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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wanna be an AD? Update: Recruiting news; Update 2: Colt bashed, yet smiling

Do you fit the qualifications? If HF could (not) do it, you could too! Nah, we really need a good guy with local ties to fix this mess... Hopefully we get the right guy for the job this time. Not sure how we ended with up with that last guy, what was his name?

Wonder if these were the same quals last time around:
(excerpt)....Responsibilities include directing the long-range planning and implementation strategies of the department; strengthening and promoting the University’s athletics program and solidifying its success and recognition; managing public relations, media, and marketing initiatives; taking effective measures to ensure the fiscal soundness of the program and fair and responsible personnel actions; achieving success in resource development and fundraising initiatives; and promoting the personal, academic and athletic development and achievement of student athletes.....

Mr. Lewis' column today has plain-english translations to the above posting.
What it says: "Effectively build relationships with other academic institutions ..."

What it means: Know who to call to fill the freakin' football schedule on time.

UPDATE: Mr. Reardon reports that it went well up on the North Shore.
- from the same article, confirmation that Mule LB star Laurel is headed our way.

Update 2:
- and Finally, a guy who supports Colt. More quotes from the Senior Bowl.

I sought Brennan in Mobile, Ala., during Senior Bowl week to see how he was handling the bashing. I wondered if he would be defensive, maybe even a little testy. Instead, Brennan was smiling. And he should have been.


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