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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday recruiting news, Colt @ Sr Bowl

Sorry, I'm not up to Tombo's speed and didn't get the scoops, but here's what I've found so far for recruits we've gotten this weekend.

Mr. Tsai reports we got 3 JC recruits; 1 WR & 2 CBs.

Here's Mr. Reardon's Star Bulletin report on it.

Rivals reports it looks like we lost WR Attrail Snipes, who chose to be a Kansas State Wildcat. All I can say is why would any WR not come here? Hopefully our guys get drafted high this year to change that in the future. Best wishes to him.

And Doris "all-everything" Sullivan answers Tsaiko questions here in today's Warrior Beat in regards to local recruiting.

more to come as I find it.

Update: Oh, and here's the local news of Colt @ the Senior Bowl yesterday. Sure he didn't play well, but who did? Look at the score. All I can say is this. All-Star games are hard to judge anyone's talent. It's the week leading up to the games that give the scouts, coaches, etc, the best look at the players. How do you create a team in one week and expect them to play like a team cohesively without errors? I'd say its easier for defenses to react than for offenses to produce.


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