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Friday, April 11, 2008

From the Blogs: Rocky, Notes

Stephen Tsai writes about Rocky Savaiigaea's workout regimen.
Teammates have been marveling about defensive tackle Rocky Savaiigaea’s dominant play in spring drills.
It should come as little surprise. Savaiigaea spent the offseason trying to improve his strength and agility. Here’s a sample:
• Savaiigaea adheres to the 15-10-8-6 weight-lifting scale. For instance, he will bench press 225 pounds 15 times. Then a heavier weight 10 times, and a still heavier weight eight times. He will close by bench pressing 325 pounds six times.
• He runs “gassers” — 100-yard sprints. His favorite workout is 10 to 12 gassers.
• He runs up and down the hill between the soccer and football practice fields. For a bonus, he will piggy-back Quentin Beaver. Beavers weighs about 340 pounds.
Tsai also writes about Ryan Keomaka prepared for his great performance at Pro Day.

And Dave Reardon empties his notebook, with quotes that didn't make the paper and a play-by-play of Thursday's team session. Here's a quote from Ron Lee:
On big back Jake Heun:

“He’s strong as a bull. And he’s got some speed. We don’t want him to totally run over people, but to be smart. Chip off them, they won’t tackle him.”
And one from:
Daniel Libre, on what he’s working on most this spring:

“Probably pass pro. I’ve gotten a lot better. Coach and Farmer have helped me a lot. It’s more just assignment. I’m always second-guessing myself. Usually I’m right, but I can’t second guess.”


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