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Monday, February 02, 2009

First and 10 with Jim Donovan

UH athletic director Jim Donovan is answering questions over at SportsHawaii.com's First and 10 with Jim Donovan forum. Here's the live chat thread.

UPDATE: Chat is over. Here's part of an answer to Hawkpeter's question about appealing to foreign markets:
However, we are in the process of trying to build a bridge to Japan in regards to our football program. Currently, Coach Mack and I are planning to travel to Japan in the next month or two to see if we can establish contacts and relationships that might provide the Warrior football team with one or two walk-on players (possibly a place kicker, punter or even a receiver or defensive back). If we are successful building this bridge, the long-term possibility of building a fan base in Japan that would be supportive of UH football would be enhanced. If someday a Japanese walk-on player were to become a starter, and possibly a scholarship player, we might enjoy some of the promotional glow and fan support that is being shown in major league baseball for their Japanese players.