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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Tuesday happenings

Hawaii's wide receiver corp seems to be an ever rotating merry go round of who's in and who's out as Stephen Tsai reports.
With right slotback Miah Ostrowski recovering from a tight hamstring, the four projected starting receivers have not practiced together in the first five days of training camp.

Pros and cons there. Lots of reps for the backups in case we need them this season, but we need more time for the starting 4 to gel.

And UH is looking to fill one last puka in next year's schedule, with the late withdrawal of Texas State. He's even looking to add another road game to the plate, that already is brutal with trips to USC, BYU, Fresno and Air Force.
"Playing a money game isn't our first choice, but it is something that we would look at very closely," Donovan said. "We're calling anybody out there with an opening."

And as always for daily updates, check out Mr. Tsai's Warrior Beat blog.

And here's tonight's news where they spotlight Joey Iosefa and Allen Sampson.


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