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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Day 9 Wrap-Ups: Blaze, Victor, Camron, Iceman

Dave Reardon writes about the offense's improved play in yesterday's practice.
The Warriors quarterbacks continued to work under center and some shotgun was mixed in. For the first time the prime contenders for starting quarterback posted more touchdown passes (two) than botched exchanges from center (none). Interceptions and sacks are still another matter, but at least the offense isn't inflicting wounds on itself before the play even really starts.
Michael Tsai profiles Blaze Soares and Victor Clore, both battling back from shoulder injuries.
Soares, who totaled 27 tackles and three sacks in nine games last year, sustained a shoulder injury last week but returned for his first practice in pads yesterday.

Clore, who'll likely battle for time on the defensive line and special teams, is making his way back after suffering a separated acromioclavicular joint and fractured shoulder in December.
Brian McInnis profiles running back Camron Carmona.
"Camron's got a little personality to him ... I tell you what, I think everybody needs to have it," said Gerke, who cited burst and heart as Carmona's top assets. "I don't care what position you play. You need to have a little personality to play this game. ... I think it should be that way every day."
Dave Reardon's Sports Notebook has news and notes about Calvin Roberts, Greg Salas, Mana Silva, etc.

And Ferd Lewis has a column about Chawan Cut's favorite player, Dan Kelly.
If there was anybody who had a clutch touch in the Warriors' magical 2007 season outside of quarterback Colt Brennan, it was Kelly, who earned the nickname "Iceman" along the way. With a 49-yard field goal, he got UH to overtime and an eventual 45-44 win against Louisiana Tech. Then, with Nevada trying to freeze him on national TV, Kelly nailed a 45-yarder to beat the Wolf Pack, 28-26, with 11 seconds remaining.

It got to the point where then-head coach June Jones said he only worried about Kelly's accuracy when he wasn't attempting a pressure kick.


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