from an injured hip flexor, practiced as the No. 1 left cornerback.

Injuries and inexperienced play prompted the moves.
Jason Kaneshiro writes about the moves as well.

Stephen Tsai talks to UH's new offensive playcaller, Nick Rolovich.
Rolovich said he will rely on Lee and running backs coach Brian Smith, who will be in the box during games, to provide observations on opposing team's formations and tendencies. Offensive line coach Gordy Shaw, who will be on the field, will offer input on running plays.

"It's going to be a team effort," head coach Greg McMackin said. "Ron Lee will coordinate the practices (for the offense) and run the offensive meetings. Rolovich will call the plays."
Rolovich said he will likely script the first several plays for each game, a tactic Jones used.

"I thought that calmed me as a player knowing what's coming next," Rolovich said.

He also welcomes the strategic battles. Play-calling often is likened to a game of chess.

"I enjoy chess," Rolovich said. "I like it much better than checkers. I think it's more complicated. You have to think steps ahead. In checkers, you can think ahead, but that double jump helps you out. There are no double jumps in football. It's a slow building to that point where you hurt them. Football is like having three or four chess boards out. You're setting up this play to be the big play."
Ferd Lewis writes that Rolo has faced similar challenges before.

Bobby Curran has a column about the Warriors' upcoming road trip as well as Jason Elam.

Ferd Lewis writes about Washington State's money-saving measures.
WSU said its team will bus to both the UH game and the Nov. 28 game at rival Washington. Busing will save the school "roughly $40,000 per trip," the school said.

The WSU athletic department has sought to compensate for the projected decrease of $350,000 in school support and one way is employing ground transportation for all competition within 400 miles of Pullman.
Dave Reardon has some great news regarding former UH defensive back Kent Kafentzis.
Former Hawaii defensive back Kent Kafentzis underwent surgery recently to remove cancerous tissue. There is great news today, according to his brother Kurt (another of eight Kafentzis family members to play for UH).

“The PET Scan showed no signs of cancer in the lungs and he will just have to have CT scans every few months throughout his life,” Kurt wrote in an email. “That is great news and I’m am so excited and thankful for all the prayers and well wishes from friends, family and the islands. Hawaii is a big part of the Kafentzis family and we actually call Hawaii home.”
David McCollum of the Log Cabin Democrat has some reflections on his time in Hawaii, some good, some bad. Here are two:
13. The disappointment of seeing Aloha Stadium. It goes against the image you would naturally conjure about Aloha Stadium, longtime site of the Pro Bowl. It’s an old, rusty stadium built in 1975 with little remodeling since then. It’s an interesting facility with the warts and flaws of any stadium built in 1975. The media section of the press box doesn’t seem bigger (and it’s less nicer) than what UCA has at Estes Stadium.
18. The round of applause Hawaii fans gave the UCA players upon their exit from the field.
And hey, if you're in the Fresno area, you can win a trip for two to Hawaii with hotel and tickets to the UH vs Fresno State game, courtesy of the Fresno State Athletic Department.


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