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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Misc blog stuff

Being pseudo-Tombo is a tough job! Anyways, just wanted to let you faithful fans out there what has been updated recently.

The opponent's blogs/forum section in the right column has been updated with this year's teams. If you do visit their sites, be courteous and represent our team/state well. (But don't back down either to their rants and raves.)

I've also updated my "Schedule of Opponent's schedules" there right below this year's schedule, also in the right column. I like to see who our opponents play throughout the year and how they do. Especially the week before us. If they have a bye or not, and how strong/weak their schedules are. I'll update this weekly over on SportsHawaii.com and if I remember, I'll link to it here when I do.

I've also created a 8.5 x 11 sized 2011 schedule so that you may print out and post at home or at work. Until we can get our beloved scheduled posters from UH printed again, I wanted something I can look at each week. (You can also make this your PC or smartphone wallpaper if you want). Click on the link above or the image below to get to the full sized pic.


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