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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Programming Note

I'll be gone on a business trip from today (Sunday) until Thursday, and my internet access will be limited. So hopefully Chawan Cut (nudge nudge) can post any breaking news about new coaching hires or recruiting commits while I'm away. In fact we should use this post to praise all the fine work Chawan does. Whether it's his Youtube videos, his opponent schedules, his lego masterpieces, etc., he is one of the die-hardest, school-spiritiest UH fans out there, doing all this crazy work so we can experience and enjoy UH that much more. So let's praise Mr. Cut!

Or you can check the places we normally check for breaking news:

The Warrior Beat
UH Sports Extra
Sportshawaii.com's football forum
Warrior Sports Network.

And there are a bunch of other links in the sidebars -- the news stations, newspapers, other blogs, etc. I'll try to post at least once a day.



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