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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

UH Media Guides, Moniz, Graves, Colorado, WAC Sues, C&K(!)

Via HawaiiAthletics.com, looks like hard copies of several 2010 UH media guides, including the football guide, are available for purchase from OnDemandMediaGuides.com. It costs $20 for UH football, $12 for soccer and $15 for Wahine volleyball. The digital guide is still available here.

Stephen Tsai writes about the progression of Bryant Moniz.
"Since I've been back," said Rolovich, who returned to UH in January 2008, "we haven't had (a quarterback) who is at the place where Bryant is. ... I guess I was so used to being overly cautious, making sure what (the quarterbacks) need to do, I probably should have known he was at that level (of understanding). This is fine with me. I'll just call the plays."

Against Army, Moniz said, "there were fewer pointers. He let me read (the defense)."
"There's not a lot of teaching anymore," Rolovich said. "He gets it."
And Moniz is just a junior. Awww yeah.

Dave Reardon talks to David Graves about his temporary move to safety.
He arrived in time to join the team in its weightlifting workout yesterday. "I met briefly with Coach (Rich) Miano and Coach (Chris) Tormey (who coach the UH secondary) this morning at breakfast. They said, 'We're gonna make an athlete out of you.'"

RICHARD TORRES -- the starting nickel back who will likely play more with Smith's injury -- said Graves has the makings of an excellent safety.

"For him, the switch should be natural. We know David's a tough guy from spring (practice), when he was running up and down the field against us. He's athletic and strong.
B.G. Brooks of CUBuffs.com has an entertaining UH-Colorado game preview in which he talks to his imaginary friend.
"Who goes to Vegas for six days to catch up on academics and get ready to play a football game?" CW asked incredulously.

I told him those island guys have incredible focus, but he didn't accept that as an adequate answer. So I moved on to Hawaii's personnel, namely quarterback Bryant Moniz, who on Monday was named the Western Athletic Conference's offensive player-of-the-week.
The WAC is suing Fresno, Nevada and the Mountain West Conference.
The Western Athletic Conference has notified recent breakaway members Fresno State and Nevada and the Mountain West Conference of a lawsuit aimed at forcing the renegade schools to follow through on obligations to compete in the WAC for the 2011-'12 school year.
And I didn't believe it when I saw it, but C&K is back! Or at least K. Woooooooooo!


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