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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Scrimmage news & photos (+ today's Day 7 articles)

Here's the news coverage from last night as well as some photos I took.

The rest of the gallery here: (there's many photos so you can also view them in a slideshow by clicking on "View slideshow" from the left column. you can then change the speed as well as size of the photos)


UPDATE (by Tombo Ahi):
Here's today's articles on Spring Practice Day 7 (Scrimmage 1). Sorry for the delay, got computer issues.

Dave Reardon writes about the offense being a little rusty in yesterday's scrimmage.
Coach Greg McMackin said three potential starting offensive linemen (center John Estes, left guard Keith AhSoon and left tackle Laupepa Letuli) did not participate because of injuries.

"We're going to start getting them back next week and that will make a difference," McMackin said. "We had a good practice, just the second, third and fourth teams had problems with the snaps and dropped the balls."
Stephen Tsai has a wrap-up of yesterday's practice and scrimmage. Here's an excerpt about the developing depth at corner:
Three cornerbacks, including starters Myron Newberry and Gerard Lewis, completed their UH eligibility at the end of the Jan. 1 Sugar Bowl. But an area of concern has turned into a position of depth. Ryan Mouton, the secondary's best athlete, has locked down the left cornerback's job.

JoPierre Davis is having a strong spring as the No. 1 right cornerback.

McMackin said backup cornerbacks Calvin Roberts and Jameel Dowling, a transfer from Oregon, have been impressive.

"We're getting deep at corner," McMackin said. "They're playing physical and fast."
Jason Kaneshiro profiles freshman cornerback Richard Torres.
"His technique is impeccable," defensive backs coach Rich Miano said. "I wish all the guys had that kind of technique, and he has the wrestling background, so he's tough. He understands work ethic. He's the first one out here at 6 o'clock in the morning and then he's the last one to leave."
Brian McInnis writes about the still-developing offensive line.
"Mostly what we talked about after practice were our standards as an offensive line, and playing to that standard," Smith said. "What we tell them a lot is, they really have to play the game with a passion at the offensive line. Right now there's only a few guys that are, the one that I pointed out to them was Lafu (Tuioti-Mariner), who really played his butt off today."
Reardon and McInnis have a Sports Notebook about Rocky Savaiigaea hoping to resume practice tomorrow after spraining his ankle, an update on Kealoha Pilares' adjustment to slot, some injury news and other notes, and the improved play of JoPierre Davis.
"It's just concentration. I'm just trying to stay focused out here," Davis said. "With this team around me, I just never want to let them down. I know we've got the best front seven in the nation, or one of the best front sevens, and I just want to keep up with them, make plays like they make plays."

Davis said he changed his lifestyle when he realized being a night owl didn't dovetail with UH's morning practices.

"Last year was the first time I stopped going out. I was going out during spring. It's not even an option anymore. I'm not the type that can get up easy if I've been out at night. I've got to sleep to get up easy," Davis said. "I've got people calling me telling me to go out. I tell them I can't. It's just not possible."
And finally, Stephen Tsai has some good items in today's Warrior Beat post, including news about the RISE of Tyler Graunke to co-No.1 QB, and the bright side of a brief altercation in yesterday's practice.
Like lightning-initiated fires that clear overgrowth, it is nature’s way that sometimes bad things can have a positive effect.
And a good injury-free scuffle, in which the participants can hug it out later, can be energizing for a football team searching for a personality.
Football is a violent and emtional game, and every team needs a tough SOB who can get worked up over a basic pass-rush drill.
UPDATE 2: Dave Reardon has more depth chart news in his blog:
Offensive coordinator Ron Lee says he “really likes” what Dylan Linkner and Royce Pollard have been doing at right wide receiver (Z), and one of them will likely be atop a new depth chart that will be put out after tomorrow’s practice. Malcolm Lane, who entered spring practice two weeks ago No. 1 at that spot, sprained an ankle last week.


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