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Thursday, March 27, 2008

JJ, Spring Roster, Spring News, L&L

June Jones still hasn't paid the $400k he owes UH for taking the SMU job, per the terms of his contract. And as Ferd Lewis writes, reps for JJ are contending there was a verbal agreement that no financial penalty would be assessed if Jones left prior to the expiration of his contract. However, UH maintains it has no record of such an agreement.


Stephen Tsai has a spring roster by position as well as a few notes:
• Daniel Libre and Leon Wright-Jackson are listed as the co-No. 1 running backs.
• Cameron Allen-Jones, who moved from offensive line/tight end to defensive end, is back on the offensive line, at right tackle.
• Last year's starting left tackle, Keith AhSoon, will practice at left guard, enabling Ray Hisatake and Laupepe Letuli to battle at left tackle.
• Clarence "Lafu" Tuioti-Mariner enters as the No. 1 right guard.
Glad to read that Daniel Libre is at the top of the running back depth chart. IMO, best RB last year. Can't wait to see what LWJ, Jake Heun, Mario Cox, etc. do in Ron Lee's offense as well.


Expanding on yesterday's blog entry, Dave Reardon writes about the defensive backs who will miss spring practice, along with some other news and notes:
The coaches plan to take their time in determining a position for perhaps their most intriguing prospect: 6-5, 290-pound former rugby and basketball player Les Soloai.
The sophomore from New Zealand and Australia is a football newbie, but is athletic and fast for his size.

"He sort of wants to play defense, but since he's just starting out we want to look at him on both sides and let him get a feel for the game," coach Greg McMackin said. "We're going to move some guys back and forth."

And finally, Irse has uploaded last night's episode of Leahey and Leahey with Coach Mack as the guest, in Windows Media format. Big thanks to Irse!


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