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Thursday, September 23, 2010

CSU Notes, Greg Salas, Siasau Matagiese, Chawan's Cuts

CSU Sports has released some game notes and info.

Stephen Tsai writes about Greg Salas helping the other receivers get open.
Despite fewer pass-catching opportunities, Salas is creating problems for defenses. He often draws extra coverages, opening the way for right slotback Kealoha Pilares, who is having a breakout start, and wideouts Rodney Bradley and Royce Pollard.

Salas also has become a punishing blocker. He served a pancake block on a Pollard reception.
Tsai has news and notes about the Warriors practicing in the rain and defensive tackle Siasau Matagiese joining the team.
The Waimea High graduate played for Portland State last year, and began pondering a transfer after the Vikings' coaching staff was fired in December. He participated in spring training before requesting -- and receiving -- a release from his football scholarship.

At Portland State, he played defensive end in the 3-4 scheme. In UH's base 4-3 alignment, he is a defensive tackle.

Matagiese said he is 6-foot-2 and 280 pounds.

He has to sit out this season in accordance with NCAA transfer rules. After that, he will have three seasons of eligibility remaining.
The Sheraton Hawaii Bowl has come out with an interesting pledge that benefits UH.
Wherever the shifting college landscape takes the University of Hawaii football team, "We have your back," the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl pledged yesterday.

That means as long as the Warriors are bowl eligible -- whether they're in the Western Athletic Conference, another league or an independent -- they will be assured of a place in their backyard bowl through at least 2013, under a three-year extension announced by the title sponsor and ESPN Regional Television, the game's owner-operator.
Perhaps they know something, hmmmmm?!?!?!

Either way, that's nice of them.

Ferd Lewis writes about the UH athletic department's finances.
Football turned a $3.89 million profit, but if the University of Hawaii's sports teams were individual companies, women's volleyball would have been the school's best per-dollar moneymaker in the last fiscal year.

For each dollar spent, the Rainbow Wahine returned $2.02 in gross revenue to the athletic department, according to figures made available by the school.

Football brought in $1.50 gross revenue for each dollar spent and men's volleyball $1.35.
David Kawada of the Hawaii Sports Examiner has an interview with former UH safety/QB Blane Gaison.

And Chawan Cut is back from his globe-trotting trip, and that means the return of Chawan's Cuts!!!


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