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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Na Koa Lunch Report / UH-CU Highlights

Na Koa Mike has posted this week's Na Koa Lunch Report on the NaKoa.org website. Check it out!
Rolovich said Colorado defensive coordinator Greg Brown “threw a lot at us”. His schemes are very “creative” and “exotic”. While he is a man coverage type of coordinator, he gave us some looks up front that gave us problems with our protection. Gordy Shaw, the offensive line coach who has been coaching for 35 years said he had never seen these looks. Three of the five sacks were the result of miscommunication or lack of communication by the offensive line.
And the Youtuber who posted game highlights all last year is back! Here's a link to UHCU2011's Youtube channel with all kinds of highlights from the Colorado game. Below is Bryant Moniz's 56-yard touchdown run. I still can't get over how fast and powerful he looks on the ground this year.