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Monday, February 04, 2008

Paipai and Alema

Stephen Tsai and Dave Reardon got some great quotes in their articles about Paipai Falemalu and Alema Tachibana committing to the Warriors. From Tsai:
"No disrespect to the other coaches, but they never came down here in a long time," Falemalu said. "When people heard coach Mack was coming here, everybody was getting excited. 'UH never comes down here.' That really showed they wanted us. That was a big plus."
"The kids knew about Cal," Torres said. "But the fact that Mack came down made a big impression. McMackin is genuine. The kids feel that way about him."

Falemalu said: "There's something about the coaching staff. They made me feel good about staying home."
From Reardon:
Greg McMackin is showing why he was named the Big 12 recruiter of the year when he was at Texas Tech.
Torres said he thinks Tachibana (6-3, 220) can develop into a rush end in UH's 4-3 defense, and Falemalu (6-4, 215) "is good enough of an athlete to play anywhere."

Falemalu said he'd like to remain at linebacker.

"Outside or inside, either one," he said.

He said yesterday he knows all three Pac-10 schools will "keep coming" at him.

"I'm pretty strong to UH," Falemalu said.
Can't say enough about McMackin and this new coaching staff. And can't wait for Wednesday!


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